iPad Alternatives for under $100

by Sam

Granted, a real iPad is the bees-knes when it comes to tablet computers, but they are also very expensive! Here some alternatives to the iPad that are available for under $100!

If all you want to do is surf the internet, watch Youtube videos and read and answer emails, you don't need to buy a super-expensive tablet. Or, if you just get started with this kind of technology and / or looking for a cheap tablet for your kids spending too much money might not the best ting to do. You might not like using a tablet and, if it is meant for your kids, chances are they will break it sooner or later ;-) The following iPad alternatives cost all under $100 and perform basic tasks well - in the end that is all that matters - isn't it?

Best Price Value Option

Retailing, at the moment of writing, at just under $80 this tablet scores 4.1 out of 5 stars amongst reviewers, making it the highest scoring tablet for under $100 on Amazon. It is also the 5th best selling item in both the 'Computers & Accessories' and 'Electronics > Computers & Add-Ons > Tablets' categories.

Running with Android 4.0 as user interface and equipped with both a mini-usb port and a HDMI connection, 512MB storage space (expandable to 32GB) and a screen resolution of 800x480px this small tablet is ideal for the occasional user or to give to a child as a present. Only drawback is the small print in the user manual ...

To see all technical specifications and read why so many people love this tablet, click on the image on the right side >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

7" Android 4.0 Capacitive Touch Screen Wifi Tablet

Click image to see what people that own this device have to say about it!
7" Android 4.0 Capacitive Touch Screen Wifi Tablet
$199.99  $83.98

Best Option

For just under $100 at the time of writing and more capacity than the above model, this ePad is worth a hard look if you want something a bit more powerful. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars by reviewers it comes with 8GB storage space included (a cheaper model, with only 4GB storage is also available).

Whilst the screen is not bigger than that of the previous model, the battery lasts longer! Apart of that it comes with the usual 'suspects' like usb cable and charger included and is a nicely priced tablet for those that require a 'bit more'.

To see all technical specifications and read why so many people love this tablet, click on the image on the right side >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

7" MID 8GB Capacitive A10 Tablet PC Android 2.3 WiFi 3G MID 8GB Allwinner ePad

7" MID 8GB Capacitive A10 Tablet PC Android 2.3 WiFi 3G MID 8GB All...
$199.99  $98.51

Cheapest Option

Factory remanufactured and warrantied, this is the cheapest tablet I found so far! For just over $50 this is the ideal tablet for a child or an casual and / or inexperienced user. It lowish rating of 3.3 seems to be mostly to the fact that there are people that love it and people that have problems to get it to work, but if you consider that people are much more likely to complain than to write a positive review it looks still like a decent low-price option to me.

Designed originally as a ebook-reader, it does have wifi and video capabilities and is able to do pretty any internet related task.

To see all technical specifications and read why so many people love this tablet, click on the image on the right side >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Or try your luck at eBay ;-)

... you never know, you might be lucky! But be sure to read the seller's reviews first, before placing your bid!


These are cheap options for those that can't or want afford an iPad. They are great for the occasional use or for kids but they are not really work horses. If you bear their limitations in mind you might find them a decent alternative to the iPad - for under $100!

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Sam on 08/14/2012

You are welcome, Katiem2, SY

katiem2 on 08/14/2012

Nice options, who knew? You did, thanks. :)K

Sam on 08/03/2012

Glad you enjoyed reading it, Victoria!

VictoriaLynn on 08/03/2012

Great article. Interesting alternatives!

Sam on 07/18/2012

Thanks for the comment and the tweet Winterfate! Yes, I prefer my desktop computer for everyday work and my laptop for working when traveling also, but when really 'on the move' like walking through an unknown town or being bored when somebody else drives the car a tablet can come in handy ;-) Yes, you certainly pay for the brand also, but that means often also superior craftsmanship and longer life of the device in question. In the end it all depends on your budget and your real, not your perceived, needs. SY

Winterfate on 07/18/2012

Great article Sam! :)

While I wouldn't trade my desktop computers for anything except a laptop, it's nice to see that there are cheaper alternatives out there.

Sometimes, things are so pricey because you're buying the brand, so to speak.

Tweeted this out. :)

Sam on 07/17/2012

You are welcome Brenda! as I said, depending on what you need, an iPad might just be over-priced over-kill for you ;-) Glad you found a cheap iPad alternative that works well for you! SY

BrendaReeves on 07/17/2012

I have a Nook from Barnes & Noble. I watch videos on it when I go to bed at night. Of course, I always fall asleep on the video. I'd really like to have an iPad, but don't like the price. Thanks for the suggestions here.

Sam on 07/14/2012

Thanks for the comment, Sheilamarie ;-) Yes, depending what you need a tablet for it hasn't to be as expensive as an iPad!

sheilamarie on 07/14/2012

Nice to have some cheaper options.

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