Best Laptop Backpack 2022

by spirituality

THE best way to carry a laptop is a backpack: great for your back, and perfect protection for your notebook.

I had a serious back problem earlier this year - two days in bed and loads of pain after. Medicine helped as well as careful exercise, but it still left me with one very clear message: my back is not to be trifled with. 
Generally speaking I've replaced my laptop with an iPad for most jobs out of the house, but every once in a while I can't avoid having to take the whole machine with me. My laptop isn't too heavy: a decent 13 inch laptop that was picked because it was light, fast and affordable at the time.

Backpacks: the best way to carry your laptop!

Still, laptops aren't netbooks: you can't find one below 4 pounds: you're lucky if yours is below 5 pounds like mine. That's still weighs as much as 4 or 5 pounds of sugar. Remember that joke about what's heavier... a pound of sugar or a pound of lead? 

Since when I travel I don't generally take a lot with me, I go for backpacks, not rolling laptop bags. Since I usually use public transport I do need a bag that will not turn my back sideways, which is what messenger bags do. When it comes to wheels, they are just more fuss, though I do have a rolling suitcase for longer trips. 

So... what are the best laptop bags? I love the Belkin laptop backbags: they protect your laptop very well and they come in all sizes. The smallest will hold only your laptop, your diary, phone and accesories, whereas the largest will have room for books or even supplies for staying the night.

Of course the main thing to take into account when buying a laptop backpack is the size: the laptop compartment should be large enough to fit your laptop - you don't need larger, though it can't hurt. So take care to look whether your laptop is 13, 14, 15, 16 or even 17 inch. In general I don't advise buying such large laptops if you actually want to carry them around, but once you have, you'd better make sure to protect your back as best you can. 

More ways to carry your laptop

Leather Laptop Women's Rucksacks and Backpacks

Are you as tired as I am of bags that wear out after a year? Well, with genuine leather bags and backpacks you won’t have that problem. Yes, you’ll pay a bit more, but then again you get quality and durability.

Best wheeled laptop bags for women

Us women want a laptop bag that looks stylish, is light, and of course protects our notebook. Wheeled laptop bags also have the advantage of being better for our backs. No sling bag, messenger bag or backpack can compare to the comfort of a rolling laptop bag.

Personally I think a business woman could do worse than use a rolling briefcase for her laptop, papers and overnight stuff. They make them stylish and sturdy these days. 

More bags and cases for laptops, notebooks and iPads

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Need a new laptop?

Lightweight, sturdy and able to go online, that's the basic feature list of a back to school laptop for teens, so which laptop should you get?
Deciding on what laptop to buy is tough. Personally I went with a 13 inch laptop because it's just large enough to make typing a decent experience, yet small enough to carry.
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