Moving Tips

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Moving is a long and stressful process, and the one thing that makes it even harder is failing to properly prepare for the move.

The best way to get ready for a move and cut down on the pressure is to start getting ready well in advance. Do a little bit of preparation every day to break up the overwhelming task. The tips below will help your family handle your next move.

Two Months Prior to Moving

This is the time to start searching for a company to help with the move. Decide on how much can be spent on the entire move. Moving companies often offer forms online where families can fill in the amount of personal belongings that needs to be moved so a quote can be prepared.

Depending on the distance of the move, a shipping service may be necessary for the family vehicle. There are moving companies that will give quotes for auto shipping based on distance. This service is offered separately from the main move.

It is also the time to get paperwork in order. Start contacting insurance companies to get quotes for the new location. Let the insurance agency know when the move will occur. Research health providers in the new location. Some health insurance companies require clients to go to a primary care physician before consulting any specialists, so now is the time to find a family doctor.

Lightening the load is a good idea at this point. If there are any items that can be sold or donated, plan on getting rid of these items in some way. A moving sale is a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. To decide what items will be packed and which will be sold or donated, take inventory of everything in the house. This is a daunting task, so take a week or two to complete it.

One Month Prior to Moving

Now it's time to start packing. The first step to packing is making sure to have the proper supplies. Most people underestimate how many boxes, spools of packing tape and packing materials they will need. To counter this problem, families should gather more supplies than they think they will use.

Move through the house one room at a time. The first round of packing will involve only items that will not need to be used at all prior to the move. Keep track of what is in each box by printing out a list to tape to it. Write all of the contents down on this paper so everything can be easily found after the move. It may seem like a tedious task now, but it will prevent a big headache after the move.

During the packing process, set aside valuable items. These items should either be shipped via a secure shipping method with insurance or kept with the family during the entire moving process.

Just Prior to Moving

Be sure that everything has been packed or properly taken care of. The refrigerator should be completely empty and defrosted when the move takes place. 

Mail forwarding is offered by the postal service for up to one year. Set up forwarding to allow time to change the address with any companies that communicate via postal mail.

Moving Tips
Moving Tips

Shortly After Moving

Most states require new residents to obtain a driver's license at the new address within a week or two. Remember to update voter registration information when a new driver's license is obtained.

Moving is an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to cause so much stress. Break up the tasks and start the process at least two months before to ensure a smooth move.

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Rose on 06/09/2014

I've only moved three times in my life, and the last move was the most stressful. I had so much stuff accumulated! I actually started packing two months before the move and threw out as much as I could - it was a clear-out as much as a packing situation! Glad I did it though. No sense taking a load of junk to your new home.

redpointhq on 05/04/2012

Thanks, Tolovaj. I'm glad you liked the post.

Tolovaj on 05/04/2012

Very useful info. When we decide to move, it is very important to have a doable schedule and than we just have to stick with it. If I remember correctly moving is one of five most stressful situation in our life and can be compared with marriage or lost of a relative. In our country we have a saying (hope the translation will be accurate): three times moving is the same as on time burning down.

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