Best iPad Tablet Bags for men

by spirituality

Looking for a messenger bag to carry your iPad as well as keys and accessories? I've found a few manly options for you, your husband, boyfriend or brother.

Finally men are allowed to carry a bag. It's about time. Why should women have all the fun?

However, it's still a chore to find manbags that will fit and protect your iPad AND look manly and strong. Or business like.

While I'd definitely recommend using an iPad bag, I personally use an iPad cover for general protection. That way I can just throw my iPad - cover and all - into any bag I happen to be using.

Manbags for your iPad - any generation

From the iPad Air to the iPad Pro (not the 12 inch though)

The Timbuk2 Freestyle iPad/iPad2 Messenger Bag is the most unique bag in the mix. I mean that in a good way. It doesn't look like you're off to the jungle for a weekend, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. All in all a great sporty looking bag that will hold your iPad Air just great.

And of course, like all bags on this case, it will hold a lot of other stuff besides. After all, now that you have a bag, you might as well put in your phone, keys and planner. 

The chocolate brown colored CaseCrown Vertical Multi-Pocket Messenger Bag combines brown with orange in a look that I'd also call sporty, though it's a bit more businesslike than the Timbuk2. 

The CaseCrown bag is more of a traditional vertical messenger bag model. With various pockets, including a padded one for your iPad, this too is a very practical bag. 

The STM BAGS Scout Extra Small Shoulder Bag is the first on this page not specifically marketed for the iPad. In fact, it will hold laptops too: up to 11 inch. I like the rough and ready look. Like you might be off for a hike just now. And yes, this bag WILL hold a small water bottle to go with that (well protected) iPad. 

The Kensington Sling Bag is the only real business style bag on this page. I do think sling bags are a great alternative to traditional messenger bags, especially if you bike to work (which many do here in the Netherlands). 

And yes, this bag too has an internal compartment for your phone and plenty of room for keys and date book. 

The Genuine Leather Crossover Sling Bag for iPad looks classy on men as well as women. This is a real stylish bag with plenty of extra pockets for all your stuff. For business as well as home use. 

iPad 2 cover

CaseCrown Canvas Horizontal Flip Stand Case (Black) for the Apple iPad Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, ...

Protect the Apple iPad with this CaseCrown Canvas Flip Stand Case. Easily install your iPad into this canvas style case for long lasting stylish protection. It's made out of a ...


While I'd definitely recommend using an iPad bag, I personally use an iPad cover for general protection. That way I can just throw my iPad - cover and all - into any bag I happen to be using. 

For my iPad I bought the original iPad cover designed by Apple for the purpose. I like that it fits my iPad snugly, protects the corners and sides well and is great for use on my lap as well. It even has a (somewhat unstable) portrait direction standing position. Which is good enough, because when I use that, I usually use it on a table when falling backwards is the only risk to take. 

Each iPad has a recommended Apple cover as well. However, the reviews aren't so good. It protects only the screen, not the sides or the back. And even as a screen protector it's not very good - people complain of dust stripes and even scratches. 

Instead I recommend something more like that original iPad cover by Apple. For instance this CaseCrown cover on the left. 

More bags and backpacks

Best Bags, Purses, Backpacks, Laptop Cases and iPad Messenger bags

From laptop bags to school bags and camera bags, you'll find a lot of choice of bags, purses and backpacks as well as protecting cases and sleeves. 

iPad bags for men and women

That lovely iPad deserves to go whereever you go. However, it's a bit too heavy to carry without a bag. Here are some suggestions. 

Purses for men: manbags

I personally think that with the advent of the iPad the tipping point has come: men can carry a bag now. Not just a backpack or a suitcase. 

13 inch laptop messenger bags

A 13 inch laptop is a good portable pc, but it does require a good bag to carry it in. 

Rolling laptop bags and backpacks

When you're going on a trip, you need that laptop with you. But you also need cloths, food perhaps, accessories... Enter laptop bags on wheels. 

Best Laptop Backpack 

Since when I travel I don't generally take a lot with me, I go for backpacks, not rolling laptop bags. Since I usually use public transport I do need a bag that will not turn my back sideways, which is what messenger bags do. When it comes to wheels, they are just more fuss, though I do have a rolling suitcase for longer trips. 

More technological stuff

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Updated: 04/24/2016, spirituality
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Jimmie on 06/18/2011

Practical! Love the man bags. My man likes to have his stuff with him, so he uses man bags.

spirituality on 06/18/2011

From what I can tell Belkin mostly have sleeves and covers. Practical ones, no doubt, but not bags you can easily carry without a suitcase or backpack.

pkmcr on 06/18/2011

Nice selection. I have just bought one of the Belkin bags for mine as it fits neatly into my briefcase

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