Best Tablet For The Elderly 2023

by spirituality

Looking for the best tablet for the elderly or senior citizens.

Have you decided that you want to give an elderly person in your life a tablet for them to use? Tablets are so popular with just about every age group and there is no reason that a senior citizen would not enjoy one, too. In fact, I think they are one of the best options for our older generations.

With a tablet they do not have to worry so much about typing which may be harder for them if they are suffering from arthritic hands or possibly their eyesight has deteriorated and it is difficult to see the small letters. Many of the functions of a tablet are app driven so they just tap or swipe to get where they want to go. Of course they, can type if they need to.

Tablets are a nice option, especially if the elderly person lives in a nursing home, assisted living facility or retirement center because they can easily take the device with them no matter where they are.

What to look for when choosing a tablet for a senior citizen

Technology has advanced to the point that it is unusual that a household does not have at least one computer to use, in fact most homes have at least a PC or a laptop. They may have both depending on the family. 

Tablets have soared in popularity because of the ease of using them, their lightness in weight and the functions that they can perform without having to be connected with wires and modems. Most can do just about anything that a personal computer can do. It is just much easier in most cases with the use of apps. 

Choosing a tablet for the elderly takes on a different set of parameters than when choosing one for younger adults, teens and kids. A senior citizen is going to use their tablet for some of the same things but probably won't require a lot of typing of documents or creating reports. The most typing they may require is to send an email or possibly make a comment on Facebook or Twitter. 

They will probably use their tablet more for reading books, watching movies and maybe even have a video call from their family and friends. So, basically a tablet for the older generation does not have to have a lot of "bells and whistles" just the basics.

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Get Them A Kindle Fire HD

Honesty, I think the best choice for an elderly person for a tablet is the Kindle Fire HD models. You can choose from the 7 inch screen or the 8.9 inch screen. It is my thinking that the 8.9 inch model is best for older people because it has a larger screen for them to view items but the 7 inch is perfectly OK. 

The reason that I recommend that this is the tablet best suited for senior citizens is that it has everything that they will want and is easy to use. It's also a very good price/quality buy. 


They can access millions of book titles to read without having to worry about storing hardcover books or paperback books anywhere. They can try free samples of books before they buy them and they can adjust the text so that it is easier for them to read the book of their choice.


If they happen to like to listen to music there are also millions of tunes for them to choose from. Along with movies that they might like to watch. 

Making connections:

They can also retrieve and answer emails or enjoy a Skype call. Just imagine the joy of them getting to see and talk to a family member that lives too far away to come for a visit. 

You can send them pictures that they can easily access anytime they would like to see them. One drawback is that the camera is in the front so unless they want to take a picture of themselves to send it might be more difficult for them to take pictures. It is not impossible, just that they will not be able to see what they are aiming at if they turn the camera to take a shot. Honestly, though they probably won't be taking many pictures, they will just like getting the photos.

The Kindle Fire HD's can be easily connected to wi-fi if the facility where they live has it and most do these days. Or you can set up a local network in their home for them to be able to access the internet when they want to. 

Tablets are lightweight and easy for them to carry to enjoy in a chair, on a sofa or even in bed. If they are wheelchair bound a tablet like this is perfect and better than a laptop because they can easily hold it in their hands or sit it on their lap.

A Great Video Showing The Features Of The Kindle HD 8.9

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kimbesa on 09/03/2013

Yes, I've been looking around to see what to get my mother. She just graduated to a laptop last year. I'm with you, I think the Kindle Fire HD is a top choice.

Thamisgith on 08/31/2013

One of the great things about tablets is how easy they are to use. I got my wife a Kindle Fire HD for her birthday - she's a complete technophobe, but she loves it. She (and everyone else within earshot) used to hate so much as sending an e-mail. Now she watches videos and surfs the web on her Kindle.

Inspired by that, we got my wife's mother, a sprightly 75 year old, a Kindle Fire HD for her birthday when it rolled around. Once again, she absolutely loves it - and it's due to the ease of use.

The Kindle carousel interface is especially easy to use. It's a great gift for a senior.

Only trouble is, now my mother-in-law wants to friend me on Facebook. Not sure.

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