Memoirs Of The Sidewalk Philosopher (Volume One)

by SidewalkPhilosopher

From my first poem, ignited a spark, just a flicker, of something to come. Who would have thought my great aunt would leave me a legacy of words, worth more to me than riches.

Mae Martin
Mae Martin
Great Aunt Mae
Great Aunt Mae

The Lyrics Of My Heart


When I found I was expecting our first child at the age of twenty six, I immediately sat down and began to write a short little poem to announce the origin of our smiling faces.

From this little poem of a few short lines ignited a spark, just a flicker, of something to come. A pleasure, not yet tapped, from an inheritance I did not yet know I had received.

As the years passed, I found I enjoyed putting my thoughts into words, first in rhyming prose, and later, in stories of my life to save for my children.

By the time my children were grown, I had quite a few stories for them. That is when my daughter asked me to put them into book form.

This is how “The Lyrics Of My Heart” became a book, now for sale on

Who would have thought that my great aunt would leave me a legacy of words, worth more to me than riches.

The Lyrics Of My Heart by Eugenia S. Hunt
The Lyrics Of My Heart by Eugenia S. ...


Our childhood experiences mold us daily as we grow and mature, slowly sculpting us into the adults we become. Positive experiences serve to enrich our souls and give us direction.

On Thanksgiving Day in the year of 1950, I was born. My parents lived in Anderson, South Carolina, but moved after my second birthday, to Pendleton. This wonderful little town was just a few short miles down the road but was almost in a world of its own.

As I grew up among the loving people of my little town, I learned the true meaning of family and friendship. It was my good fortune to literally be raised by a village, a village of people whom I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life.

“A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark.” ~ Chinese proverb

Eugenia, Age 3
Eugenia, Age 3

Growing Up In Pendleton, S.C.
Life experiences mold each of us on a daily basis as we grow and mature into adulthood. The experiences of my childhood have served to enrich my entire life in a very positive way.

During my childhood, I valued the seniors in my life. My grandmother lived with us in our family home until her death when I was fourteen. Her sister, my great aunt, was a very special person in my life as well, from whence I inherited my “gift of gab.”

I feel it is important for young people to get to know their extended family members. The older members of the family have a wealth of life’s memories within their grasp and are always willing to share this life with the children around them.

Pay careful attention because there is so much pleasure and knowledge in store for every child willing to simply soak it up, coupled with the love these seniors so readily give to each and every little one. 

Life In My Grandmother's Time
There is so much to be learned from those who are older and wiser than ourselves. They have traveled the road ahead of us, know the joys, the pitfalls, and the lessons we must learn. They are our roadmap to our tomorrows, if we take the time to view life through their eyes.

Echoes Of Reminiscence
As a small child, my Great Aunt Mae Martin's home was one of my favorite places to visit. Hers was the old family home where she, my grandmother, and their brothers had grown to adulthood. The home fulfilled its days of promise, overflowing with love from a lifetime of usefulness.

Christmas And An Old Pot Belly Stove
He told us of his childhood when all they had was an old wood stove and lanterns for light. They didn't have electricity in their home and his mother always cooked and heated their rooms with the old stove. Sometimes, when it was very cold, their mother would first warm their blankets by the stove and then wrap the blankets around them to keep them warm through the night.

Unlocking The Past
There is so much in our lives as children which we do not understand. In my case, the most bewildering was my father.

Eugenia's Grandmother
Eugenia's Grandmother
Eugenia's Dad
Eugenia's Dad

The children in my life have also given me a wonderful look at the world they live in through their personal insight.

Children see the world with innocence lost to us once we cross the threshold into adulthood. But, if we listen, they will transport us back to the wonder and excitement of the things we no longer notice.

And in doing so, you will find yourself laughing over and over at their expressions of observation set to the lyrics of a child.

The Wisdom Of Children
When I look back over the years, I see their beautiful faces filled with wonder and love and it makes me smile. Then I remember their sense of humor as they learn about the world around them and I laugh out loud.

Granddaughter Age 3
Granddaughter Age 3
Zachary & Matthew
Zachary & Matthew

Unfortunately, our world of adults can sometimes spoil childhood for these little ones. Sometimes, it is in malice, but more often than not, it comes on the wings of our shadowed desire to do good. We expect them to see things as we do when, in actuality, they only see them through innocent eyes, if allowed to hold onto their innocence.

