Islamic Jewelry for Women: pendants

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I love the look of Muslim jewellery: it's elegant and exotic. If you're a Muslim yourself, or a friend is, it probably looks familiar to you and expresses your pride in your faith.

Muslim jewelry: Calligraphy in Islam

When Muhammad conquered Mecca, he destroyed the images in the Kaaba - which he saw as pagan, non-Muslim symbols. In this he followed the Jewish view of idol worship: that images should not be made of the divine. 

Following this view to the letter mostly, and yet wanting beauty in their lives just like other people do, Muslims have developed their art along the lines of:

  • Portraying nature
  • Using geometric forms
  • Calligraphy: beautifully styled text

In muslim jewelry we mostly find the latter: Allah in Arabic, sometimes combined with 'Islam' as well.

Or you'll find a Hamsa - Fatima's hand - which is supposed to bring luck. As you can see in the hamsa design shown here: it's usually combined with the geometric forms for which Islamic art is so well known. 

The last pendant shown on this page is Ayatul Kursi, the Throne verse from the Quran. 

This verse is basically a homage to the One God, Allah, who is the ruler and benefactor of everything that lives. He is all knowing, all protecting. 

From that text it becomes clear why it's such a popular verse for amulets and pendants: it invokes Allah as protector of your life. Reciting this verse is said to guarantee entry into paradize after death. It was also the favorite verse of the Prophet Muhammad himself and is said to protect against Shaytan, the devil. 

Muslim tradition and jewelry

Traditionally the only people allowed to wear gold in Islam are women. Men are limited to wearing silver (rings). 

This means that for women there's no limit to the amount and kindsd of jewelry they can wear. silver, gold, platinum etc. 

Gold is of course more expensive than silver, but personally I think silver has a charm of it's own. 

In archeological digs the most common form of jewellery found that's specifically Muslim are solid gold and silver coins inscribed with verses from the Holy Quran. Such coins were worn as necklaces but also sometimes turned in to rings and bracelets. 

Well, you will not find much of that around any more. For one thing: coins are no longer made using precious metals. 

Islamic jewelry often uses patterns and styles from the regions where Islam is prominent: Arabic, Persian, Ottoman (Turkish) all the way to Indian and Indonesian. 

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hamshi5433 on 06/18/2011

Nice story! Anything to do with the UAE is something that will draw my attention. I really like the Saudi Arabian perfumes, gifts and more. :)

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