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by spirituality

I've used a laptop as a desktop for years. Recently the larger screen I use turned yellow. I tried everything. Solution? Cooling the laptop!

I tried a new VGA cable. I tried a new screen. Nothing worked. Now I have a laptop cooling pad with inbuilt fan and my screen no longer turns yellow. My old screen was a Samsung screen. My new screen is from iiyama. It turns out the brand had nothing to do with it. The fact that my old screen worked fine with my Ubuntu Linux PC ought to have been a warning to me...

They physics of laptop cooling

Laptops are made to be small. That is: the same components that go into a desktop PC tower, have to be squeezed into a small housing so you can take it with you comfortably. That means that the laptop components, which can get hot, don't get the ventilation they would in a desktop tower. 

Usually you will not notice this as a problem when you buy the laptop: everything is still new, no dust between the keys of the keyboard, the internal fan still working as it should.

However, after three years I guess my laptop no longer cools itself quite as well as it used to. However, it's still way early to get a new laptop.

I've had my laptop sitting on top of two small books for years - precisely for the reason I now bought a cooling pad: to cool the laptop down and keep the screen from turning yellow. 

So why does the screen go yellow? I assume that the heat influences the graphics chip somehow. 

Bonus: When you do cool your laptop you're ensuring it lasts longer. Overheating is not good for all those small metal parts inside your notebook. 

This is the laptop cooler I got.

Cooler Master NotePal Ergostand Notebook Cooler R9-NBS-4UAK
Only $93.7
This is the ideal laptop cooler in my book.

I wasn't sure I wanted a laptop cooler that used electricity, I thought simple airflow ought to do the trick. Why use more electricity than necessary? 

Yet I ended up buying an electric laptop cooler. Why? Because the design is great even with the fan turned off! I don't mean this laptop cooler looks good - it's not stylish at all in fact. I mean that from a technological standpoint the design is perfect for cooling your laptop, even with the fan turned off.

This laptop cooler will bring airflow right where my laptop needs it: at the bottom, where all the chips and ventilation strips are. 

What's more, the ergonomic design makes sure I can actually set the screen at just the height I can most comfortable use it at. Setting the laptop at an angle also makes sure that the warm air can simply move up and away from my laptop without any help from a fan. 

Yet - and it's a nice bonus that on hot days I can still turn the fan on to make sure my laptop and screen survive the heat. 

More laptop coolers

For your lap or on your desk
COOLER MASTER NOTEPAL ERGOSTAND 3-230 MM Fan 5 Height Settings 4 US...
Only $65.78

Other reasons your external screen may go yellow

When I went to the store to get a solution to my yellow screen, they said: change the VGA cable. The wires in the VGA cable can go brittle and mix up the signals so that the screen goes yellow. 

The other option is more obvious: the screen itself is going bad

To make sure you don't buy a new screen for no reason check out the following:

  • Is your screen still yellow with another cable? 
  • Is your screen yellow when in use with another pc or laptop? 

Of course the main point of this article is that one cause for a yellow screen is that your laptop is not properly cooled. 

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Did it work? No, unfortunately not

Don't get me wrong: the cooler did cool my laptop correctly, and almost soundlessly.

It turned out that cooling my laptop was too little too late. I did not see that yellow screen again for another week, but then it returned in full force. In fact: even the laptop screen itself now often had a yellow glow to it. 

SO, I ended up buying a new laptop anyhow. However, I do use the laptop cooler on it, hoping that it will extend the life of the laptop beyond the two years the old one lasted. 

Updated: 12/09/2015, spirituality
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