Heart Symbol Merchandise and Love Gifts for Valentine's Day

by spirituality

Looking for a romantic heart shaped gift for Valentine's Day, or just something small and cute with a heart on it? I found and made you some!

Cups, Stickers, Buttons, Cards, Pendants, Posters, historical background on the Heart Symbol and more. I added some musings on the meaning, usage and background of the heart symbol. Don't you think it's a strange symbol? It's in use for both romance and things like 'I Love NY', but where does it come from?

The symbol of the Heart (see above if you're confused) has a long history in European society, but it's unclear where it originates from precisely. The similarities to the human heart are, for instance, not very strong. Personally I like the idea that the heart shape derives from the silhouette of two swans courting. 

Historians will note that in Europe and now all over the world, the heart shape was in use not just as a symbol of love, but also as simply one of the four suits in playing card decks. They will also note that it's an upside down version of coglioni - stylized male testicles - a symbol in use on suits of arms in Italy. 

As a symbol for love it's of course usually either red or pink. Red stands for love and pink for infatuation perhaps? 

Either way: gifts with hearts on them make great Valentine's Day gifts and are also useful for anniversary gifts, or when you want to get to the next step in a relationship. 

To the right you see my own heart symbol design on a mug and as a pendant. Here's the full line.

Hearts are an ubiquitous symbol

As the examples on this page show: heart symbol gifts are suitable for all occasions, even if their association with romantic love make them most loved when you really have something to say. 

Don't you love that poster with the guy with the heart in his hand, just at the place of his (physical) heart? He somehow looks so vulnerable, which is perhaps the best way a guy can win your heart: by being vulnerable. 

As a gift idea hearts are great for romantic love, but also when there's a new baby in the family or simply to show appreciation. 

Hearts for fun and Hearts for Romance

'I Love ...' Whatever it is, there's likely to be a t-shirt available somewhere with an 'I love ...' available. 

It's a cliche, but it also means that hearts have grown beyond the romantic context into a universal symbol for liking something or someone a whole lot. 

Personally I think the heart shape has something to do with the popularity of this symbol: sharp yet soft, isn't that just what love is? Come to think of it - parts of the human anatomy of both sexes seem to be present in this symbol. I do wonder what wikipedia would say to that suggestion... 

For some reason there's a great variety of cards available that combine cute, funny and heart symbols. Perhaps we WANT love to be cute and fun, precisely because it is usually a lot more intense than that? Or is it that a really good relationship really IS fun too? 

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Belle Howey on 05/09/2012

LOVE everything on this list! I'm getting my mom a chalkboard sign she's been wanting for forever.

katiem2 on 05/09/2012

I like your personalized heart design, a great way to add your own message and really make a gift uniquely from the heart.

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