Owl Planners 2024

by spirituality

A collection of owl planners to keep your life organized and on task.

If you have a fascination with owls and are looking for a way to keep your busy schedule on task, an owl planner just might be the answer to your needs. A planner can help you with making sure that you don't forget the next appointment with the doctor or dentist, your scheduled trip to the beauty shop and any business meetings that you might have. Planners come in a variety of designs and formats but if your favorite bird of prey happens to be the owl a great choice would be one that features owls in either graphic or photographic forms.

Let me show you some options for this year.

What kind of planner will work for you?

Owl themed Date Books, Agenda's and Engagement Calendars

When choosing your owl planner there are a few things to think about before you make your choice. As much as you are going to enjoy have neat owls to look at through the year, you need to consider what the best format of engagement calendar is going to work best for you. 

Do you want a detailed weekly format that will allow you to look at a week at a time as you plan your busy lifestyle? A weekly planner would be the best for your needs. 

Is a monthly owl planner going to be all you need? The advantage of the monthly planners is that often times not only is there a page for each month but also weekly pages, also. I usually pick the monthly because they do give me the best of both worlds, so to speak. The choice is yours, though. 

There are also daily planners that will give you pages where you can keep more detailed notes on important appointments if that is the type of planning you need. 

You will also have a choice as to whether you want a softcover planner or a hardcover planner. And there are even choices as to the size of planner you can have.

Human Fascination With Owls

Probably since the first time that a human saw or heard an owl there has been a fascination with this bird of prey. With early humans that curiosity began to translate into omen type meanings that still are with many cultures in today's societies. Some of those first humans may have encountered an owl at a time when they were seeking something. They may have felt that the presence of an owl brought them wisdom in finding an answer or an item and then saw the owl as a good omen and a bringer of wisdom.

If a death occurred at night and the hooting of an owl came just before that death, those early humans might have felt that the owl was what brought on the demise of the individual. Those humans would have looked at the owl as a bad omen and a possible harbinger of death. 

As we humans have grown in our understanding of animals, some of us just think this majestic of nocturnal birds is just a magnificent specimen of life. We find their plumage and body shapes to be most appealing along with their habits of survival fascinating. 

Owls have become a popular bird due to movies like Harry Potter and others that featured the owl in a form of wisdom or wizardry, too. 

No matter what your reason for loving owls is, one can hardly deny the incredible and sometimes spooky nature of the owl. 

It's no wonder owl planners and calendars are so popular.

More cute planners and engagement calendars

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Some fun facts about owls

Some religious planners and date books
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Suggestions of Christian planners that can be used to keep your busy life schedule on track.
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Raintree on 09/25/2013

I love owls and they certainly are fascinating. Great idea to have an owl planner.

Tara_W on 09/24/2013

It's hard not to be fascinated by owls. An owl planner is a great idea to make scheduling fun.

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