Midlife Career Change

by VincentMoore

I never thought in a million years that I would be leaving my successful career in real estate and putting myself behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler

Life has a way of offering up surprises. With my marriage on the rocks and the divorce lawyers chewing me up in the court system I was forced into leaving my career in real estate. I had hit the wall, couldn't sell a property if my life depended on it. My interest level was at an all time low and I was passing business off to fellow realtors. I knew it was time to pull the plug and go home and have a pittyparty. Well that lasted for six months before I came across and ad in our local newspaper advertising the wonderful life one could have in the trucking industry by becoming an over the road driver. What follows is my introduction to a whole new life style that went on for eight years.

In God's Hands

Here I was sitting in my real estate office contemplating what I was going to do with the rest of
my life. My marriage had gone south, legal fees mounting, financial disaster rearing it's ugly head and my children being turned against me. I had been fighting to keep my senses and my drive in tact. Each day was a struggle for survival and sanity. Up till now my sales had been strong, awards were given to me monthly, my production had increased and accolades by my fellow Realtors were humbling to say the least. Now the gig was up, I had hit the wall and the life was draining out of me. Ambition and goals were shattered like an ugly storm and crack of lighting.I couldn't sell a thing and
didn't want to be around any vendor who was selling due to a marriage break down, I couldn't face the pain as I ended my career and walked away from life.

I locked myself up deep in my soul and felt the sting of loss and resentment. I became a very angry man, so much so I had to take anger management classes to get it out. I prayed that something good would happen instead of all the anger I was building up inside my soul. I was becoming dysfunctional with no desire to wake up in the mornings. I often wondered how many of us felt this way through divorce proceedings? My colleagues tried their best to get me back on track but this guy was bitter and became more and more a recluse. I stayed in my small apartment sparsely furnished and the four walls kept closing in on me. I did a lot of praying and fell on my knees on more than one occasion. I don't know why I was spared? Was I to become a tool in the hands of my creator? Was there some example he wanted to make of me and humble me to his will? All I know is at that time in my life I went through the darkest moments of despair. Where does this all lead you might be asking yourself by now? Well one day while flipping through the local newspaper I came across and ad that seemed to jump right out at me. A huge ad that read something like this.


Well I put the paper down, only to open it right back up again and read that ad over and over again. I thought to myself, could I actually do this, could I or better still should I try this. Maybe it's something I need to experience to empty my mind, shed the white collar work and go on the freedom highway, or so I thought at the time. So I want to in some upcoming hubs share with you all how I got started in the trucking industry without any prior experience. The journeys it took me down and the experiences I shared on what some call FREEDOM HIGHWAY. My friends it's not all as free as you might think it is. Stay tuned and watch for my first hub about this wannabe 18-wheeler trucking son of a gun who put himself behind the wheel between 2000-2008 and spent 8 years over the road.

By: Vincent Moore

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Tolovaj on 05/11/2012

We all live in fast changing times but your story is still touching. I can relate to it in more than one point. It is great you moved on and become even stronger. Keep movin'!

VincentMoore on 03/12/2012

Sherry, I have a couple of more trucking stories coming up, the next one is a real event that happened while training a rookie, stay tuned.

@Mladen, it was a right move in many ways, although I knew from the start I was not going to make it my life's work, but very interesting it was.

VincentMoore on 03/12/2012

Angel I don't know about that one, it's just a picture I placed here from Flicker, although the one's I drove were Volvo's with volvo engines in them and can you believe fully automatic. I never thought I would see the day I wouldn't have a stick in my hand to shift. Yes indeed the last company I drove for Bison Trspt converted their whole fleet to these automatics with Volvo. And guess what? they worked like a champ, pulling heavy payloads without any difficulty up and down mountains through all weather conditions. Before they came on the scene we were driving Kenworth's and Freightliners with detroits and cummins in them, I enjoyed those as well. I loved switching gears, it took some getting use to not to be able to shift. Just press a button and away we went. A brake and fuel pedal only, no clutch.

Mladen on 03/12/2012

Your story is very interesting. Sad, but interesting. I will return to read more, to read if driving a truck was right move. :)

Sherry Stunes on 03/11/2012

VERY interesting. I can not wait to read more!

Angel on 03/11/2012

Did that truck have a CAT engine in it? LOL.. I have worked in Power Generation Industry for 20 years as an engineer and sales for CAT, Cummins, and Detroit Engines. I dealt with truck drivers every day. Good people. Can't wait to read more.

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