Fresh ideas for Christmas Stocking Stuffers 2019

by spirituality

Stocking stuffer gift ideas for Christmas for kids, teens and adults. From co-workers to family members.

It's an old tradition: stuffing a stocking with gifts in the nights before Christmas. It's related to the Dutch tradition of setting out a shoe, under the chimney, so Sinterklaas (our version of Santaclaus) can fill it with gifts. The gifts in a stocking or shoe are smaller - they have to fit, and they are often funny.

Looking for long, thin objects...

Since the objects we're giving in a stocking need to actually fit into that stocking, they should be either very small, or long and thin. 

And ideally they should, like a candy-cane, stick out from the stocking, making a more attractive picture. 

Novelty pens also fit the picture. I really like the cute Anne Geddes smiling flower pens shown here. Aren't they a cute way to fill a Christmas Stocking?

Fun Kitchen Stocking Fillers

Long thin Kitchen items are great for the guy who loves to cook, but also as a fun home-warming stocking stuffer.

DO NOT give to the stay at home mom who cooks because nobody else does. She will NOT be amused. 

Of course, when it's a stocking stuffer, you're looking for the fun ladle, not an ordinary one. Luckily, those exist. Whether it's a cool pastasaurus pasta strainer, or a Ladle inspired by the Log Ness Monsters - they are sure to make the recipients smile.

Funny Fridge Magnets

I didn't have more ideas for tall-thin gifts, so do help me by suggesting some in the comments.

Small gifts for IN the stocking is another matter. Staying in the kitchen for a minute, these butt fridge magnets are likely to get a laugh year round. 

Fun Mugs as stocking stuffers

There are all kinds of themed mugs available. From Star Wars to Halloween, from teacher appreciation to daddy's girl, from a grenade shaped mug to toilet humor ones ... They're a great way to have a bit of fun while relaxing over Coffee. 

Office stocking Fillers

We spend most of our adult lives at work, so those office relationships can have a huge impact on our lives. The flip side of that is the need to make the office feel a bit like home, with cute accessories and funny pens. 

For the office girl who is always sticking post-its all over the place, a post-it dispenser can be a great stocking stuffer. 

Candy Cane stocking stuffers

The candy cane is such a classic stocking stuffer, that it can hardly be called creative or novel. However, there are candy-cane styled objects out there that are a bit less obvious and make for a fun gift. 

For instance the Candy Cane pens shown are cute as well as festive. Similarly there are Candy Cane wine bottle stoppers available, which make a great gift for the office. 

Candy or other tall stuff to eat

As Brenda notes below, it's traditional to have food-stuff like candy in that stocking. She suggests beef jerky sticks or Pixy Stix. I've added the traditional candy cane for good measure.

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MugTreasuresByBrenda on 06/03/2016

Great picks, Katinka. We always have a pair of men's boxers with a fun pattern -- sometimes a Christmas pattern -- exploding from the top. In terms of other long, thin items, you might add long candy like Pixie sticks or beef jerky sticks.

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