2023 Family Planners, Calendars and Desk Agendas for moms

by spirituality

As a busy at home mom a planner really comes in handy to organize my own life and that of my children.

A mom says: "I love my desk calender! We fill in all the activities for the month then post them on a bulletin board so that EVERYONE knows and no one has any excuse for missing anything!" Another says: "I find it's hard to find one that's large enough to write all that is going on, but small enough to travel in your purse or car."

A mom says:

Sometimes I feel like I need a calendar for every kid. 

Well Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner - 12 month planner

A 12 month Planner for Homeschooling Moms and Dads, to help you plan and organize for up to four children in one place.

The planner has Class Plans for four students to help you schedule each Student's assignments; four Student Time Schedules so each day is tracked by the hour; a weekly schedule with class assignments, priorities, prayer requests, dinner menus and notes.

The month at a glance is for planning ahead, such as field trips, other activities and books to read.

Also included are perforated Report Cards and shopping lists for menu planning plus schedules for planning family worship and bible reading.

A parent says:

No successful person can do without a calendar. 

MomAgenda Planners

This 13 month planner (August to August) is small and cute. Available in Fuchsia, Scarlet, Tangerine, Soft-Gold, Chocolate, Violet, Leopard and Python.

If you're a stay at home dad, I'd go for the chocolate or the scarlet version.

Again: features room to plan for a large family of 6. Aside from the daily planner (organized by week) there is also a family monthly planner section for each month.

Personalization is possible in two fonts and three colors making a great gift for any parent.

Size: 5" x 7" x 1"

momAgenda Desktop Calendar Book - Suitable for busy moms AND dads, covers all yea

As usual for MomAgenda Planners: the format allows for planning the lives of 6 people: two parents and four kids for instance. Aside from day planning, this desk calendar also includes monthly planners for quick overview of what's coming up.

Available in 8 colors: Python, Leopard, Fuschia, Tangerine, Scarlet, Soft-Gold, Chocolate and Violet. The Chocolate version is very suitable for Dads too, I should think.

The 17 month calendar runs from August to December the following year.

Personalization available in two fonts, print or script and three colors: gold, silver and blind emboss.

Size: 7" x 9" x 1"

myAgenda Mini Planner - 17 month family desk calendar for busy moms & dads

Available in Fuchsia, Scarlet, Tangerine, Soft-Gold, Chocolate, Violet, Leopard and Python.

One of the more affordable MomAgenda Planners. This calendar book for your desk has all the advantages of the line - and includes 17 months worth of planning space: from August till December the following year.

The unique 'week-at-a-view' has space for organizing the life of six people: mom, dad and four kids. Includes a monthly planner for your family as well.

Embossing is possible in gold, silver or blind-emboss and two fonts: print or script. Makes a great gift.

Size: 5" x 7" x 1"

A dad says

I still rate my old Filofax over digital products. I have a desk and pocket diary. Wouldn't be without them. The old brain cannot retain all info all of the time. 

Magnetic Family Wall Planners

17 Month Planners August Of Current Year Through December The Following Year

I love these magnetic Family Planners - just stick them on the refrigerator, where everyone in the family can see them - you might even persuade them to enter their OWN activities!!

So you all have a busy schedule - a magnetic planner will help you keep it all organized! There's a handy storage pocket, built-in magnetic hanger, 494 stickers and extra-large grid to make it all so simple for Mom (or Dad) to keep track of up to five family members.

Keep everyone's information to hand with two tabbed quick-reference contact sections and the new larger size gives you plenty of room to write!

There are different styles to suit different families and their scheduling needs.

More planners and date books for mothers

A mom says

Two years in a row I had the Mom's Plan It calendar - absolutely loved it! Would be great to have a planner version, didn't even realized they had those! This year I just grabbed what was at the store in the college kids going-back-to-school section.

Amy Knapp's Big Grid Family Organizer - 17 Months

Amy Knapp's 17 month Family Organiser is The essential organization and communication tool for the entire family. Get the whole family on the same page! Covers all of 2014.

  • Extra space to keep track of everyone's schedule
  • Color-coded stickers show you everyone's activities at a glance
  • Easily keep track of bill paying, grocery shopping, family chores, and all the details of daily life
  • Never again forget a birthday, anniversary, or other important event
  • Plenty of room for scheduling appointments, dates, trips, and outings
  • Keep vital medical information handy for everyone in the family
  • Great tools for planning ahead for vacations, back-to-school, and holidays

Find important phone and emergency numbers quickly

A dad says

I'm a dad. I'm a really busy one, too. I've always loved planners, and can stick with them for quite a while if I find one I really like. Do you know of any planners that are "daddy oriented"?

I can't do without a planner, can you? But I also want it to look good in my purse. In short, I want a cute planner, preferably with a weekly format. Here's the best this year.
As a student in high school or college you need a good planner / organizer. These date books were selected to follow the academic year.
You're busy and need a practical way to organize hobbies, work, kids and fun on the go and at home. The solution? A day planner of course! And yes, it should be cute too!
A dad says:

I'm not much on keeping up with planners, so my wife does all of that, considering we have 5 kids and they all play sports on different nights and sometimes on the same night!

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WriterArtist on 02/28/2016

I love the idea of family planners. All my appointment, notes are on the desktop calendar. Sometimes there is not much space to put tips, I usually circle the date and write short notes on it so that I don't forget.

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