Cool Christmas Gifts 2024

by spirituality

Suggestions for cool Christmas gifts instead of the boring and mundane to give to the people on your list this year.

There are just some people on our gift list each year that we want to give something cool and unusual to. Frankly, we have become tired of giving them those practical and oh so un-cool items every year. Everyone probably has a different definition of what cool actually is so we can also look for items that are unique and unusual. You know, just not a tie for Dad or a set of kitchen towels for Mom. We can slide by with the stuff for our parents sometimes because well, they are our parents. They will say they love it whether they do or not. If your parents are cool then surprise them with something different.

Maybe it isn't your parents that you even want to buy something cool for. It might be your best buddy that really is cool or geeky and you know he or she will get a kick out of the not so usual gift at Christmas. I have found some fun things that will work for both male and females on your list.

Unusual Gifts For Men And Women

What do we get?
Boy And Girl Gingerbread Dolls

Will Gender Matter?

Maybe that is something that we should consider before we start to shop. Does the gift that you or I want to give need to be gender specific? Do we want it to be just for a gal or just for a guy? Sometimes that is not so difficult to accomplish, especially if they happen to be a real "girly" girl or a "manly" man.

There are some cool gifts that are more unisex, though. Things that either a woman or a man will enjoy getting. Often times they are items that might have something to do with a current fad, a popular movie or television show.

I think when you see it, you will know...that is perfect for Ms. or Mr. X on my list.

You have to admit

this would be an unusual gift

Personally, I think this idea is hysterical! We all need that proverbial foot in the door at times. Don't we? It is also perfect for a man or woman. At first glance you might think it would just work for the women on our lists but let's give this some thought. 

Yes, women might think a high heel shoe was a pretty cool and unique way to keep a door open when they need for it to be. 

Guys, single guys in particular, might think it is funny, too. Their pals come over and think some girl left her shoe at his house or apartment. Eyebrows go up, snide remarks are made and the fun begins.

If the shoe fits...

Fred Foot in the Door RED Doorstop

Fred & Friends Everyone needs a foot in the door, and this is a doorstop with style! Keeps doors from closing. Looks unique for your modern home environment.

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Movie And Television Related Gifts

As I mentioned before, the person on your gift list may be a huge fan of a particular movie or series of movies. Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings come to mind.

They may be a huge fan of a popular television series. Downton Abby, Game of Thrones, Duck Dynasty or the really hot Doctor Who.

The fun thing is that it does not matter whether it is films that they are really into or television there are some really cool gift ideas that will go along with the theme of their favorite. The best thing is that you know they will think the gift and the thought behind your giving it is really cool.

This is cool and practical!

Doctor Who Tardis vs Dalek Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Season your meals with this unique salt-and-pepper shaker set that features shakers in the shape of the TARDIS and the Dalek from the hit BBC series Doctor Who!

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Cool Social Media Gift Ideas

Do they spend a lot of time with social media? Post a lot on Facebook or Tweet what they are up to? 

Finding something that has to do with their love of keeping connected with friends, family and even people they only know through their connection in one of the sites is a pretty cool idea.

These cuff links could be worn by a guy but gals might get a kick out of wearing them, too. They can even display their mood of the day. Thumbs up if the day is going well, and thumbs down if their day is just plain bad.

Facebook Cufflinks

For the guy who "Likes" his social media site or just needs a thumbs up. Comes is a great gift box for easy wrapping. Great gift idea.

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No Calorie Donut

If they are known to have a bit of a sweet tooth, here is a fun and cool idea. We all brush our teeth, well, I hope we all do! They can keep their bathroom vanity tidy with a fun and unique brush holder. It does not have to be a doughnut like the one shown here. There are cupcakes and all kinds of sweet treats that clever companies have designed to hold that toothbrush when it is not in use.

Just think, every morning and evening before they brush their teeth, they will smile at the cool gift you gave them at Christmas. The best thing is there are no calories involved! Although, it might tempt them to go get something with the subliminal message of seeing the treat.

BIG MOUTH TOYS Pink Frosted Donut Toothbrush Holder

Mmmmm Donuts.. Even your dentist will approve of our pink frosted with sprinkles donut toothbrush holder. It looks so tasty like someone may have taken a bite out of it already....

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It is green and fun at the same time

They can save energy and have fun with this light at the same time. It is solar powered and comes on at night to use up the energy that was stored from the sun. They come in a variety of colors, too. 

They can set a mood or maybe say what kind of mood they are in with these fun lights. The fact that it looks like a mason jar just brings more whimsy into the gift, I think. So many places serve drinks of all kinds in mason jars right now especially ones with an alcohol base.

These would also go well with a decor that is rustic or has a lodge style to it. I think they are pretty cool on several different levels. 

Sun Jar - Blue (by Suck UK)

The Sun Jar is made with a traditional Mason jar and high tech energy efficient lighting. Captured inside the jar are a highly efficient solar cell, a rechargeable battery and a...

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Presents and toys for kids

If you're as tired as I am of seeing kids stare at screens, here are some toys that will get them actually doing something, touching something - aka relating to the world out there
Great gift ideas for kids to give at Christmas or their birthday.
No matter what your budget, you are sure to find the perfect toy for a toddler (boy or girl) right here.

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General gift ideas

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Stocking stuffer gift ideas for Christmas for kids, teens and adults. From co-workers to family members.
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Mira on 09/25/2013

Media stuff is always cool in my book. Unfortunately, some TV shows are steep. I bought one for a friend and then never got to get it for me as well. But I believe they're nice gifts, as you, too, say. Also books. When I was a teen someone gave me a book so cool it scared me. It had a scary title :). The book was great though.

whitemoss on 08/28/2013

I've no idea right now, but I do love your suggestions.

kimbesa on 08/27/2013

My mom loves York mint patties. For her, that's the coolest!

ologsinquito on 08/27/2013

It's not too early to be thinking about Christmas. We always have a couple people on our list who are very hard to shop for.

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