Mix 'n Max Zoom Around Rocker Review

by AshleyB

The Alex Jr. Mix 'n Max Zoom Around Rocker was just named one of Parenting Magazine's Top 25 Toys of the Year for 2011.

Mix 'n Max Zoom Around Rocker

Mix 'n Max Zoom Around Rocker
Mix 'n Max Zoom Around Rocker

Our Mix 'n Max Zoom Around Rocker Review

We Think Parenting Magazine Was Right On With This Pick

We purchased the Mix 'n Match Zoom Around Rocker for my daughter last month for her first birthday. This was a special birthday celebration for us because this is our first daughter, after three sons. I am sure you can imagine how spoiled she is. Each one of my sons wanted to pick out a gift for her, and my oldest son chose this rocking chair/car.

He originally wanted to get a rocking horse for her, but he is so protective over her, and the thought of Annie falling off of a hard wooden horse did not sit well. We were thumbing through a toy catalog when I saw the Zoom Around Rocker.

It looked like the perfect answer for my son. A stuffed car, with handle bars, low to the ground, cute and bright colors, it was everything he had hoped for in a gift for his sister.

Instead of a car, you can also choose a bug, but we went with the car because Annie is afraid of bugs.

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How Did Annie Like The Mix 'n Max Zoom Around Rocker?

Annie loves her new rocker, she makes the cutest car sounds when she is "driving" it. It's such a soft squishy place to sit that she tends to gravitate towards it when she is getting sleepy.

She climbs up on it and leans over to hug it, starts sucking her thumb and gently rocks herself back and forth. She has nearly fallen asleep on it several times, but I have gotten her into her crib before that has happened. I'd hate for her to fall asleep, and then take a little tumble.

This toy is very well built, it has a nice sturdy wooden frame, with wooden rockers. It weighs in at 9.5 pounds, so it can be easily moved from room to room. It is 16 inches high, 13 inches deep, and 24 inches long, so it really doesn't take up much space at all. The manufacturer, Alex, recommends this toy for ages 1-3.

We have only had this toy for a month now, but it was a fantastic purchase. Parenting magazine does not always pick the best toys in my opinion, but they were right on with this choice.

Who Makes The Mix 'n Max Zoom Around Rocker?

The Toy company that makes this rocker is called "Alex". The Alex toy company was founded in the 1980's and since then, they have won over 300 awards for their educational, creative, fun toys. The folks at Alex take toy making serious, and you can certainly tell by their attention to detail and cutting edge designs.

Alex now has over 1000 different toys, created to give your child a creative, whimsical childhood.

Updated: 01/17/2012, AshleyB
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sherri morgan on 03/07/2012

I am not happy with the alex jr mix n match ladybug rocker. Cute as can be but only lasted almost two months then the handle broke. I bought this for our granddaughter for Christmas and was so excited for her to have fun but when I went over to see her the handle had broken for it to have been safe and sturdy for her it was not. She was only 16 months old when she got it and cant imagine her being that strong to have it break. Lucky she didnt get hurt when it broke. Store where purchased wont stand by it and only had 30 day return. For such an expensive item you would have peace of mind that it was safe and fun. Very unhappy and hope not to many of these get out as I have read about two others doing the same thing.

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