Mobile Phone Charms - A Shopping Guide and Tips For Wearing Your New Accessory

by cabmgmnt

Cell phone charms are a fun way to dress up a bracelet, handbag, jacket, necklace or mobile phone. Express your personality with these fun charms.

Mobile phone charms are popular because they are cute, easy to collect and fun to display. Charms are available in a variety of styles. They can be 14k gold, sterling silver, enamel, porcelain, crystal and even a miniature stuffed fabric charm. Charms spruce up lifeless accessories, express your personality and are inexpensive to collect. Learn about the various designs and applications for your mobile phone charms.

Sterling Silver Mobile Phone Charms

Cell Phone Charms

Sterling Silver

Mobile phone charms are made in sterling silver, too. They are cute renditions of your phone and wear well with other cell phone charms. Silver seems to be the most popular choice for charm collectors. 

They dress up your phone and also can be used on a favorite charm bracelet, to adorn a purse, attached to a zipper on luggage or your dog's carrier. They make adorable presentations tied to bows on gifts and are fanciful additions to any collection.

The styles can be fashioned by popular designers like Tiffany and Rhona Sutton. These charms may also have moving parts and be adorned with Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia. Sterling silver lends itself nicely to the addition of an enamel overlay. The enamel brightens the charms and allows it to be offered in a myriad of colors.

Gold Cell Phone Charms

Easy to Attach

Gold miniature cell phone charms are adorable additions to your phone strap, necklace, bracelet and can be used easily as zipper pulls. Attach the darling phone accessories using a cell phone strap.

Cell phone straps attach easily to mobile phones and have small metal rings to attach lobster clasp charms and pendants. The rings pry open similar to key chains. Once your cell phone charm is attached it is secure because of the mechanism of this ring.

Gold cell phones can be created in 14k gold and emblazoned with gems like diamonds, rubies or crystals. They are highly polished and may even include small working parts. 

Check out a few suggested gold mobile phone charms. Play dress up with charms.

Mobile Phone Charms


Enamel Cell Phone Charms

Enamel is a glaze that is heat treated to coat the outside of a piece of jewelry. It is durable and strong and brightly colored. It lends itself nicely to floral patterns and designs and spruces up simple jewelry. It can be a bold statement or just a simple way to add a little flair to an item.

Use enamel charms in the same way you would use other charms. Rotate enamel charms off or onto bracelets or your mobile phone to coordinate with your outfit's color scheme.


Enamel Cell Phone Charms

Cell Phone Straps


Your Style! Your Fun!

How To Care For It

Which ever mobile phone charm that you choose for your bracelet will define your style and allow your personality to shine through. Take care of your charms when not in use by keeping them in a lined jewelry box or velvet bag. Keeping your charms stored properly will prevent them from scratching and tarnishing.

If your charms tarnish after time, which is very common with sterling silver charms, you can buy a polishing cloth to revive them. Polishing cloths are simple to use. You just rub your cell phone charm with the cloth until tarnish is gone and it gleams. If the cloth is not removing the tarnish,look for a high end jewelry cleaner. Read the directions and make sure that the polish is safe for the charm that you intend to clean. Some polishes are only safe for silver, others only for gold. If you use the wrong cleaner, your cell phone charms may end up looking worse than before.

If all else fails, you can take your jewelry to a professional. Professional jewelers may have industrial jewelry cleaners to clean gunk from charms. They might even clean your item for free!

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katiem2 on 08/25/2012

Maybe these would make it easier for me to find my phone in my purse when it rings. I often just drop it in and it falls to the bottom. They are very nice and attractive additions to cell phones. :)K

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