Eugenia 4 yr
Eugenia 4 yr
Eugenia 11 yr
Eugenia 11 yr

Loss Of Childhood Fables
For years, I have watched adults tear away at the enchantment of childhood, a childhood I hold very dear. It was a childhood of mystery, excitement and learning to dream and believe in the impossible. We had faith that, if we were good, we would be rewarded.

We hear the story of Christmas, as adults, and think how terrible it must have been for Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus to be in such a place as a stable when experiencing Jesus' birth. However, as a child, I thought it magically wonderful.


Christmas Gift Transcending
Take this time, this moment, to go back to the innocence of living in a world that is bright, filled with fairies and sugar plums and tin solders, dancing and marching across the dreams of your childhood.

Eugenia, Age 20
Eugenia, Age 20

As I looked back on my life while watching my own children around me, I was able to better evaluate from where I had come and where I was going. It was easier to put into prospective what was most important within the realm of what I had learned so far.


Eugenia, Age 43
Eugenia, Age 43

A Prayer Full Of Miracles
Every person has a train of thought on which he rides out his life. The happiness and destiny of his life depends upon the direction in which that train is traveling, what, of importance, it carries with it, the lessons learned along the way, and the leadership followed throughout.

Mother's Memories
Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, this grown child stands before her and she wonders how the years have melted away so quickly. What now are her most cherished memories?

I also looked back at some of the people who had passed through my life. They, too, no matter how fleeting my experience with them, had aided in molding my observations of life as I see it today.


Eugenia's Journal Of Short Stories
Come with me now as I attempt to entertain you with my thoughts set to paragraph with the hope that something may give you pleasure as you read.

A Friend's Compassion
During our lives, we meet so many people along our walk. Some, we will share only a small space. But a precious few will walk into our hearts to stay for a lifetime.

A Glimpse, A Memory Of Love
You aren't married to a man for sixteen years without making lasting attachments with those around you. These attachments do not sever as easily as signing a piece of paper filled with legal words.

Doritos And Sweet Iced Tea
However, once in bed myself that night, I couldn't stop thinking of her and realized, though she had told me her story, she had not told me her name. All I could do was hope that she would return for another visit. As I lay there putting the story together in my mind, all of a sudden I remembered Norma Jean and the story she had told me two and a half years before. Oh, my, could it be possible that both of them had been telling me of the same little boy?

He Is On The Bench
Why do we, as adults, tend to make it so difficult on ourselves when God is right there beside us all the time, just waiting to be invited into our lives?

Please continue along with me to volume two as I began a new life at thirty-seven. My children and I become a blended family, complete with a new marriage and two wonderful teenagers. Life is a journey and I have wandered far from my little town in my travels.

Memoirs Of The Sidewalk Philosopher (Volume Two) Is A Series

Below Is The Link To Volume Two
Eugenia, Age 44
Eugenia, Age 44
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SidewalkPhilosopher on 07/25/2011

Max, people used to tell me that when I was younger but I was always "too busy." Now, I must rely on the memory of a 60 year old mind and I have forgotten so many things already. If you don't have time to write, buy a little pocket size recorder that you can whip out whenever the thoughts hit you and quickly give yourself a memo to refer back to later.

MaxReily on 07/25/2011

Beautiful writings. We have so much to gain so much from our older relatives. I'm in the position now of "family custodian" of all the tales my mom and grandma told. Relatives are begging me to write them down for posterity, and I've got to stop putting it off! Every family has wonderful stories and we have to keep them alive. Thanks for inspiring me with your wonderful book!

Ramkitten on 07/25/2011

This is wonderful. And congratulations on that lovely book.

sheilamarie on 07/23/2011

Wonderful to get to know you a bit through your writings. I look forward to reading more!

SidewalkPhilosopher on 07/22/2011

Thanks, was just too long for one lens. Hopefully, I will have another will be a real hodge podge of material though. My subjects are so varied.

Michey on 07/22/2011

I am so glad that you put together in one place (actually 2 posts) you beautiful writings. You did a great job on presentation as well.
My favorite is the Amazon book with a lot of your poems "The Lyrics Of My Heart", and I'll love to see the next book as well, as must be a next one...
Also I like "Christmas And An Old Pot Belly Stove" and all your Pendleton memories.

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