Men Who Wear Women's Flats

by katiem2

As flats continue to remain on the fashion forefront men are realizing the comfort and fashion flare of the versatile flat for themselves. Come along and enjoy a flat extravaganza.

Men have been falling in love with women's shoes for decades, actually longer, and now that flats have proven their staying power the designs and fashion flats have reached new heights. Men enjoy the versatile designs and comfort all while maintaining their style and professional flare. It's no surprise to me that men love women's flats and ballet flats, what's not to love. This metro-trend is sure to continue as more and more men have their own Ah Ha moment after slipping into a pair of ladies flats. Today it's my pleasure to share with you some of my favorite women's flats that I myself feel to be perfect for any man who enjoys wearing woman's flats.

The Perfect Women's Flat for Men

The Tory Burch line is among the perfect flats for men.

Tory Burch offers metro style and flare any man would enjoy. The comfort of this show is heavenly. You won't want to take it off.  

A male reader of mine turned me onto Tory Burch and I must say, he completely did me a huge favor. I have been obsessed with the Tory Burch line since.

Men Can Wear Women's Flats

If there ever was a unisex shoe flats are it.

You see I'm myself am a girl who really gets the needs of a man who's looking for a great women's flat. I have a big foot for a women, a size 10, I am tall, 5'10" and therefore understand the needs of a man better as I myself need a similar shoe. 


Above you see the Tory Burch classic Reva ballet flat which I must say is simplicity at its best. I adore the signature emblem which sits on top of this black leather classic pleasure. It is a bit understated and yet screams I am a fashion goddess all the while projecting an air of professional perfection. I simply adore this shoe line and know you will as well. 



The Michael Kors women's flat is another men's favorite in ladies flats.

Just look at it, who wouldn't want to be beating around the city in the fabulous shoe? Exactly, it offers everything you're looking for. It's extremely comfortable, stylish and makes the perfect  statement of confidence and charm.

I adore this shoe it is so versatile you can wear it with anything. Plus the array of colors offered only intensifies the versatility. You can go casual, dressy or formal in this shoe to die for. I love the plum and oh the blue. This shoe comes in, are you ready for this, 11 color options I know right?

Madden Girl Women's Hoops-R Loafer

The perfect women's flat for men.

I can't believe this shoe is not made for men. This is a shoe I'd expect to steal from my brothers closet. Oh well, we fashion forward thinkers no when to mix it up and share.

I'm thrilled to share these Madden Girls shoes with all my men friend who love girl shoes. This is the perfect pair with an amazing flare. I don't have to tell you the amazing fashion opportunities these beauties open up for us all.  

Above you see the most boring of this collection. I can't help myself I do love to tease, you have got to she the multi-colored and animal print options available in this shoe.

Nine West Women's Panto Flat

The most versatile women's flat for men.

This beautiful nine west flat for women is a daring proposition. Be warned boys this amazing shoe is like slipping into heaven. It is amazing and looks great with anything you can image. Now the best part is about to come, it comes in 25 colors and prints. The possibilities are limitless. You had better lock your closets boys because I might have to borrow a pair of these drop dead perfect flats while you're not looking. 

AK Anne Klein Women's Kaya Flat

A shout out to my favorite women's flat I'd be happy to hook any of my guy pals up with.

I adore Anne Klein, the shoe that fits me so well is my go to shoe when I'm on the run but don't feel like the chase. You know what I mean right? So I just had to give Anne a shout out and out myself as being one of these flats biggest fans.

There are times when I want nothing more than to be comfortable, these flats deliver on this need. Plus, just look at them, they are classy and the perfect flare of style.

These understated shoes let me shine being the center of attention, gotta say I like that a lot.  

See for yourself, I'm including two of my favorite Anne Klein flats, one above and the other to your right.

Enjoy picking and choosing your flats from this amazing line.

Shoes For Everyone

We all have feet and we should all be allowed to love shoes.

The way our feet feels governs the way we feel entirely from head to toe.

A happy pair of feet make for a happy life, you think I'm kidding?

I'm here to tell you to slip into what ever makes you feel amazing. Because you are amazing! It's been a pleasure sharing with you.

Do check out my shoes, while you might not be into the exact color or patterns I've included here today the ones I've added will provide you with an entire array of colors, patterns and choices in women's flats.

Take it from me a girl who knows the best flats both men and women can enjoy!

I look forward to hearing from you below in the comments sections as we all let go and dish about our love of women's flats.

I <3 shoes and adore anyone who does ;) katiem2

How to Store Flats

Decorative trunks or chest are a great way to stow away your flats keeping the clean and on the ready anytime you need.

We all know all to well how those shoe boxes can stack up. A few years ago I made the leap and decided to begin recycling my shoe boxes no longer keeping each pain tucked away inside their original box. Why?

