Gordon Hunter Asks: How Are You, Mother Earth?

by RuthCox

Gordon Hunter treats Mother Earth with the respect she deserves and wants all of her children to do the same. Much like an ailing mom, off to the doctor our earth mother must go!

When an author can write about global warming, climate change, and natural energy consumption in a down-to-earth manner in which my non-scientific brain can understand, I am truly impressed.

In his book, How Are You, Mother Earth?, Gordon Hunter succeeds in an easy-to-understand publication describing the condition of our planet for young adults and their elders. This book would make a great teaching aid to be used with younger children, too.

Author and professor of biology Gordon Hunter would not accept “Fine” as a response to his book title question. Instead, he set out on a mission to get Mother Earth a medical examination.

A seemingly mild man, one wild about caring for our planet, Gordon Hunter describes his concerns regarding the health of Mother Earth and the inspiration for his book. Hunter makes it quite clear that for our own health’s sake – we need to be concerned about the health of our planet Earth.

The Health of Mother Earth

with Gordon Hunter

Quite simply...
We are the children of the earth.
Treat Mother Earth the same as
you would treat your human mother.
...Even better.

How Are You, Mother Earth?

Author Gordon Hunter
How Are You, Mother Earth?

Taking Mother Earth To The Doctor

Mother Earth’s health examination is much like our own when getting a checkup from our personal physician. From Dr. Ec Sam, the good doctor in How Are You, Mother Earth?, we first need to consider the Age and Weight of the patient. Religiously dating creation notwithstanding, the age of the Earth is 4.5 billion years. Weight is determined to be 10.6 septillion pounds.

The book is then broken down into the following chapters to determine: Pressure, Respiration and Air Quality, Circulation and Fluid Analysis, Dermatology, and Temperature.

See. It reads just like your average physical examination at the primary physician’s office!

In the final chapter of How Are You, Mother Earth? we are given the ghastly medical examination results. And Dr. Ec Sam is asked, “Is there a cure?

The answer to a cure for what ails Mother Nature is a prescription that is pretty straightforward but not as simple as heading to the corner drugstore to get it filled.

Of Nature, Need We Ask?

Need we query Mother Nature in regards to her health? Better that we inquire of ourselves what it is we can do to prevent our planet from ill health effects of our actions. I believe we already know the answer to our self-inquiry.

As with Gordon Hunter, I feel it important that we educate ourselves about environmental issues. And, I feel that we need to educate even the youngest of Earth’s inhabitants, for it is the children who shall soon become the stewards of our planet.

  • Plan a summer vacation where family members can see the bounty of nature’s gifts. Walk the beach or chase butterflies!
  • Say No! to paper and plastic straws. Instead, choose to use reusable glass drinking straws.
  • Read books with your kids that will not just entertain but that will also introduce them to environmental concerns.
  • Put into practice what is learned. Use knowledge and creativity to turn trash into treasure.

As John F. Kennedy might say, “Ask not what your planet can do for you—ask what you can do for your planet.”

Earth Day

Books For Kids

Earth Day (April 22nd in 2015) is but one day of the year out of 365 that we should do something special for the health of Mother Earth.

Suggestion: Buy a child a book about nature and add a bookplate sticker from Mother Earth to its inside cover.

Write A Poem For Our Earth Mother

Haiku by Ruth Cox
Mother Earth Haiku
Mother Earth Haiku
Updated: 04/18/2015, RuthCox
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RuthCox on 06/30/2015

Your perspective of sacredness of our Earth is divine itself, @frankbeswick!

frankbeswick on 06/29/2015

What we need to develop is a sense that the Earth is sacred. Some see it as divine; others see it as the temple of the divine; but once this sacred vision is realized we will begin to respect it as the unique treasure that it is, and we will begin to tend it lovingly.

blackspanielgallery on 06/28/2015

As a physicist I do understand what is written in more technical language, and it is less than good, but everything can be reversed. The idea for runaway global warming, for existence, comes from what volcanoes have doe to Venus, but it will be well before we reach the 900 degrees of Venus before we are in trouble.

RuthCox on 06/11/2015

Yes, earth-friendly vacations are great for kids as well as adults.

happynutritionist on 05/13/2015

Having a less than scientific brain myself, I'm sure that this would appeal to me as well. I like the idea of creating summer vacations that appreciate nature, we did that while raising our children, and hubby and I still do that today.

frankbeswick on 04/19/2015

Build up her soil by composting waste. Soil building can mean planting trees to conserve soil, and trees are good in themselves.

Melody on 04/18/2015

This sounds like a really interesting book. I grew up in a family that spent a lot of time in nature. We went on fishing trips, camping trips, and hiking. I think it fostered a sense of the grandeur of nature and we we need to take care of our planet. More people would feel the same need if they spent more time out in our natural areas.

RuthCox on 04/18/2015

Our Mother Earth would certainly feel a lot better with litter lessened, Dawn Rae. That is sickening for sure.

dawn rae on 04/18/2015

Good article and excellent reminders. If everyone just picked up after themselves (and didn't litter) that would be a great start.

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