Michael Miller Fabulous Fabric Swatches for Quilting, Crafts etc

by KathleenDuffy

If you're looking for fantastic, original textile swatches you can't go wrong with Michael Miller Fabrics. Try them for quilting, home furnishings and artistic apparel!

If you enjoy quilting, toy-making, small upholstery projects and dressmaking then these pieces of Michael Miller fabrics will be an inspiring addition to your stash of textiles.

The pieces shown here are just a taster of the wide-ranging fabric designs in the Michael Miller portfolio. Designs cover fantasy, nature, Gothic and retro, to name just a few of their fabulous themes.

So, if your local department store's fabric hall leaves you incredibly underwhelmed, these Michael Miller fabrics will provide the inspiration that your potential masterpiece demands.

Michael Miller Fabric - Great for Quilting

and other home furnishing projects

Isn't this fabric gorgeous!  It reminds me of decoupage or Victorian scrap-booking.  With the delicate, wild roses and the birds, not to mention the beautiful French writing and  old postage stamps, this material has a very nostalgic feel.  The 100% cotton fabric is just one of the lush materials from the 'French Journal' collection of  Michael Miller fabrics. You can see why this fabric, and others like it,  are so popular with quilters.   The pattern is so complex and  intriguing.

But of course you don't have to be limited to quilting.  With the lengths offered here,  I think this material would look great as curtains, cushion covers or could even be used for a dressmaking project.  

Do You Remember the 'Flower Fairy' Books?

Here they are on beautiful fabric

I remember the Flower Fairy books from my childhood  - and they are still going strong today.  Cicely Mary Barker (28 June 1895 – 16 February 1973) began her series of flower fairy books in 1923.  Fairies were immensely popular at that period, due to Arthur Conan Doyle's support for the famous Cottingley fairies incident, not to mention J M Barrie's Peter Pan.

Michael Miller Fabrics have been granted a license by the Estate of Cicely Mary Barker to reproduce the fairy images on their materials - and what a wonderful job they have made of it, losing none of the delightful, playful and magical atmosphere of the originals.  This is just one stunning example of their fairy fabric  - there are many more.

It consists of a piece of material as follows:  

  • Content: 100% cotton Width: 44''
  • Horizontal Repeat: 0.00'' Vertical Repeat: 23.50''
  • Unit of Sale: Yard

It would make a beautiful wall hanging for a child's bedroom.

A Fresh, Light Material That Speaks of Spring!

It's impossible to give you an idea of the full range of Michael Miller fabrics - all I can do is show you contrasting designs to give you an idea of how creative and varied their materials are.

Take for instance this piece of birch wood fabric below.  It has a  light, fresh  and airy feel, and the addition of the handsome  woodpecker with his fiery, confident red topknot gives a further nod to nature.

The vertical design with its fresh green leaves and young bark  is well suited to a light-filled room, perhaps in the form of a wall hanging or a baby's quilt -  which will reflect the optimism of spring. 

This piece is:   

  • Content: 100% cotton Width: 44''
  • Unit of Sale: Yard

Here's a similar piece from Fabric.com.

Michael Miller Retro Fabrics

These fabric pieces have all the nostalgia of the 1950s.  The Paris-themed piece would make a great covering for, say, a telephone seat or a couple of retro-type chairs.   Or perhaps you'd like to make a pretty blouse to commemorate a trip to Paris!  

Are you  hankering after a life on the prairie?  Wouldn't this cowboy fabric make a terrific quilt for a child's cowboy-themed room?  Or a wall-hanging?  Or, mix and match with other material to make a child's bean bag chair?  

Let's Explore the Dark Side!

All the fabrics we've enjoyed so far have been whimsical, beautiful, nostalgic or cute.  

But let's not forget to pay our respects to the dark side.  So,  just look at these beautiful pieces of material below that are absolutely stunning in their meticulous arrangements of Gothic symbolism. Both pay homage to that genius of wonder and weirdness - Edgar Allan Poe. 

They are beautiful art objects in themselves, but looking forward to Halloween, there are endless ideas to be had!  

Cushions for your living room will add a Gothic elegance that would make even the suave, elegant Count Dracula want to hang around beyond dawn!   Or how about presents for your friends?  A book holder complete with a copy of  The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe; a quilted Halloween IPad cover, or a unique tote bag.

You could even just frame the fabric pieces and you would have stunning works of Halloween art. 

A Gothic Nod to Edgar Allan Poe...

and his poem 'Nevermore'
Michael Miller Nevermore Collection Nevermore Collage Urban Grit Wh...

Find Out More About Michael Miller Fabrics

Aren't those fabric swatches fabulous!  There's something to suit every taste.  

If you would like to find out more about Michael Miller Fabrics they have a website where  you can discover more about their glorious swatches, explore the collections and find free quilting patterns.  You can find their official website here.  You will also be able to find your nearest sales outlet in the USA and also Europe.

Happy sewing!


Why not browse through over 2,000 samples  of gorgeous Michael Miller fabrics on Fabrics.com


Find Michael Miller Fabrics on E-Bay

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KathleenDuffy on 07/26/2014

Yes, I think so too! Thanks for commenting. :)

paperfacets on 07/25/2014

Beautiful prints on these fabrics.

KathleenDuffy on 07/03/2014

Maritravel - Yes, I was the same way at school, but have since grown to love knitting as a sort of therapy or meditation almost. I think you can buy a fairy panel for hanging already made up on Amazon - they are magical. Thanks so much for reading it!

Maritravel on 07/03/2014

I am useless when it comes to crafts and especially sewing. Such a shame as I am of the generation that was taught sewing, knitting and cooking at school, but I hated all three as it took me away from my books. But if anything were to inspire me to make a wall-hanging or quilt, your article would. I just love the Miller fabrics, especially the Fairy one. I'm tempted to buy a metre just to have it.

KathleenDuffy on 07/03/2014

WriterArtist and ologsinquito - Thanks for reading my article! Yes, aren't they beautiful and unusual pieces! :)

WriterArtist on 07/02/2014

Love the artistic crafts, they are fabulous.

ologsinquito on 07/02/2014

These are absolutely lovely!

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