My Dalyan Mud Bath Experience

by KatieSanderson

Last year, I had my mind changed about mud. I was in Turkey, and (semi-) voluntarily found myself completely immersed in Dalyman's reputedly health-restoring mud baths.

Last summer, my partner and I visited Marmaris in Turkey. We stayed in a great little hotel that led on to a gorgeous, white sandy beach. The sea glistened, the weather was hot, and we ate, drank and were generally merry. It was a splendid holiday, and one which we will both remember for a long time. For the seven days that we were in Marmaris, we took a number of excursions, beginning on our first day.

We flew into Dalaman airport first thing in the morning, which was a great time to arrive as it meant we had the whole day ahead of us to enjoy. We were only slightly groggy after an early morning departure from the UK, but we were still really relieved that we had pre-booked our Dalaman airport transfer with Holiday Taxis. Knowing that there was a dedicated driver at the airport, waiting for us, took a load off. There is nothing worse than arriving in a country unsure of how you’re going to get to your accommodation. We chose a private taxi, as opposed to an airport shuttle, and arrived at our hotel relaxed and excited about our holiday.

There is so much to do on a holiday in Marmaris. It is such a stunning location, for both day and night. We enjoyed taking part in a Turkish night, with great Turkish food, bellydancers and loads of live Turkish music. One day, we on a jeep safari in the countryside, which was incredibly dusty, but still fantastic fun – a bit like a very bumpy rollercoaster ride!  However, the best day was when we took a day trip to Dalyan to experience their famous mud baths.

We travelled by river boat, which is the way most tourists get to the baths. The river boat was so relaxing, that by the time we reached the Dalyan mud baths, I wasn’t sure I wanted to disembark! At first, the sight of all that mud, as well as the overpowering smell of sulphur, was a little offputting. I have never been much of one for mud. I grew up in a town, and have always eyed the muddy countryside with an air of suspicion. I have shied away from Glastonbury year on year. 

The idea of wallowing around in mud, getting filthy and smelly for days on end was never exactly my idea of a good time. So, I guess I may have been acting like a bit of a princess when we first arrived at the mud baths. However, my partner wasn’t going to have any of it! Ignoring my squeals, he lifted me over his shoulder and descended into the mud. When he first dropped me in, I was absolutely livid! Suddenly, I was covered from head to toe in smelly mud, and I was not pleased.

I soon got used to it. And actually, once I was already completely brown, I began to enjoy the sensation of wallowing like a hippopotamus. The mud was warm, and soft on my skin. I found myself feeling at one with the muddy festival-goers back in Britain, albeit with the added luxury of Turkish sun beating down on me.

Once you are fully caked in mud, you have to negotiate your way up the steps, out of the mud. Then, you sit on a nearby wall to dry. The only way to describe this is like a face pack. You know when face packs dry on your skin, and then you smile it all cracks and you look a bit like a swamp monster? Well, this is the full body version. Once you are pale and crusty with dried mud, your next stop is the suphur pool, which absolutely reeks, but is warm and pleasant for washing yourself clean.

On the way back to the airport on our final day, in our pre-booked airport taxi from Holiday Taxis, we remembered our muddy day out in Dalyan with much laughter. Of all the many photographs we took on our holiday in Turkey, the one we have framed on the mantlepiece at home is of the two of us, side by side on the wall, cracked muddy faces grinning at the camera.

In spite of my initial tentativeness, I thoroughly enjoyed the Dalyman mud baths. It was an experience so full of fun and laughter that it would be a real shame to have skipped this opportunity. Therefore, I urge you: if you’re holidaying in Turkey this year, check out the mud baths! You won’t regret it.

Updated: 04/18/2013, KatieSanderson
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katiem2 on 03/20/2013

How cool you got to do this mud bath experience. I've seen reports about such mud baths on television and was amazed as to how people happily frolicked in the healing mud. It's going on my bucket list. :)K

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