Fake iPhone For Kids

by spirituality

Fake iPhones or touch phones for kids to play with instead of our real phones.

Little kids really want to play with our phones because to them they look like a toy that the big people in their lives are playing with. It is pretty amazing how easily they pick up on the swiping motion and the touching of an icon for an app just by watching us. So, having a fake iPhone or a toy touch phone for them to play with is a good idea. It won't matter too much if they are rough with the fake ones but if they break our real phones we would have a larger expense to take care of. Not to mention all of the information that is not always retrieved when we get a new one. Fortunately, there are some options of the little fake phones for kids to have so that they will leave Mommy and Daddy's phones alone. Well, that is the hope anyway because none of us want our phone to look like the thumbnail image in the upper left corner.

A Fake iPhone For Baby

Fisher-Price makes a toy phone that slightly resembles an iPhone for baby and toddlers to play with. The buttons light up for baby and they are easy for their little fingers to press. There are sound effects that sound pretty realistic which will encourage your child to begin to experience role playing and expand his or her imagination. The toy phone also works at some language skills by encouraging the child to say both hello and bye. Baby will learn to recognize letters and numbers along with songs and phrases that the phone plays. 

Looks Pretty Real!

Kidz Delight Smooth Touch Smart Phone, Black

Realistic looking pretend smartphone with sleek high tech design. 16 smooth sensitive touch icons. 4 great games to learn about colors, numbers, animal facts, observation and mu...

View on Amazon

LeapFrog Makes A Phone For Kids

This toy phone does not resemble the iPhone as much as it does a smartphone but toddlers should enjoy it just the same. They will be learning some basic skills as they pretend to talk on their own little phone. Scout entertains them with songs and counting activities when they press the buttons. There is even software that allows parents to connect and check on progress of their child's learning path. Recommended for kids aged 18 months to 5 years old. It requires 3 AAA batteries to operate and you get your first set with your purchase.

A Fake Phone For Toddlers

LeapFrog Chat and Count Cell Phone, Scout

LeapFrog Chat and Count Cell Phone, Scout

View on Amazon

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone Introduce your little one to the world of smart phones with the Touch & Swipe Baby Phone by VTech. With pretend apps, watch them call home, chec...

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Toy Phone By Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smilin' Smart Phone

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smilin' Smart Phone

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Learning And Playing At The Same Time

Babies and toddlers learn from every activity that they do in a day so having a fake phone to play with that encourages learning and play at the same time is a wise choice for parents or grandparents to choose for them. The model above by Kidz Delight has a realistic look to it. Children from ages 18 months and older can begin to learn about colors, their numbers and even some facts about animals as they play with their little phone. As they play they also begin to improve their hand to eye coordination, too. This toy phone was given the seal of approval by the Educational Advisory Council which is pretty impressive. Your purchase will include the 2 AA batteries that it takes to operate it. 

Additional options for fake phones for children

Playskool Sesame Street Smartphone

The Sesame Street Smartphone rings and lights up when Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Ernie or Cookie Monster call. If the preschooler doesn't answer, the character will leave a voicemail. ...

View on Amazon

VTech - Tiny Touch Phone

Tiny Touch Phone Kids love to do what their parents do and with Tiny Touch Phone toy, they can act just like adults and pretend to call their friends. The phone has a cute slidi...

View on Amazon

Selecting your toy phone

Finding the right fake iPhone or touch phone for your baby or toddler should provide for some fun while are shopping. Most all of the toy phones help with at least number recognition and the child hearing the numbers and counting. Many will have the alphabet included and they just about all of little songs for your child to listen to and learn.

They all give great reinforcement in some developmental skills that your baby and toddler needs to have has they continue to grow. As they become adept at pressing the buttons or icons their hand to eye coordination becomes stronger and they are also experiencing the cause and effect theory whether they realize it or not. You know, I touch this and something happens kind of thing. 

These toy phones are fun for them to play with, they help to educate them and occupy their attention for a while and hopefully keep them from playing with your grown-up phone.

If you are interested in some additional toddler gifts for your child, you might find this page helpful.

More about buying smart phones

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Gadgets and Electronic Toys for Children

Many parents have a mixed reaction to giving their kids electronic toys. On the one hand it feels fake compared to the toys we had as children. On the other hand: it does keep them quiet so much easier than traditional play things. 

Child development specialists insist that children do need access to ordinary, old fashioned 'real world' toys for a normal development. After all, you would not want them to expect ordinary things to move just by touching them, would you? 

That doesn't mean it's bad for children to grow up around the tools of our time. Just make sure they play outside in the dirt as well (yes, even if you have to drag them out there), make sure to play around with clay, paint, blocks, lego etc. They need to get a feel for material, they need to learn to use their hands for more than just navigating apps. They need to learn balance, fall on the ground and scrape their knee to know about real world risks etc. 

In other words: what they will learn in 'real world' play will become deep seated in their subconscious and will help them stay 'grounded' as they grow up. 

Updated: 12/12/2015, spirituality
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katiem2 on 05/28/2013

What a great idea, these phones are so much brighter in color and the learning function is wonderful, plus as you highlighted there is no danger of breakages, oh those tiny particles of glass.

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