Best Christmas gifts for teenage girls, and Birthday Presents

by spirituality

I've found you the top birthday presents and Christmas gifts for teen girls.

What to get a teenage girl? Well, first of all you want to ask them what they want. They're at an age when details matter a LOT.

If they have a clear birthday wish, just follow their suggestion. They'll thank you for it, though perhaps not in any way you will notice. They are teenagers after all...

Seriously: a teen wants what they want - finding out what they want is a big deal at this age. They're finding they're independence.

Then again, there are gifts that can hardly go wrong. Here are a few likely suggestions, if simply following their hobbies and music preferences doesn't work.

Make up kit, for school

SHANY Deluxe Make up kit 44pc GIFT SET

Teen girls are usually in the stage where they're experimenting with make-up. They need something to take with them to school and that has enough options to give them a variety of styles to choose from. 

This is an affordable make up kit that they can take with them to school for those quick fixes and has a high enough quality make-up to do the job. 

Make up makes a great Christmas present for a teen girl.

Jewelry for teen girls

As girls turn into women, they will love a well chosen jewelry gift. This year chokers are really hot. I picked one I might like, but don't hesitate to choose a black beaded choker if the teen girl you're buying the gift for is a bit 'goth' (wearing dark cloths). 

Top Teen fashion

This summer floral patterns are a big hit. They're fun, they're light, they're cute...

The dresses this year do show a lot of skin, even if you go for one of the long ones... and yes, you can: dresses can go all the way down to the ankle right now. 

Floral dress

Adrianna Papell Women's One Shoulder Beaded Blousant Dres...
Adrianna Papell Evening Child Code
Only $292.76

This one is fun: Dry-Erase Wall Decals. 

They're wall stickers that your teen can draw and write on. Let them take notes, dream about their guy, sketch... They're available in all kinds of styles. 

Don't forget the dry-erase pens that go with them: the system only works if the pen is water soluble. 

Dry-Erase Wall Decals

Dry Erase Whiteboard Sticker Wall Decal, Self-Adhesive Wh...
Only $11.99

A jewelry box is of course a classic gift for a teenage girl. These days however there are a LOT of options for jewelry organisers. I picked one that helps your teen girl organize their jewelry by type: rings, necklaces, bracelets...

However there are also artsy 'tree' type jewelry organizers and more mundane jewelry organizers that are nothing more than a series of pockets that can be hung on a wall. 

Get one that fits where your teen lives. Do they have room for one of these jewelry stands, or do they need something that fits into their cramped space? 

There are two types of girls in High School: the Twilight girls, who depend on a guy to 'save' them and the Harry Potter type girls who expect to fend for themselves and be an equal partner with their partner. 

Do I need to stress I like the second type better? They're certainly better prepared for life after school... 

Leaving feminism aside though, this t-shirt is a great gift for any teen Harry Potter fan. 

J.K. Rowling clearly loves candy, because she had a lot of fun imagining magic candy for her Harry Potter world. I've gathered them here for you, including muggle alternatives.
Find a cute pendant, or a cool one, for men and women, with your friend's zodiac sign. These make great gifts for Christmas or Birthdays.
Your teenager will love their iPad, but it does require extra protection to stay whole despite rarely being very careful with their stuff.
I love my iPad so well, I want to take it with me everywhere. The question is: what purse will hold and protect it well? I've found a few answers.
Lightweight, sturdy and able to go online, that's the basic feature list of a back to school laptop for teens, so which laptop should you get?
Electronic gadgets and gizmos for teenagers make great gift ideas for the holidays and their birthdays.
What are the best headphones for teenagers to use with their devices?

Great cheap and useful gift idea for teen girls: a fun cool calendar!

2024-2025 Wall Calendar - Monthly Wall Calendar 2024-2025, 12" x 17...
Only $9.99

Twilight gifts

When shopping for a teen girl birthday gift this year, you have to realize that Twilight is still a huge hit. 

Twilight is a series of novels about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. The whole series has been turned into a movie series as well: the last book 'Breaking Dawn' has been turned into two movies, the first of which was out November 2011. 

The amount of franchise around Twilight is disappointing, however, there is a good choice of Twilight Calendars available. 

If you're a teen girl reading this, and you're not into Twilight,
do tell us below what you DO want for Christmas this year!

Top presents teens want to get for Christmas this year - with the option for boys to share their own favorite gifts.
Stocking stuffer gift ideas for Christmas for kids, teens and adults. From co-workers to family members.
Updated: 05/31/2022, spirituality
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spirituality on 12/10/2014

So what WOULD you want?

Meg on 12/04/2014

This list is horrible I'm 13 and I wouldn't want any of these gifts. I would never use them...

Valerie B. on 11/01/2014

This list is bad. I am a fourteen year old girl, and this is bad. The make up is good, as is the wall decals. I suggest going for shoes, sweaters, scarves, hats, sport/hobby equipment, or beauty products. That's just my personal opinion, what I usually ask for, and what I get my friends.

spirituality on 06/22/2012

I hear there are twilight girls and Harry Potter girls... The latter being, so the story goes, more independent: not expecting a guy to solve everything for them. Either way: with teens it's very clear, what you know about them is the best guide. I'm sure there are girls who'd love a chemistry set, for instance... But most teen girls would not.

Pinkchic18 on 06/21/2012

These are all great suggestions! I have two teenagers in my life and they would enjoy any of these (especially twilight!) except harry potter - they haven't really gotten into, but maybe that's catered more towards boys ;) Nice post!!

petunia on 07/12/2011

Those dry erase wall decals look like super gifts for any teen girl! How cool!

Guest on 07/12/2011

Great collection of gift ideas for teen girls. I think my teen girl would like the dry erase best :)

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