Day planners for women 2024

by spirituality

You're busy and need a practical way to organize hobbies, work, kids and fun on the go and at home. The solution? A day planner of course! And yes, it should be cute too!

I've found you the funnest, cutest and most fashionable date books and agenda books to help you get organized and stay focused on the job at hand, whether it's shopping or talking to clients, getting the kids to their stuff or your yoga class. Personally I use my day planner to keep track of business deadlines, dates with girlfriends and classes.

In order to stay organized you need a date book. In fact, you need a good date book. Here are some of my personal requirements for a daily planner:

  • As the word suggests, I need a DATED date book. I really don't understand why there are so many undated planners available. As if I have the time to fill in the dates myself! An agenda book is supposed to make life easier, not harder. 
  • Since my planner goes where I go, it needs to look good. It needs to fit my style. Simple black will always do: there's a reason why moleskine is so popular. However, I personally prefer something with a bit of color. Whether it's blue or pink, butterflies or roses - as long as it has style, I'm fine. 
  • Room for notes, addresses etc. These days I take most of my notes on my phone. Still, sometimes it's still faster and easier to grab a pen. My planner needs to have room for notes. 
  • I prefer loose leafed organizers, so I can add in a page when there's more to be said. This is no deal breaker though. 

Planning tips for women

While we're at it: good organization is hard. So give yourself a break. Yes, it's important to stay organized, but it's not big deal if something slips every once in a while. You're human, you're allowed mistakes. That said, here are some tips to juggle your responsibilities with as few dropped balls as possible:

  • Make a habit of jotting every appointment and promise down as you make it.
  • Bigger projects can be divided up into smaller parts: use your planner to remind yourself of in between (artificial) deadlines.
  • Keep those old planners! They're an important file system. In fact, if you have a business, you're required to keep them. 

Are you looking for a weekly or a daily planner?

As a student in high school or college you need a good planner / organizer. These date books were selected to follow the academic year.
Get inspired about your faith with these beautiful calendars and datebook celebrating the Jewish tradition.
I can't do without a planner, can you? But I also want it to look good in my purse. In short, I want a cute planner, preferably with a weekly format. Here's the best this year.
Reminder stickers are a fun way to make certain events stand out on your calendar so that you do not overlook something important like a birthday.




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Leather Day Planners for men and women

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As a busy at home mom a planner really comes in handy to organize my own life and that of my children.
Updated: 05/18/2024, spirituality
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