Top Multi-tasking Laptops - dualcore vs quadcore or up

by spirituality

When you multi-task on your laptop, it can freeze. That can seriously slow down your workflow. In order to prevent this, get a laptop with multi-threading.

A quad core processor can do 4 things at once. A dual-core processor can do two things at once. This doesn't matter much if you are running only one program, but as soon as it's more than two, quad core is faster.

Multi-tasking laptops come in three flavors: gaming laptops, macbooks and general purpose laptops.

Dual core vs quad core for multi-tasking


Most Intel processors are dual core. The best are the i3 and i5 ranges. Both those do multi-threading. That means that even though there are only two processes going on at the same time, the processor can keep track of more than that. This prevents the pc or laptop from freezing. 


Quad-core processors are still a minority. Most Intel i7 processors are quadcore. That means they can do 4 things at once. 

Everything else equal, a quad-core processor will be faster for everyday use than a dual-core. After all, how often do you use your laptop for only one thing at a time? 

For instance, right now my pc is doing the following:

  • I'm typing in one tab in my Chrome browser.
  • A video with music is playing in another browser window.
  • 3 other browser windows are open.
  • I have a note taking window open. 

That's four processes. It's no wonder my pc often freezes: it has only an old dual-core processor. It was top of the line when I bought it, but that's several years ago now. 

What else makes multi-tasking go faster?

Internal memory

Internal memory is also a major factor for a pc or laptop in managing several processes at once. Currently the experts say that 8GB of internal memory can really make a difference. Sure, you can get by on 4GB, but 8GB is better. 

More than that is only necessary in the following multi-tasking user cases:

Photo editing

When editing high resolution pictures, you need a lot of internal memory. 16GB would be best. 

When you do a lot of photo-editing, you will also need a high resolution screen, with reliable color balance. After all - how can you see what you're doing if you don't have a good screen to see it on. 

Video editing

Video requires even more than pictures. After all, a video editing program needs to keep track of not merely images - and images that move at that - but also sound. This requires a quad-core processor as well as a lot of internal memory (16GB and up) as well as a very good video card. 

Gaming and multi-media consumers

The most famous type of high end laptop is the gaming or multi-media laptop. When you're playing a multi-player game, speed is of the essence. If your laptop is a second slower than that of your opponent, you've already lost before you're out of the gate. 

So gaming laptops are mostly about speed. 

  • fast video-card
  • high internal memory (16GB again)
  • quad-core (i7 again)
The difference? 

Well, a gaming laptop does not need a good screen. It needs a fast screen - there is a difference.

When you're video or photo-editing on the other hand, you need a high quality screen. So the balance is different. 

How about octa core?


In the smart phone world octa-core processors are starting to show up. In practice they're not really 8-threaded processors yet. Instead they're really 'just' two quad-core processors lined up. 

You won't need them for your smart phone, most of the time. You won't need them for your laptop or pc yet either. 

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