Crochet Sunflower Headband Ear Warmer Pattern

by RuthCox

Crochet this sunflower headband for yourself or as a gift to another. Loads of fun in the making and plenty of warmth in the wearing of the flower of the sun.

Although I have not crocheted much in the past few years, I have a stash of yarn and crochet hooks, so I didn’t have to buy anything except brown yarn for this crochet craft project. I had everything else I needed. If your own supply of materials has been depleted, I have included a shopping list to make it easy for you to purchase just what you may need to make this sunflower headband. In no time at all you can be sporting a fresh new look for keeping your spirits and ears warmed in the cooler weather.

The instructions for crocheting this floral delight are simple to follow and I assure you that if I can make it in an evening, you can too! And, I do need to mention ... this sunflower headband ear warmer pattern is FREE.

How To Crochet A Sunflower Headband and Ear Warmer

In Brown Yarn Color
Row 1: Starting with ch1. Single Crochet around the hair band, working the yarn tail into these stitches to hide it.
(photo 1)
Repeat this 12 times.
(photo 2) 

You will now have 12 SC around your hair band.
Cut off loose ends of the yarn.
(photo 3) 



Chain 1 Turn
Row 1-65 {SC to end, chain 1, turn}
Work in this manner until your desired length headband is achieved.
Once you reach the correct length (remember it will stretch with the elastic hair band once connected) you will continue to work single crochet around, in each stitch SC evenly round the whole headband.
(photo 4)
This also gives your headband a nice professional finish. 


When you get to the end we are going to join it to the other end of the hair elastic band, by Working Single Crochet around the ponytail holder.
(photos 5 & 6) 


I like to finish off with a slip stitch through the back of the row just worked.
(photo 7) 


Fasten off and tie in loose ends by weaving back along this row. Be careful not to crochet into the elastic band.
(photo 8 completed elasticated headband)


Flower Center In Brown Yarn color
8 SC
{2 sc in each stitch around} slip to join, chain 1, (do not turn)
{1 single crochet, 2 x sc in next stitch} repeat {} Increase in every 2nd stitch around, slip to join chain 1 (do not turn)
{Work single crochet in next 2 stitches 2xSC in next stitch} repeat {}
Increase in every 3rd stitch around, slip stitch to join.
{Chain 3 single crochet into next stitch} repeat {} around.
Fasten off.


Join Yellow yarn color into the chain space made by the previous rounds picot.
Chain 12
{Slip stitch into 3rd chain from hook, 1sc, 1hdc, DC in each of next remaining chains until last chain.}
Slip stitch into next chain 3 space from previous round and repeat steps for petal.
Repeat {} around. until all chain 3 spaces are used up.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Sunflower and Petals

My Sunflower Headband from Lisa

Crochet Sunflower Headband Ear Warmer
Crochet Sunflower Headband Ear Warmer

Backstory of the Sunflower Headband Pattern

From Whence It Came

I visited a friend’s web site, Free Crochet Patterns and Designs by LisaAuch, laid eyes on a sweet floral crochet headband pattern, and I was prepared to get out my old hooks and scrap skeins of yarn and give my hair a new look for fall! Instead, I ended up sending the article author a note requesting a specific flower design and that I would write an article about it once I crocheted it too. She obliged me!

Not only did LisaAuch fulfill my special request, she went a few giant steps further in giving me the gift of of my favorite flower. Look to the right and you shall see my home grown sunflowers!

I received an email a short time after I initially contacted Lisa and wish to share parts of its story with you...

Hi Ruth. Lisa here, well I love it when people set me a project, and I get to work.

I have made the sunflower headband and will do the step by step now I will give you this for your page to do as you please, obviously a link to my crochet website would be most appreciated ;) you are free to be as creative with the page/pattern/photos as you like :) I will email over once completed :)

BUT also I have a little idea for Halloween here, for my poor dog that will link back to your pages too.

Anyway I just want you to know that I appreciate you! I know you had a struggle with Domestic abuse, and I did too, sometimes its just good to know there are other survivors out there, who picked themselves up and got on with it! You will know what I mean.

Anyway – if you don’t want to I totally understand! BUT I was thinking I would love to send the finished headband to you. as a kind of “product” postcard, just to say thank you for all your support.

Obviously I would need your address, but as I say understand totally and I wont be offended, but if you would like it then I would love to pop it in the post.

Woven by Hand and Heart

Gift of Friendship

When I received my sunflower in the mail, all the way from Scotland to the USA, I was in awe of Lisa's talent and the speed with which the gift was hand woven and bestowed upon me.

I consider myself fortunate to have received a symbol of support and friendship created especially for me by the hand and heart. Thank you, Lisa!

Both Lisa and I are happy to share our good fortune with you. Are you ready to add a few warming stitches to your friendship with another by giving them the gift of your crochet craft work?

Crochet Guide Book

Crochet for Beginners or as a Refresher Course for the Advanced Hookers
A to Z of Crochet: The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to...

Free Crochet Patterns

More Headband and Ear Warmer Patterns FREE by Lisa Auch

Lisa Auch is happy to share her expertise with a crochet hook and I am happy to share the link to additional free headband and ear warmer crochet patterns from my talented friend.

Some are quick and easy, some a bit more advanced in crochet technique. All are stylish and sensational by design.

One Last Thing for the Hookers Among Us

Great Gift Item
Updated: 10/17/2014, RuthCox
Thank you! Would you like to post a comment now?

Have you a crochet hook in hand ready to create your own sunflower headband?

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Letitia D on 09/11/2015

Thanks Lisa for your time and effort you put in for first designing your inspirations, as well as giving free patterns. Salute to ya...I'm still a beginner in crocheting, but looking forward to trying your projects.. So thank you again.!!

RuthCox on 10/21/2014

Precisely why I included the Crochet Guide Book! Lisa will get you wanting to learn to crochet, for sure.

paperfacets on 10/21/2014

This would make a prefect gift at Holiday time for a friend, but I do not know how to crochet. I will visit LisaAuch too.

RuthCox on 09/04/2014

Yes, Lisa gave me a gem of a gift, and I am all too happy to share it, EmmaSRose. I wish I had more time for needlework, I really do enjoy crocheting and other needlecrafts.

Marie on 09/02/2014

This is a brilliant crochet tutorial. Thanks for sharing it. Lisa is such a lovely lady and she has a great crochet website too.

mumsgather on 08/29/2014

Ruth, the sunflower hairband is so pretty and so you! ;)

VioletteRose on 08/28/2014

Beautiful flower pattern! Thanks for sharing the detailed instructions.

Sylvestermouse on 08/27/2014

Your headband and crochet work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pattern with all of us.

Raintree on 08/26/2014

Beautiful! I am not myself very crafty with crochet but I can certainly appreciate lovely work. Sunflowers are also just such a happy flower-love it :)

RuthCox on 08/26/2014

Oh, how I know that old eye focus too well, Kathryn Grace. I figure even if a stitch or two is out of place, a handmade gift is from the heart, so grab that hook and whip up a sunflower.

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