Most Comfortable Supportive and Pain free Bra Ever

by katiem2

Finally a bra that supports, is comfortable, pain free, affordable for small, medium and especially big breasted women 15 dollars off until May 2017 Read reviews for best bra ever

I have been on a quest to find a bra that is supportive, comfortable and with straps that don't dig. I found it, finally, the perfect bra. This second skin bra is comfortable, supportive, doesn't slip around while I work out, walk or run. I can sleep in this perfect bra. I am a 34 DDD and it is insanely difficult to find a bra that fits, supports and does not cause horrible pain after wearing it for a couple of hours. I have been working to event such a bra, during my research I found second skin bras, the answer to my quest. I'm including the link to get 15 dollars off your first bra. Plus the company offers a reward system for sharing the good news.

Second Skin Bra

The Best Bra Ever

The second skin bra feels like being naked, but way better because it eliminates saggy swaying boobs. This bra collection hugs you in nice and snug all while managing to disappear beneath your clothes. You no longer need to fight wires that poke and dig, elastic that chokes, rolls, creeps up nor no bulky seams. The bra includes removable pads for added camouflage. Pads are removable. 

The bra is wireless with an easy pullover style and no clips of clasp to pull, dig or bind. The cups are underlined with snug nylon and elastane. This bra line offers a variety of colors and looks great when layering under anything from sporty to dressy or casual. It is true to fit and the site offers a sizing tutorial including tips for choosing the perfect size and style best for your unique characteristics.  The second skin bra company takes all shapes, sizes and placement into consideration.  We truly are more different and unique than we imagine and second skin has the perfect design for you, me and everyone. 

The Perfect Bra

Support, Pain Free, Comfortable Bra

If like me, you have gone nuts over the whole bra thing this is relief. We all have to wear bras, it is a comfortable, supportive bra that does not cut into your shoulders, it is wonderful. 

The site address above takes you to the place to get this bra.

There are many designs, colors and they also have wonderful panties and well. I truly feel you will love this bra like I have.

It cost 44 dollars before your 15 dollar discount.

Keep in mind this offer ends May the 27th of 2017

The Coobie Bra

My Second Choice
Coobie Seamless Comfort Bra
Updated: 11/02/2018, katiem2
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WriterArtist on 02/28/2019

These look super comfortable. I will have to check if these brands are available in India.

katiem2 on 03/02/2017

DerdriuMarriner, So true, so very very true

DerdriuMarriner on 03/02/2017

katiem2, It says everything that it's sleepable wear if need be since everyone nods off sooner or later in their clothes and with their contacts in!

katiem2 on 03/01/2017

Dustytoes and Vernonica, Sorry to hear that Pam, take good care. Veronica GOOD for you, it is important to keep weight down for so many reasons. My doctor advises me to weight on the light end for my height and I agree, less weight to carry makes things better.

Veronica on 02/24/2017

I lost weight because of having acid reflux and was told to lost 14lbs ( an English Stone ) so I lost 32 instead !

I would definitely go for a 32 not 34.

The genie look like the coobie

dustytoes on 02/24/2017

Katie I also have a pain issue with the band area. I have kidney disease which makes anything tight around the middle area of my body very uncomfortable and painful. Thanks for sharing this info, and I'm happy that you have found a tagless, seamless and comfy bra to wear. I'm seriously considering trying it for myself.

katiem2 on 02/24/2017

dustytoes thanks for the tip on your favorite bra. I guess I am hyper sensitive, since I had spinal damage and surgery my nerves in and around my neck and upper back are super sensitive if something is scratchy it gets worse and worse so intense it becomes very painful. I cannot wear anything with a tag, after a few minutes tags cause me horrific pain. It sounds weird I know and it sucks but that is my reality. No matter how skinny I am I still have these huge boobs, for me a triple D almost E is just to darn big.

I like the idea of having extra bra types and brands on hand, someone is bound to get it right. The second skin and coobie are great for me, they are not pretty but I go for the other features first and foremost. I could care less about looks, I can layer... THANKS GIRLS I appreciate your help

katiem2 on 02/24/2017

Veronica, I had not heard of the genie bra, thanks for the tip. I wear a 34 as measured by the shops, I am actually a 33 but they tell me to wear the 34 but I wear it on the tightest clasp and after awhile it creeps, maybe I need a 32. But I like the pullover type without clasp.

I do hope you lost weight because you wanted to. I agree embrace and love your shape, my problem is I want to wear a bra and need comfort and support. I hate bras that are painful.

Veronica on 02/24/2017

Ha yes It does sound bizarre but no.
I sometimes wear an extra Genie bra so it looks like an extra top under a V neck top . I don't know how best to explain it really

Genie bra in a pale colour similar style to above.
Then another Genie bra which matches my top,
Then a normal V neck top / blouse.

Very comfortable and cooler than wearing two tops.

dustytoes on 02/24/2017

This looks like a very comfortable bra. I may have to go for it. Your search Katie is a lot like mine and I also have had bras that seem to have been left over from the Victorian era! Ouch and ouch. My present favorite for comfort is the Champion Women's Spot Comfort full support bra from Amazon (no underwires). But it starts out itchy, so must be washed a number of times before it's okay. The Second Skin just looks really perfect without seams, hooks and wires. Must have been designed by a woman.
Veronica - wears 2 bras at once? Never heard of that.

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