MotoActv Fitness Tracker

by MuminBusiness

Looking for a way to connect your phone,fitness and music. Well, this could be the answer for you.

GPS tracking, MP3 music player, fitness software all in this wonderful Motorola device. It is an amazing combination of all the things you want in a gadget that allows you monitor most kinds of exercise.


Motorola has come out with this fantastic device - The MOTOACTV.  Are you into fitness and not just the thinking about it, like I am?  Well then, looking at this monster of a device and reading through the reviews, this may well be the machine for you.

It is small but it somehow manages to fit all the right stuff together so that even though you are out there pounding the pavement or speeding along on your bike, you can still stay in touch with your world  (if you want to).

Introducing MOTOACTV

MOTOACTV - the MP3 Player

It can store a lot of your music.  This comes as a 8GB or 16GB unit so you can put a grea amount of music on the unit.  It even has a FM radio onboard as well.

The crucial remarkable thing about this is that the more you use the MOTOACTV, the more in tune it is to your favorite music.  So it tends to pick out the music that you respond to best.  How useful would that be - Imagine yourself running along, beginning to wane and then on comes your best motivational tune and you feel a renewed strength flood your body and you give it a bit more of yourself for that last stretch of time.

Great, Right?

It also can sync with iTunes so suddenly not much need for that iPod.


The GPS part of of this keeps in touch with where you are, your elevation, how far you have traveled and more.  You will never get lost using this device.  It will also advise you when you get to the halfway point for the distance you wanted to travel on each and every session you plot in advance.  That way, you know when it is time to start making for home if your time is limited.

There are also reminders about hydration along the way which is nice little touch.  

There is an onboard map loaded onto the device when you are using it outdoors.  If using it in a gym or anywhere indoors, then there is the trademarked Accusense technology that keeps accurate records of how much you are getting done.  

Handsfree and also Touchscreen

The MOTOACTV can be used in a hands free fashion as it supports both WiFi and Bluetooth.  It is compatible with most, if not all head sets so if you already use Bluetooth technology then you are on your way.

The touchscreen seems pretty sensitive to each and every touch.  This is handy as who wants to fiddle with it when in the middle of an exercise session.  You can focus in very quickly to the screen you want in order to get the information you require.

The screen itself is attractive - Great color and definition.

Battery Life and more of the MOTOACTV

One big drawback is the battery life on this gadget.  However, you can change the settings to maximise how much use you get out of it.  If using it for regular sessions then it will definitely see you through that but for prolonged sessions like a marathon, you would need to tweak the settings to reduce the amount of power it is getting through.

The other big thing would be the price.  However, truly at present there is nothing like it on the market which provides all the features so what are you comparing it too?

Back to its pluses...

There is a training portal online which you can connect your MOTOACTV too via a USB plug, helping you stay on top of your goals and set up sessions to help you get there.

There truly are a lot of features on this device.  It is a completely new concept though I am sure it will be copied soon enough but at the moment it links your whole life in terms of media and fitness.  

A great complement to your fitness.

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Updated: 02/21/2012, MuminBusiness
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MuminBusiness on 02/20/2012

I love the 'nudge, nudge'. I do that all the time with my hubby, it doesnt always work though!!!

The MOTOACTV is definitely great. I love that it combines all the things we all use the most.

Pinkchic18 on 02/20/2012

I've been looking for something like this! In the meantime, I've been trying to use my heart rate monitor, nike+ shoe chip, and the fitness equipment to get somewhat of a ballpark on my activities. It'd be so nice to have it all in one place like that! Very cool! I'm going to send this to my husband with a nudge nudge that my birthday is coming up :)

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