Unique Christmas Gifts For Women 2022

by spirituality

A guide for men: Women's Gifts that are personal and a little romantic are always appreciated by your woman.

When it comes to getting a gift for the woman in their lives, sometimes guys get a little lost. Most men do not really like to shop but they find when it comes to a birthday, anniversary or holiday like Christmas or Valentines Day...shop they must. Do not despair, gentlemen I can help you with finding some unique and unusual gift items that she will appreciate.

You know her well so think about things that she likes. Does she have a hobby? Is she an avid reader? Something in that train of thought is usually a good idea. It shows her that you are paying attention to what she likes.

Something Pretty To Wear At Night

An exotic pair of pajamas or a nightgown that is silk is a unique gift. Make it something a little unusual perhaps a tropical design or a color that you think she looks striking in. Of course you can pick something sultry that appeals to you, too. Silk is always a nice idea because it feels so very nice on her skin and makes her feel special.

If you are not sure about the size, take a peek at the clothes in her closet to see what size she wears. If you are going to guess the size, guess smaller than she might wear. Yes, she may have to take them back to exchange for a larger size but she will be flattered that you guessed a smaller size. 

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Unless You Know For Sure

Do not get her a fragrance!

If you know that she has a favorite one, it is a good idea. Just guessing might end up with something that she will not like at all. We women can be pretty picky about the fragrances we use.

Pamper Her A Little

If she is a busy lady who spends a lot of time working outside the home, a gift basket that becomes her own personal trip to a spa in your bathroom is a unique gift that she will enjoy. It is also perfect for the busy Mom who may or may not work outside the home. She will feel pampered when she can take a luxurious bath and treat herself to some alone time. 

Make sure as a part of the gift you actually give her a special time to enjoy her own little spa time.

She will get to keep the neat basket that holds the vanilla scented bath products. There is a sisal scrubber and a body scrubber along with a spa towel. She is also treated to some handcrafted caramels, butter cookies and cafe latte. 

Unless She Asks For One

Do not get her a small appliance! It is not personal and it is not romantic. It could get you in the dog house!

Unusual And A Little Romantic

Most people would place a wine bottle holder in the kitchen or in a bar area but I think this one should go in the bedroom holding a bottle of wine that the two of you can share. It is a little frisky and I think a little romantic. Add some cheese and a few grapes and things could get interesting!

Cute planners for women - moms, wives and single!

Momagenda Planners for WomenWomen usually like their stuff cute. We can obsess over just the right bag, date book or scarf. The Momagenda line  works well with any wardrobe and is stylish to a fault.

A Gift Card

She might appreciate a gift card from anyone else...but NOT you. It says that you did not want to take the time to find something special for her.

Check out more women's gift ideas here. 

Express Your Love In A Unique Way

There are several versions of these couple pillowcase sets that I think are fun, unusual and sweet for a guy to give to the woman in his life. They are great for Valentines but I think they are perfect for any time you find a gift is in order. A sweet little message that says, "I love you". I think most women would find them adorable when they are given by the man who has her heart.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Jewelry

Well, let me clarify that...it could be a little unappreciated if it is in the wrong color of metal so take note. Does she wear yellow gold, white gold or silver as the metal in her jewelry. That part makes a difference! Is she a "bling" kind of gal or does she go for a simple elegance in her jewelry? Perhaps she likes funky and clunky jewelry. Pay a little attention to what she picks out for herself to accessorize with and find something that looks similar.

If she has a favorite color of gemstone, look for something with it. Do you know her birthstone?

A lovely heart shaped piece of Amethyst sits behind a sterling silver open heart. The pendant rests on a ripple chain that is 18 inches long. It fastens with a lobster claw clasp.

Fun aprons

Don't forget - you should only get her an apron if she LOVES to cook.
Sosolong Adjustable Waterproof Apron, Apron with 2 Pockets Cooking Kitchen Aprons for Women Men C...

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Kick Ass Boots

For the lady with style, boots are a central part of her wardrobe. A great gift would be to shop with her for kick ass boots - and perhaps start online, to get a feel for what's out there and what style she favors. 

Boots go real well with leggings but also those baggy pants that are starting to come back (wear them at your own risk though: they don't look good on everybody). 

Or perhaps some cloths?

Plus Size or Skinny...
Mod Cloth
Mod Cloth
Plus Size women's clothes
Plus Size women's clothes

Pop Quiz: Which gift will appeal the most to the woman in your life?

Let's see if you got the general idea of some good unique and unusual gifts for women. And if you chose the toaster oven...go back and read this over again!
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spirituality on 09/06/2014

You think? I've seen worse. What would YOU want for Christmas then?

CSMcClellan on 09/05/2014

Boy, this really feeds into all the stereotypes about women. If my husband had thought even one of these would please me, our marriage would have ended very quickly.

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