Minecraft Birthday Cake Ideas: How to Decorate the Cake

by TGTspurs

Looking for ideas on how to make your Minecraft themed cake? Featured here is a variety of Minecraft cake ideas, decorations and supplies to help anyone make a great birthday cake.

Minecraft is one of the most popular party ideas for kids today. Fortunately, for those of you with a little "creeper", this party theme won't make you crazy. The Minecraft world is made up mostly of squares, so when it comes to a birthday cake, starting with a square cake will ensure that you are halfway there.

Below are a few ideas for Minecraft themed birthday cakes but for Minecraft birthday party ideas, printables and supplies please click here:

Minecraft TNT Cake

TNT in the game is made from the materials sand and gun powder, it can be used to demolish unwanted structures and would make an excellent item in the game to base the cake on. Making your Minecraft TNT cake can be as simple as using red frosting and adding TNT as wording on the cake top, or you can make the boom by using some fun and readily available items.

You could go with bright red frosting with black squares and white frosting added in for detail, along with black licorice whips.  For a different twist use red Twizzlers along the side of the cake and print out TNT on computer paper.  Wrap this around the cake.  Then add black licorice whips coming from each Twizzler to resemble individual little bombs.  For the top use fondant or buttercream frosting. This would create a similar TNT cake as seen here. Below I’ve also featured an awesome video showing how to make a TNT cake in a slightly different way but to equal effect.

How to make Minecraft TNT cake

Minecraft Creeper Cake

A creeper cake might be the only cake that will do for their party but it’s good to know that there are many ways to go about making a creeper birthday cake for any Minecraft fan. One of the ways would be to make a full bodied creeper cake by cutting out a large square cake into the figure of creeper or from baking a few square cakes in different sizes and putting them together to make the body.  For the face you can use this creeper template to help cut out pieces or trace the face onto your cake. 

The other way would be to simply bake a square cake and decorate the cake top to make it look like a creeper face. This can easily be done by using green fondant or buttercream icing and using fondant or decorating gel to make the creeper facial expression.

How to make a Creeper Cake

Minecraft Creeper Cupcakes

Minecraft Creeper face cupcakes can be just as easy to make as the creeper cake. For Creeper cupcakes you would simply use green fondant or buttercream icing and then black fondant squares to make the creeper facial expression. If you use fondant for added detail you could use black to paint on squares and to give your cupcakes that pixelated look.

You could also make brownies, cut it into squares decorate each piece with green buttercream frosting and pop in some creeper cupcake toppers as seen in the pic to your right. Easy to make and it looks great.

Photo Credit: Kids birthday parties


Minecraft Video Game Cake

In the game if you have the right ingredients you can make a cake for your character to eat. So an awesome option would be to make a real life version of the Minecraft game cake.

To do this make a regular square cake and then use light brown fondant or buttercreem icing for the bottom part of the cake and white fondant or buttercream icing on the top as seen in the game.

Then it would just be a case of cutting out red fondant squares to put on top of the cake.

Photo credit: Verifex

Minecraft Grass Block Cake

To make an easy Grass block cake use a chocolate mix to make a cake and use buttercream frosting tinted with food coloring or coconut flakes tinted green for the grass decorations on the cake.

To add a dirt effect you could make dirt crumbs by grounding Oreos and graham crackers and applying the mix to the sides of your cake. In order to have the crumbs sticking, you’ll need to frost the sides of the cake with brown buttercream icing before applying the dirt mixture (this is best done before doing the grass bit – it just keeps things a little tidier and prevents the crumbs from going onto your grass decorations).

When all this is done you’ll have a wonderful looking dirt block cake which looks similar to the picture that is featured to your right.

Photo Credit: Liz Henry

Minecraft Cake Decorations

Colorful fondant square pieces:

There are a number of ways to make the cake look great but one interesting method to give the cake that pixelated look that the game is so famous for is to cut up fondant into square pieces and use these pieces to create an image on the cake. It looks awesome and very detailed and although it will take a bit of time to complete it creates an outstanding effect. Check out some of these Minecraft birthday cakes for more ideas and to get a good look at this method in use.

Minecraft Cake Toppers – paper models

For Minecraft cake toppers use the free printable paper character templates to make paper models which you can feature on your cake. There are templates for all characters from the game and it would be a nice touch to any cake.

Free Minecraft cupcake toppers

The Party Animal is sharing free printable minecraft creeper cupcake toppers and wrappers templates. Print these off and stick them on the end of toothpicks or craft sticks and your set. Making each creeper cupcake topper double sided would probably look the best so you might want to print of the templates twice. In the printable pack you’ll also find cupcake wrappers too.

How to make Minecraft Cake Pops

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