Monopoly Board Game Featuring Rock Bands

by SquidRich

Did you know that several rock bands, both old and new, now have their own Monopoly board game? Enjoy playing the world's favorite game with many of rock's most successful groups.

Monopoly and the Rock Bands

A Classic Board Game Meets Classic Rock

Beatles MonopolyFans of both board games and classic rock have something to celebrate as one of the biggest names in games has now teamed up with six heavyweight rock outfits and artists of both the past and present.

New to the Monopoly arena is heavy metal band AC/DC which has its own customized version of the old standard. Apart from the changes to the playing surface (more about which can be seen below), a different set of metal tokens has been introduced to complement AC/DC's rock persona. Such iconic references as Angus’s hat and the band's logo lightning bolt join other AC/DC representations in the form of cash, dynamite, a cannon and a bell on fire.

But, it is not all about AC/DC as five other rock icons are also featured in the Monopoly fold. Heavy metal favorites Metallica is also here, along with artists from the golden age of rock and roll: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead. Each version has been adapted to please fans and to make them a lasting collectible.

Monopoly Featuring AC/DC

AC/DC Monopoly

Grab your own: AC/DC Monopoly

There's Gonna Be Some Rockin' when one of the world's best-selling bands teams up with the world's most popular board game to bring you the ultimate AC/DC experience.

The AC/DC Collector's Edition of Monopoly celebrates the Rock 'N' Roll Dream with some of the greatest rock music of the 20th century and beyond. This completely customized game features the band's most popular albums and locations including Black Ice, Stiff Upper Lip, AC/DC Lane and more.

AC/DC Monopoly

AC/DC on Video

Monopoly Featuring The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones Monopoly

Grab your own: Rolling Stones Monopoly

The world’s longest running rock group teams up with the world’s most popular board game to bring you the ultimate Rolling Stones experience.

The Rolling Stones Collector’s Edition of Monopoly is a completely customized game featuring the band's albums including Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main Street, Voodoo Lounge and more. It allows fans to build their own Rolling Stones music collection.

Game includes six collectible tokens that symbolize unforgettable songs: Dice (Tumbling Dice), Horses (Wild Horses), Cloud (Get Off Of My Cloud), Thumb (Under My Thumb), Devil Horns (Sympathy For The Devil) and Sugar Cubes (Brown Sugar).

Rolling Stones Monopoly

The Rolling Stones on Video

Monopoly Featuring Metallica

Metallica Monopoly

Grab your own: Metallica MonopolyMetallica Monopoly

Metallica and Monopoly have collided to bring you a very unique twist on an American classic!

Round the corners of your favorite Metallica historic locations with your collectible token and start your real estate empire. Purchase the property with your Metalli-money, while building stadiums and arenas on each street for the best appraisal!

Each property has been named with Metallica history in mind, so put your thinking caps on. Land on one of the "Bing and Purge" or "Jump in the Fire" spaces and be rewarded or fined in true Metallica form. You won't believe the price you'll pay!

Includes 6 custom tokens: Justice For All Scales, Black Album Snake, Kill 'em All Hammer, Jump in the Fire Demon, St. Anger Fist, and Metallica Ninja Star.

Metallica Monopoly

Metallica on Video

Monopoly Featuring Elvis Presley

Elvis 75th Anniversary Monopoly

Grab your own: Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary Monopoly

Get ready to rock 'n' roll with the King in this special 75th anniversary collector's edition of the Monopoly game.

Celebrate Elvis' music and live performances as you buy, sell and trade his most memorable concert and television appearances, films, albums and hit singles. Choose to play with one of the six collectible tokens including army tags, sunglasses, guitar, record player, leather jacket and microphone, then make your way around the board to relive Blue Hawaii, G.I. Blues, Madison Square Garden, King Creole and Jailhouse Rock.

Don't pass GO without visiting Memphis and Las Vegas in an attempt to build your very own Elvis Empire!

Elvis 75th Anniversary Monopoly

Elvis Presley on Video

Monopoly Featuring The Beatles

Beatles Edition Monopoly

Grab your own: Beatles Edition MonopolyBeatles Edition Monopoly

This Beatles Monopoly game is based on the familiar Monopoly game, but with a twist! Features six custom pewter tokens including: The Walrus, Here Comes the Sun, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Strawberry, Octopus's Garden and Rocky Raccoon.

Beatles Edition Monopoly

The Beatles on Video

Monopoly Featuring The Grateful Dead

Grateful Deadopoly

Grab your own: Grateful Deadopoly

This stunningly illustrated authorized edition delivers game play fun for everyone and the ultimate Grateful Dead experience for fans. Grateful Deadopoly is the ultimate Grateful Dead board game experience.

Grateful Dead Monopoly

Is Monopoly Your Favorite Board Game?

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No, I prefer another game!
Guest on 08/24/2011

I like it but prefer The Game Of Life

Yes, it's the best!
terrilorah on 04/08/2012

Yes, and my grandkids are starting to enjoy it too.

miasara on 11/29/2011

I love playing Monopoly, I have quite a few board game's too. My brother found a "Franklin Mint" edition at a yard sale and gave it to me for my birthday, I love it!!!

nightbear on 08/24/2011

Love, love love monopoly. Play it for hours at a time. I wish I could get Jim to play it with me. Great game

Susan on 08/24/2011

I have so many favorites. But I could play this by the hour. It's great!!

holly-day on 08/24/2011

I love Monopoly, sadly my son always cheats and if, per chance, I win, he's getting angry, so I made a decision on not playing with him any more, lol.

Updated: 10/25/2013, SquidRich
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terrilorah on 04/08/2012

I've never seen one of these, what a great gift for a fan of rock music

pkmcr on 08/27/2011

Never cease to be amazed at the range of Monopoly Boards that they come up with! Great presentation

nightbear on 08/24/2011

I've got to get the Elvis version. How cool is that. Great job Rich

Guest on 08/24/2011

wow I think this is awesome! I haven't heard of these until now!

holly-day on 08/24/2011

Another entertaining page that you created Richard. I just love Monopoly since my childhood! And since I'm the Beatles fan number one, I'm going to add the Beatles version on my Christmas wish list, hehehe.

This being said, when I got the digest including your Wizzley page, I got confused (with the site colors) and thought that you'd published a French page on Pagewizz, hahaha.

traveller27 on 08/24/2011

I didn't know about these games - they sound like fun.

kajohu on 08/24/2011

What fun! I'd like to have the Beatles Monopoly version, with the 6 Beatles-related pewter tokens.

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