Calendar Reminder Stickers

by spirituality

Reminder stickers are a fun way to make certain events stand out on your calendar so that you do not overlook something important like a birthday.

Our lives are so busy that sometimes keeping it all organized is a task in and of itself. Using a calendar or planner helps us keep both our business lives and our personal lives flowing smoothly. Reminder stickers can enhance the process and can even encourage kids to help with the planning of the family activities for the year. Kids love stickers so let them apply some to your wall calendar or desk planner. When you turn to a page, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the bright sticker as a reminder that something important is happening on that day.

No Specific Theme Is Needed

Choosing some stickers to use as a reminder about events or appointments that will be occurring during the month and year is a good option for most families. They do not have to have a specific theme but just something that will catch the eye and call attention to the day. 

Reminder stickers that are helpful on a calendar might say something or have a picture as a clue to look closer. General packages will often come with stickers to remind you that someone important has a birthday or an anniversary. You can also choose a package that has a party sticker reminder, vacation sticker, doctor or vet appointments. Often times they will also include a choice for dinner out or lunch dates and some will just have a note where you can fill in the event that you want to be reminded about.

Stickers For Everyday Use

Calendar Stickers by Miles Kimball

Highlight important dates on your calendar with fun, colorful stickers! With space to write details for lunch dates, parties, birthdays, appointments, and more, the 4-sheet set ...

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Perfect For Pet Care Reminders

Cat Care CalenDots

When it comes to pet care stickers can be a huge help! There are packages designed that will remind you of the next appointment to the Vet, when his or her vaccinations are due and even when it is time to purchase vitamins or medicines renewed. A really handy little package to have for any pet owner.

Reminder Stickers And Children

I mentioned earlier that this is a great way to get children involved in family planning. They love stickers anyway so you can use them in an educational way showing children how to use a calendar to keep track of all of the important days during a year's time. 

Smaller children can be prompted to place the sticker in this square which will reinforce their ability to recognize shapes. As you start to work on the recognition of numbers, you might say put the birthday sticker on the square that has the number 22 on it. 

We are not all born with the instinct for good organizing and planning. Some of us have to learn it so starting at an early age with a child will give them the gift of being able to apply these little skill sets when they reach an age where time management becomes important to their own lives.

Great Choice For The Busy Family

Mrs Grossmans Calendar Stickers II Extravegant

Single Strip Mrs Grossmans Extravegant Calendar Stickers II 6" x 6 1/2" We have over 6 million Mrs Grossmans stickers.

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When A Baby Is On The Way

Pregnancy and Baby's Firsts CalenDots Stickers

An expectant Mom has a lot going on in her life during her pregnancy. She has a lot to keep track of and with all that is going on she may forget some of the important things. Having a package of stickers that are designed with her in mind is very helpful. 

She can keep track of all of those doctor appointments that she will have, the baby showers that have been scheduled. She might want to remind herself when it is time to start shopping for items for the nursery and clothing for the little one.

These special stickers also have a supply of "baby firsts" to add after baby has arrived. Due to the lack of sleep in those first few weeks it will be easier to record the day that she brought the bundle of joy home from the hospital by placing a sticker on the calendar. And that all important event that all new parent's look forward to...the first time the little tyke sleeps through the night! That one is huge for most new Mom's and Dads. 

Perfect For The Busy Kid!

Kidz Calendar Extra Stickers

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RubyHelenRose on 05/24/2013

Oh a perfect place to start for this project I have in mind. Thank you, thank you for this wonderful idea to fly on these new found wings........

belinda342 on 05/23/2013

I just found out I'm going to be a Grandmother, so that Pregnancy/Baby's First calendar set is looking mighty good right now. What a great way to keep track of the little things you don't want to forget!

kimbesa on 05/23/2013

These look like fun, and handy, too! I use so many stickies, these would give me some variety.

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