Best Camera Phone on a Smartphone 2012

by spirituality

The best smart phone camera out today.

Do we buy phones for taking calls texting or even going online... or do we get them to take photographs with? Well, all of the above of course. 

However, all smart phones do each of the above. The issue is, which phone has the best camera? 

As you can see from the photographs on this page, the Galaxy SII Samsung phone has a very good camera. You will hardly need to get yourself a digital camera. 

Pictures taken with my Galaxy S2

Self portrait with front facing camera - a bit rounded
Self portrait with front facing camer...
My grandmother: taken inside
My grandmother: taken inside
my grandmother outside
my grandmother outside
Taken in a train: quite up close, this was burnt on a train tray, quite a work of train-art
Taken in a train: quite up close, thi...
My work room, another picture taken inside
My work room, another picture taken i...

Samsung Galaxy S II

The Samsung “Within” for US customers
Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II Unlocked GSM Smartphone with 8 MP Camera,...
Only $729.99

Online reviews of the Galaxy S2 make it clear the camera is great, indeed the best on the market today. 

My own experiences so far: 

  • Because you take a picture by touching the touch screen, the camera doesn't move as you take a picture. The result is that I have yet to make a picture with this phone that is moved - an absolute first for me. I haven't managed that with my digital camera at all. 
  • I'm sure the camera has the usual software to help make sure the camera takes sharp pictures and compensates for the light well, as you can see. 
  • The camera has flash, but I took all the pictures shown here without it. As you can see the light is well inside or out. 
  • The front facing camera, meant to be used for self-portraits, makes decent pictures, even if it also creates a rounder face than one really has. 

For my grandmother, now suffering Alzheimers, a camera is something you pain stakingly take pictures with. Half the pictures would end up moved, unsharp etc. She was most amazed at the pictures taken with my phone. 

I don't even mean this phone, I mean a previous and most inferior phone. 

Digital camera's are so much better than camera's used to be that it's hardly a comparison. 

The Galaxy S2 is also a great smartphone

While this review is mostly about the camera, I can't avoid mentioning other advantages of it:

  • The Galaxy S2 is the best set up phone on the market today in terms of specifications.
  • Typing using 'swype' is a real joy: fast and easy
  • The best battery life of any smart phone on the market: it actually survives a full day of real use. 

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Use dropbox to automatically sync your images to all your machines

No more wires, no more manual downloads...

I just installed dropbox on my phone and am thrilled to find that it automatically uploads all pictures I take with my phone to my dropbox account (as soon as I'm connected through wifi). This is great because if there is one hassle I could do without it's connecting my phone to my laptop to get at the images. 

And of course this is one of the advantages of using your smartphone as a camera: this way it really is smart and makes me more efficient. 

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Updated: 02/17/2016, spirituality
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spirituality on 08/23/2013

Yeah - the Samsung Camera does look great.

hizoka on 08/23/2013

Samsung GC110 White Galaxy Digital Camera

tandemonimom on 08/02/2011

Love those photos! Grandma looks great and I love the one of you!

sheilamarie on 07/14/2011

Well, I have to tell you, your picture caught my eye, and I had no choice but to click on this article even though I am not in the market for a smartphone. Silliness works.

bev-owens on 07/12/2011

I have been really happy with the camera on my Motorola Droid2 Global phone. Your Samsung looks even better.

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