Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Aprons

by MuminBusiness

With mother's day approaching, getting a present for your mom is of paramount importance. Here's an idea, get her an apron.

Aprons have been around forever and a day. They are used to protect one's clothing when performing various household tasks. In its most recent return to popularity, even men are known to wear aprons and why not, it protects everyone's clothing and we know cooking is no longer the domain of the woman.

With Mother's day approaching, finding a lovely apron that your mother will enjoy wearing should not be too difficult. I would mix it with a few flowers just to show her how appreciated she really is. It is not enough to underline the fact that she kept you fed and watered, it is also great to acknowledge her as a lady - a lady you love.

Brief History of Aprons

Initially, aprons were of supreme importance as clothing was so expensive.  Protecting one's clothing was necessary as it was so expensive to buy and frankly, getting things clean was somewhat tedious.  And then, in came the washing machines and cheap clothing; Suddenly, aprons were no longer the flavor of the month. 

Some people still like to wear aprons anyway.  And now thanks to the creative nature of a few people, there are novelty aprons, vintage aprons, cobbler aprons (who even knew this existed?), waist aprons, hostess aprons and those you can personalize.  There is truly one for everyone, no less your mother on this Mother's day.

A great gift idea for a mother that enjoys baking and cooking and likes to look cute and stylish too.  Aprons are no longer dowdy - they have been upgraded to look super.

Take a look at a few...

Pink and Yellow/Black Apron

Two aprons below that come in pink and yellow/black.  The yellow/black in particular is very vivid.  Reviews seemed to suggest it will be better suited to a slimmer woman so if your mother is trim, this may be the apron that will be the perfect mother's day gift for her.

DII Aprons

Only $24.99
Only $19.99

Entertaining Mom

Does your Mom enjoy entertaining guests?  Then a hostess apron may be ideal for her.

Meg Hostess Apron - $42.00

Retail Price: $52.00
You Save: $10.00

This one comes in an array of color - Aqua Blue, lime green and yellow. The Apron is very flowery and has a lace-like trim.

A very nice addition to your mom's apron collection.







Naiya Hostess Apron - $44.00
Retail Price: $54.00
You Save: $10.00

This is a grey, pink and yellow hostess apron with lovely frills at the front. There is a great big ribbon sash at the front which looks rather pretty.

Some more Hostess Aprons.

Just click on any of the images to see the full range of hostess aprons. They are created by Jessie Steele, a charming designer who has created a great number of stylish aprons for your mother to enjoy.Jessie Steele Hostess Apron Bib Ava 50's Kitchen - Final SaleJessie Steele Apron Audrey Deco Dot

Jessie Steele Hostess Apron Bib Carmen Black and White Bow

Jessie Steele Apron Josephine Pink & White Polka Dot

Gardener Mom

Is your Mom an avid gardener? There is a very useful apron that will help her carry all her belongings outdoors with her.

These are waist aprons and has a few pouches at the front to help with carrying items hands-free.

Even if your mother is not an outdoorsy person, this apron is pretty practical for getting lots of things around the house and having everything to hand.  Your Mom will be pleased with just how useful it will prove.

Angela's Garden Aprons

Only $19.99
Only $23.99


Aromatic Flowers -

These are just a few aprons that will make your mother glad to receive.  Match it up with this bunch of flowers and you have met all the criteria for a great mother's day gift.

Updated: 04/25/2012, MuminBusiness
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MuminBusiness on 04/27/2012

I just like pretty ones! if they come with pockets as well, then they are an added bonus :-) thanks for stopping by!

sheilamarie on 04/27/2012

These aprons are very cute! And practical, too. I like anything with pockets.

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