Buddhist Calendar 2023

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A selection of Buddhist calendars that are great for inspiration, motivation and organization in our daily lives.

If you follow the teachings of the Buddha and the monks who have come since him and you are also looking for a better way to manage your time and busy schedule, supplying yourself with a Buddhist calendar would be a good way to combine the two. You can find inspiration in quotes from teachers of Buddhism as you make notations of the important appointments and social dates that you want to keep track of. Let me make some suggestions as to some options that you have when considering your next wall calendar or engagement calendar for your business and personal use.

Be Inspired By The First Teacher

The Buddha

You might want to choose a calendar for your wall or a planner that you can have on your desk or carry with you that features The Buddha. There are many options that often show extraordinary photographs of statues from temples and palaces that were erected to honor the man who first began to teach the world about the philosophies of what would later become Buddhism. Although calendars may not teach you about the remarkable life of the Hindu prince who decided to give up his royal life and to be awakened to what many now refer to as the Middle Way.

Zen Calendars

A calendar embracing Zen is another choice that you have. You can find them in the form of wall calendars and also engagement calendars that can be taken with you on your daily travels whether it is to work or on a trip. 

Zen began in China around the 6th century and came from the adaptation of the Hindu teachings of the Buddha. It was in the early dialect of the Chinese called Chan. It involves reaching enlightenment through meditation and working with a well trained teacher. It goes beyond just knowing the sutras and the doctrines of Buddhism and puts more emphasis on the personal experience of reaching a state where one can let go of the stresses of the human existence and be a happier and more wholesome individual.

Imagine Calendars

I sometimes wonder if John Lennon wrote the wonderful song Imagine after he began to understand the teachings of the eastern religions. I do not believe that he was a practicing Buddhist or that he followed any particular religious faith but that song in particular seems to me to have a definite message of the living a life of peace and compassion which is taught by Buddhist and other faiths as well.

There is a series of calendars for walls and desks called Imagine that have lovely Buddhist inspired artwork and quotations that can inspire and motivate you as you plan your daily, weekly and monthly activities. 

Find Your Way

Buddhism calendars

Finding your way can have more than one meaning. We can find our way through the teachings of sages and wise people who have come before us and may chose to follow any one of the major religions of the world to do that. We can also find our way in a more literal sense when using a time management system that keeps us on track for the busy life that we all lead in today's society. We all have appointments to keep, parties to attend, birthday's to remember and so many other things that are both personal and business related. 

If you have or think you might be more inclined to follow the teachings of the Buddha and the monks and teachers who have continued to teach the Buddhist religion, it would be helpful to have a calendar that has messages of Buddhism for you to contemplate on each day.

Calendars Make Great Gifts

Giving a Buddhist calendar is a great idea as a gift to a person on your gift list. If they happen to be Buddhist the calendars that I have suggested here are wonderful ideas. If you would like some other suggestions on appropriate gifts for Buddhists, you might like to take a look at this list.

More Buddhism

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davestone13 on 05/27/2013

You seem to have made a smooth transition to Wizzley. I've always been interested in your work on this topic, and I think you've designed this presentation really well.

pkmcr on 05/26/2013

Definitely lots of choice and all such very colourful calendars

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