Minecraft Party Food ideas

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Minecraft is the new rave with kids and adults alike, so if your planning a Minecraft birthday party... Here are some fun Minecraft party food ideas that everyone will enjoy!

To boost up their energy levels at a themed party some Minecraft party foods will need to be in store if you’re planning on creating a Minecraft birthday party.

Here’s the place to gather up a few Minecraft recipes and food ideas. Try out some of these and you’ll be building a pallet of great tasting foods, snacks and treats that every child will love and it will match the theme too.

Some of the featured food ideas include Golden apple desserts, stuffed portobello mushrooms, Creeper Juice, Creeper Krispie snacks and lots of tips about how you can prepare some of the foods from the game and add them into your party, so guest can enjoy tasty food related to the game they love to play.

Minecraft Food from the Game

Minecraft Melon Slices by qwrrtyFirstly, coming up with some foods for this theme won’t be too much work. The main character “Steve” has to eat certain foods to keep up his energy levels and to restore his health. Which means a number of these foods can be added to the party. Don’t worry there are some really simple options you can incorporate, you don’t have to deal with anything weird like spider eye balls or anything...Oh, wait... I forget that there is actually an option to feed on this in the game...How gross!  Okay aside from the occasional weird delicacy, Steve the main character can eat common foods like chicken, bread, pumpkin pie, cookies and cake. He can also have a pretty balanced diet too as veggies and fruits are part of the menu if the player chooses to have Steve eat healthy. This means you have a great reason to include healthy foods into the mix. Fruits like apples, grapes, watermelons and veggies like carrots and mushrooms are available in the game.

You really can have fun with how you serve the food for example you could make a fruit salad using only the fruits mentioned, or you could provide a plate of barbeque hot wings or use this stuffed mushroom recipe to make delicious Portobello stuffed mushrooms.

How to make Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

More Party Food Ideas

loaf of bread by qwrrtyHere are some more ideas:

*In place for chicken you can simply make chicken nuggets, chicken wings or fried chicken.

*As Pork use mini sausages or simply sausage rolls.

*To represent the baked potato option in the game the easiest thing to prepare would be fries, potato wedges or for something a little more filling jacket potato with melted cheese... All of these would work well.

*Bread – you could make sandwiches with bread rolls or have your guest build their own sandwiches by cutting all the fillings into square pieces and allowing them to create their favorite sandwiches kinda like how Subway do it.  

*As fish you could make prepare some fish fingers or for something a little snacky goldfish crackers will do well aswell.


Minecraft Dessert Ideas

What about dessert? I hear you ask... Well there are plenty of of sweet delights you can make like Minecraft cupcakes. To make creeper cupcakes decorate cupcakes with green icing and use black gel to make the facial expression those nasty creepers always have.

You could also make Creeper Krispies by melting some butter and marshallows, adding some green food dye, rice krispies and mixing in a pot over the stove. Once it is all mixed together put the mix into a a seperate square pan. Make sure to press on the mixture so that it takes the shape of the pan, you can use some wax paper to press down and even out the mix in the pan. Once leveled out put it into fridge and leave to cool for about 30 minutes. The next stage is to take out you green krispy snacks, use a square cookie cutter or knife to cut them out into squares and then use black food coloring gel or melted chocolate to make the faces.

For a simple dessert green jello cubes could be an ideal addition- you can also experiment with chocolate to see if you can make dirtblock jello treats by making chocolate base by melting some chocolate into a cup and allowing it to cool for the dirt and applying a layer of green jello ontop for the grass. Another awesome Minecraft dessert idea to try out would be the Golden apple desserts made by Ihascupquake.

Creeper Krispies Treats

Creeper Juice Recipe

Green Juice by Joey.ParsonsAs a refreshing beverage why not make some Creeper Juice.

Brite of happiness made Creeper Juice for her son’s birthday party by mixing 7up, Limeade and green food coloring.

She made the green juice to represent the color of everyone’s favorite exploding nuisance and named it creeper juice - perfect to serve Minecraft fans.

Minecraft Golden Apple Dessert

How to make Minecraft Food Labels

Minecraft apples by qwrrtyA very popular way of presenting the food is to have little labels next to each food... You might have seen it a few times on Google. If you’re wondering how to do the same you’ll be glad to know that these are very easy to make. Using this template here, copy and paste the images of the foods from the original wiki and download and use this Minecraft font for the wording.

This can easily be done on photoshop or any photo editing software. Once it is done it’s just a case of printing them off and standing them next to each food.  

Updated: 09/22/2013, TGTspurs
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