Best Cute iPad Tablet Bags for Women

by spirituality

I love my iPad so well, I want to take it with me everywhere. The question is: what purse will hold and protect it well? I've found a few answers.

Whatever iPad you have, HD, first gen, 3rd gen, 4th gen - you need a bag to take it with you wherever you go. I think this is one of the reasons that men are finally catching up to women when it comes to carrying a handbag. However, on this page you'll find bags that are suited best to the female sense of fashion.

When you're looking for a bag to carry your iPad, you really have two choices: going for a bag that is made for an iPad or a netbook, or going for a bag that looks great just as it is, but will also hold and protect your iPad.

Face it: your iPad really doesn't need that much protection. I mean, for your iPad 2 you should have one of those covers that fold out to be a support, and that's really all the protection you need.

So when you're buying an iPad bag, what you're really looking for is a great purse that happens to also hold and protect your iPad 2. 

However, because perhaps you were looking for the first, I've found you three bags that look the part, and protect your iPad. 

The Timbuk2 Freestyle comes in a lot of colors: that boring black is not bad looking, but there's also a purple variation and even one with flowers. 

In practical terms this is a great commutor bag with plenty of organising pockets, it's water proof for great protection and of course the laptop / iPad pocket has a felt lined interior, for great protection. 

Timbuk2 bags are made to last, which is the best way to contribute to a sustainable world. 

The eBig shoulder bag is just cute in silver and brown. It's inner pocket protects the iPad 2 perfectly and there are extra pockets for accessories, phone etc. 

The same goes, in a very different way, for the purple STM bag, though to be honest, I would not be caught dead with one. That purple is too much for me. But it is also available in black with a blue lining. If you were looking for a sleeve with nothing more than a pocket for your phone and a strap to carry it over your shoulder, this is it though.  

Just a cute purse with an iPad pocket inside.

Best seller for iPad 2, iPad 3, New iPad, iPad 4
Ogio Brooklyn Women's Purse (Sunset, Medium)

Natural style messenger bag that will hold any tablet, including any iPad

From the iPad original to the iPad Air.
Visconti 16071 Oiled Distressed Leather Messenger Shoulder Bag Hunt...

Cute leather purses that will also hold and protect your iPad 2, iPad 3, New iPad, iPad 4

None of the below were made to carry an iPad. However, if your iPad already has a cover (as it should) that should not stop you: it's not so fragile to need much protection beyond what the cover can give it. 

The top 3 bags are from Fossil. I keep coming back to Fossil bags: cute, not too stuck up and sturdy as well. Each come with several internal pockets and an adjustable strap. 

Available in various colors leather, so you can find one that fits your style and wardrobe just so. 

Last but not least the POSTINO bag is somewhere in between: rough and ready, but very suitable in a lot of business environments as well. It comes in several color combinations, including two with a red demi-flap which closes magnetically. 

One pocket has a zipper for extra protection, while another is great for your phone. 

More Leather Messenger bags and purses for your tablet

For iPad 2, iPad 3, New iPad, iPad 4, iPad AIR
Leather crossbody bag messenger satchel tablet bag 11 inc...
Komal's Passion Leather
Only $39.99
Moko iPad Sleeve Tablet Bag,12.9 Inch iPad Carrying Case,...
Only $45.99
Comfyable Tablet Sleeve Compatible for iPad Pro 13-in M4 ...
$26.99  $19.19

Ipad cover that works

For iPad 2, iPad 3, New iPad, iPad 4

I loved the idea of the smartcover designed specifically for the iPad 2. Turns out however that many people are disappointed with the result: not only does it not protect the back of the iPad, but the magnets tend to collect dust that scratch the front of the iPad and it's not a sturdy stand for your iPad either.

All in all it sounds like the original iPad cover (which I have for my iPad) was actually a better product long term. Even if it didn't look so slick. 

To the right is a comparable cover that fits the iPad very snugly, so it doesn't fall out. The color is a bright purple that will make sure you always know where it is. And it does the typing and standing position both reasonably well. 

Recommended iPad cover

For iPad 2, iPad 3, New iPad, iPad 4
CaseCrown Canvas Horizontal Flip Stand Case (Purple) for ...

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Finding the right purse to carry your iPad needs the same thinking through that you would do for any bag you are buying, whether it be a normal purse, a laptop bag or a bag for your iPad – it depends on your lifestyle and the exact function of the bag.

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sheilamarie on 06/21/2011

Nice options here. If I had an ipad, I'd get one of your suggestions. I think if a person has invested that much in a device, getting an appropriate cover is a good idea. I like the way you've covered different options.

pkmcr on 06/20/2011

Your recommended iPad cover looks like an excellent option and very affordable too - it's important that you get an iPad bag to keep your iPad free from scratches etc

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