Keeping shoes in the box created a need to hide them away in a closet.

The shoes in their boxes took up so much room and became overwhelming.

When I needed a pair I had to sort through all those boxes. UGH!

I love trunks so one day I took off a pair of my flats putting them in a decorative trunk beside my front door.

The light bulb went ding ding ding! From that day forward I began neatly stacking my flats in the special trunks in my home, one in my bedroom, my living room, the dining room and entrance just beside my front door. 

Now I'm on the ready and each time a look at my gorgeous trunks I smile knowing I have a treasure chest of beautiful flats.

A Man Who Wear's Women's Shoes

Ivan's story a man who wears women's flats

Let us not forget about Ivan's story, read his amazing story below and learn what makes a man tick and draw him to women's shoes...

Updated: 04/23/2014, katiem2
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katiem2 on 10/29/2018

Dedriu, Good point!

DerdriuMarriner on 08/05/2017

katiem2, It has been claimed that men's clothes tend to be better made than women's. It's interesting that that hasn't inspired publicized lines of men's flats given the fact that designers and manufacturers must be aware of the number of men who wear them today.

katiem2 on 11/28/2016

Wooooooooow Bri, 5 years, I am so very glad you did and now you are my go to pal for the dl on shoes. Thanks

katiem2 on 08/16/2016

Tom, Thanks, happy to see your page...

Tom on 06/23/2016

I just posted it to the correct page. Posted to the wrong timeline before. All good now, have a look.

Tom on 06/21/2016

I wear flats all the time. My wife bought my first pair for me since I wanted to try them. Flip flops don't cut it since the toes are exposed. Flats are where it at for me. I have a Facebook page called Men wearing ballet flats. Please post some pictures and thoughts.

Rob on 03/18/2016

Mike: Thanks for the post. I think as long as your wife doesn't mind start wearing them in public. Don't know what area you are from but I know in our area I usually don't get too many comments good or bad. Once in a while you get the usual stares or giggles or what ever but I have that those occasion have dwindled over the years and it is a pleasure every time that I wear them out. Most people won't even notice. I wear them to the store just about every where. I am retired now but when I worked the last year or so I would wear them to work on occasion. I agree with you I would much rather see guys wearing flats than flip flops or sandals. Take care and break out those flats.

Mike smith on 03/18/2016

Rob, nice to read your hat is off to you, if I wore I do wear a cap sometimes.sounds like I would like your style. I like low cut shoes my self. I have some P Heaven flats I wear all the time at home. I just love them. My wife doesn't care for toe cleavage,but I still wear them, she knows I feel very comfortable ,and enjoy them. I've been wearing real ballet slippers about forty years ,and have always been a real shoe lover. That's the first thing I notice about someone is what kind of shoes are they are wearing. I admire you for wearing your shoes in public, wish I had that much confidence . The day is coming tho that I'm going to do just that. I own a lot of shoes. Probably more than most women. I would love to see guys wearing flats, I mean you see them wearing sandles, flip flops, and those rubber clog like shoes, come on get the flats out guys. I love the look and feel of nice leather flats, l mean come on loafers just arnt the same. Shoes for guys are usually big and clunky. I think that is one thing that all the guys who wear flats like about women's shoes is that they are light and comfortable,not big and I right.any way I really enjoy talking about shoes, and heating other people's thoughts and opinions . Keep wearing your shoes and enjoying them.

Rob on 03/16/2016

I too have loved flats since I was a kid and have been wearing them for probably close to 40 years or so. I love comfort of them. I have a high instep and haven't been a able to find a men's shoe that is really comfortable. I also like the ability to be able to match colors to what I am wearing, for example red shirt red flats, yellow shirt yellow flats. I am a colors guy and do not own any black or white flats only colors. I am also a toe cleavage guy and like lots of toe cleavage. I usually wind up having to cut the vamps down somewhat to mike liking so that I get the toe cleavage that I want. It is hard to find very low cut ballet flats. I am also a fiddler and love to fiddle with my flats constantly. Used to drive me nuts when I was kid watching the girls fiddle with their flats. Since I learned that flats were originally a men's shoe I am even more encouraged to wear them. I probably have 25 to 30 pairs. I don't have the budget to afford the higher end flats like the Tori birch, but I have found nice flats a reasonable price a Payless as well as on E-bay. I wear them probably 90% of the time, only when my wife insists that I wear my regular shoes do I wear them. I am working toward that 100% time. Katie: I am curious does your husband wear flats and if not would you support him if he did even help him to buy them. Thanks

Lee on 02/07/2016

I have been looking at flats for a long time and I finally plucked up the courage to order a pair and I am so happy I did they are so comfy and easy to wear I think flats are perfect for men to wear and why not what ever you feel comfortable in you should just wear what you like I am so glad I did

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