Medicine Wheel Ripple Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

by bev-owens

A free crochet pattern for my Medicine Wheel Ripple Afghan along with an explanation of the symbolism used.

Creating An Afghan With A Native American Look

I have not found many crochet patterns that have a Native American look so I created my own pattern which I have called the Medicine Wheel Ripple Afghan. This article will give you the pattern for free so that you can crochet it if you like and also explain the symbolism that I incorporated into the design.

My paternal Grandmother who everyone called Granny taught me to crochet several decades ago. My Native American heritage comes from her, so it is only fitting that I design an afghan that she would be proud of if she were still with us.

Colors of the Medicine Wheel
Colors of the Medicine Wheel

Color Symbolism In My Medicine Wheel Afghan

The Medicine Wheel is a part of many Tribal Traditions of the Indigenous Peoples who are a part of North America. The Wheel has four main sections that represent the 4 Winds or directions with a color that is associated with each section. So, I chose the four colors of the Medicine Wheel to work into my design along with an additional color that to me is significant.

  • Yellow is the color associated with the East Wind in the Medicine Wheel. In the East we learn that all things are possible. It is a place for new beginnings.
  • Red is the color associated with the South Wind. We learn about love and relationships while in this direction. Self assurance and acceptance are important lessons to reflect on.
  • Black is the color associated with the West Wind in the Medicine Wheel. Much like the Autumn of our lives we learn about the strength gained while we discovered our inner selves and it is a time of stability.
  • White is the color associated with the North Wind. Much like winter the North Wind is a time of endings and beginnings. It is a direction that teaches us to accept life, accept death, and to share our knowledge with others.

Turquoise is not a color in the Medicine Wheel but I chose it for my Ripple Afghan design to use as my dividing color. It is the color that is often associated with Father Sky where the winds blow. I thought it fitting to portray the traveling of the winds to another direction.

The yellow yarn that I found is called "Cornmeal" which just seemed so appropriate for my afghan pattern. Corn or Maize was a very important food source for many Native Americans.

Medicine Wheel Ripple Afghan

Work in Progress
Ripple Afghan partially crocheted
Ripple Afghan partially crocheted

Other Symbols Of The Crochet Pattern

As I began to design my crochet pattern, I put some additional thought into other symbols that would be incorporated into the overall look. I had picked the colors that were symbolic of the Medicine Wheel.

I chose the Ripple because the points reminded me of the arrows used for hunting which helped to sustain life. Arrows also make me think of being guided toward a direction, or in this case a Wind of the Wheel.

The points also make me think of the mountains and valleys in our life journey.

I chose single crochet to symbolize the moving of one step at a time in our journey through life.

My Medicine Wheel Ripple Crochet pattern creates not just a warm comfort on a cold and chilly evening, for me it also reminds me of my Spiritual journey and what each direction of the Wind means for me.

A Video To Watch If You Are A Beginner At Crochet

Materials Needed

for the Medicine Wheel Ripple Afghan

Crochet Hook size I

Color A = Black

Color B = Turquoise

Color C = White

Color D = Yellow

Color E = Red

You will need approximately 14 ounces of each color for the afghan. I chose to use Red Heart's Super Saver skeins in Black, Turqua, White, Cornmeal, and Cherry Red.

What The Color Pattern Will Look Like

for my Medicine Wheel Ripple Afghan
Medicine Wheel Ripple Afghan
Medicine Wheel Ripple Afghan

Free Ripple Crochet Pattern: The Medicine Wheel

feel free to print this out and crochet for yourself or others

ROW 1: With Color A chain 252, work 1 sc in the 2nd stitch from your hook, 1 sc in next 12 stitches of the chain * 3 sc in the next stitch, 1 sc in each of the next 13 sts, skip 1 stitch, 1 sc in each of the next 13 stitches, repeat from * 7 times, 3 sc in the next stitch, 1 sc in eacho of the next 13 sts, ch 1 and turn.

ROW 2: Work in the back loop of the stitches for this row. 1 sc in the next stitch, skip 1 sc, 1 sc in next 12 stitches, * 3 sc in next stitch, 1 sc in each of the next 13 stitches, skip next 2 stitches, 1 sc in next 13 stitches, repeat from * 7 times, 3 sc in next stitch, 1 sc in each of the next 12 stitches, skip 1 stitch, 1 sc in last stitch, chain 1 and turn.

You will repeat ROW 2 for the rest of this afghan pattern.

Work 4 more rows of Color A, 2 rows of Color B, 6 rows of Color C, 2 rows of Color B, 6 rows of Color D, 2 rows of Color B, 6 rows of Color E, 2 rows of Color B, 6 rows of Color A. This will give you the color pattern to continue with. Repeat this color pattern 6 more times. You will end with Color A.

You can give your Medicine Wheel Ripple Afghan a finished look by working a single crochet stitch around all edges.

Updated: 01/30/2015, bev-owens
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I hope you enjoy working with my free crochet pattern for the Medicine Wheel Ripple Afghan. It is perfect for the beginner, intermediate, or expert in crochet.

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Veronica on 10/07/2016

This is marvellous. What a lovely idea. I am new to crochet but have made lots of hats and baby blankets and can do most stiches now .

This looks fairly difficult to me but I will have a try. I am not sue how crochet hook I relates to English hook sizes,

TY so much for posting this.

Ginger on 10/06/2016

I really want to make a blanket for my husband with a traditional round medicine wheel in the center. Do you know of any pattern that I could work with to do that?

Ann on 10/12/2013

Thank you its a beautiful afghan, I havecancer and was looking for a pattern after reading the meanings of each color made me decide to crochet this one...thank you for charing, I will use teal for overian cancer..hope it turns out as beautiful as yours

boutiqueshops on 06/30/2012

This is great! I've wanted to crochet a single crochet ripple for a long time. I'll have to make this one. Hubby wants a new afghan for Christmas. Thanks!

Darlene C on 12/15/2011

Thank you so much for the pattern. I'm going to attempt this with a twist. Solid turquoise center and let my mind do the rest! So proud to be a member of the Sault Tribe!

Sylvestermouse on 07/15/2011

This is so beautiful! You pattern really does make me want to take a long break from the computer and grab my hooks. Just beautiful!

nightbear on 07/12/2011

Very beautiful pattern. The colors are startling together. I love that. And I love the history of the meaning for each color. The Indian heritage is very special and it is wonderful you have devoted this pattern to it. I have made many ripple patterns. And I do admit they are difficult for me in that I lose count and my ripples go helter skelter. but I do think they are so beautiful

mandeesears on 07/12/2011

So beautiful!

petunia on 07/12/2011

Beautiful design!

TerriRexson on 07/11/2011

Great design. I haven't crocheted since I was a child, I wonder how quickly it would come back.

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