Natural Everyday Makeup for Older Women and Mature Ladies

by katiem2

Learn attractive ways to wear makeup as you age, make your eyes pop, accentuate your best features all while looking younger and more vibrant, best age defying tips here

As we women (of all ages) grow older the struggle with makeup causes us to ask, "Should I be wearing makeup anymore, does makeup make me look older, silly or out dated"? We've all seen women who wear makeup as they did when younger and it flat out looks bad, thus supporting the thought, "older women should avoid makeup altogether". This is the furthest thing from the truth, women can erase the signs of aging and look amazing all while enhancing a glowing complexion when using makeup, that is if done correctly. In fact, the makeup guidelines you’re about to learn will make you look better and more youthful. This blog addresses all of the above plus the biggest mistakes women make with makeup, especially those causing us to look bad with or without makeup.

Makeup Older Women Should Avoid

The main reason older women find makeup no longer works for them is their makeup needs have changed.

Don't let changing beauty needs cause you to give up on the use of makeup. Makeup is every girls best friend regardless of her age. 

While the makeup needs of older women do change many make the mistake of applying it as they did when younger. This is why some older women don’t look good in makeup.  There is a simple solution to the aging makeup dilemma.

Aging women in their 40's, 50's, 60's (and older) need an entirely new line of makeup and altered application techniques to continue looking gorgeous.

There is no need to give up on beauty regardless of age, follow along to learn new tips, tricks, products and techniques for gorgeous makeup no matter your age.  

The Best Foundation for Older Women

Start by using Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Balm Light to Medium

Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Balm Light to Medium

This wonderful moisturizing balm doesn't stick or cake, the main culprit causing you to look older. This age sensitive balm is perfect gliding on much like a tinted moisturizer. It offers a dewy soft glow which softens your look all while toning down the natural signs of aging. Products like this are the coverage needed to hide age spots, patches and dark sunken eyes all while the pigments reflect light avoiding trouble areas. Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Balm enhances your beauty reminding you of your younger self anytime you catch a glimpse of your reflection in any surface or mirror.  

How to Apply Foundation

Apply in and around eyes to lighten darkness and down along both sides of nose, mouth and chin till reaching jaw bone.

While this foundation may cost more than you're accustomed to keep in mind you will use this differently and more sparingly than foundations of your youth. Only a small amount is needed to achieve your goals. Using it properly this will last you as long as six months. 

Apply in and around eyes, along the area running from your nose down to the base of your chin at the jawline.  Imagine a line running straight down both sides of your nose past your mouth and chin to your jaw bone, this is the prime area. Applying balm here brightens your face taking away dark areas that accentuate aging, the very thing you can and will hide with this product. 

Rimmel Wake Me up Concealer - Ivory 010

Apply Rimmel wake me up concealer to eye area.

Apply Rimmel Ivory 010 Wake Me up Concealer beneath and in corners of eyes using Mac 217 Brush,  Sweep concealer on delicate eye tissue using a very light touch touching under eye and in corner of eyes blending in well and gently using short feathery strokes.

You don’t want to much otherwise your eyes will appear to white and caky. Dab with makeup sponge to cover any dark areas such as dark circles and the inner corners of the eyes as this area often looks dark creating a sunken old look.

Makeup Application Tips

Add a very small amount stand back a bit, take a look and add more if needed until dark areas are no longer prominent. Take your time, use small amounts and blend well.

How to Apply Blusher

Max Factor Miracle Touch Soft Cardinal 18

Apply Blusher Max Factor Miracle Touch Soft Cardinal 18 lightly with finger tips.

It’s a nice dewy formulation that is sheer, which gives you a healthy glow.

Dab and blend creamy blusher into the apple of the cheek area blending it inward toward the ear as shown in the video below.

Make sure to take your time blending with a light touch or better still apply with damp makeup sponge (seen below) with a dabbing motion.

Spot Coverage for Older Women

Use Screenface Domed Eyeliner Sable Makeup Brush to apply Vichy Derma Blend.

Often times we experience age spots in the worst places, perhaps in and around the eye, a vital focal point.  It is then that we need to hide such glaring distractions, this is achieved by using a little dab a do you technique only on the spot you desire to eliminate.  

Vichy Derma Blend - Fluid Corrective Foundation – Nude 25 to cover scratches, scars or dark spots.

This is a heavy product so you want to dab it on carefully with screen face domed eyeliner sable brush.

Apply a small amount on brush and dab it on areas you want to cover blending in well with feathery motions.  If working to cover a particularly bad spot dot a small amount of Vichy onto the spot then blend by tapping the makeup brush on the area with short turns to disperse in a concentrated manner. 

Don't be afraid to use this product and be sure to pay attention to this section of the video to see how Lisa demonstrates how effectively it hides age spots.

Makeup Brush Collection

This Mac Makeup Brush Collection has Everything Needed to Complete the Lisa Eldridge Mature Makeup Look

While watching the video you will be able to identify what brush is needed for each application finding the same brush in this Mac Collection.

Eye Makeup for Mature Women

The biggest mistake older women make in terms of makeup is eye shadow.

As you will see in the video Lisa Eldridge created for mature makeup you will witness the models amazing transformation with the subtle application of the right eye makeup.

Older women miss the opportunity to dramatically improve their appearance when avoiding eye makeup. 

The biggest mistake older women make is removing eye makeup from their beauty regimen, this only cheats yourself of enhanced beauty and confidence,.


The Best Eye Makeup for Older Women

Start with - Clinique Lid Smoothie - Currant Affair 11

Start with - Clinique Lid Smoothie - Currant Affair 11

This is a beautiful color, is easy to apply with fingers using the dabbing method to apply and blend carefully eliminating an obvious line. This is a beautiful matte lid cover that is not shimmery, the number one mistake older women make when applying eye color.

As you get older you need more defining makeup around your eyes than when you’re younger. Well made up eyes adds definition to the face bringing out the eyes making for an overall beautiful look.


Defining Eyes For Older Women

Boots No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

Next use Trio of eye color No 7 Stay Perfect Eye shadow Palette Cappuccino 30 apply using Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush – M.

This color palette is not completely matte, it has a little bit of shimmer that’s perfect for mature eyes with the mauve and flat brown adding depth. Apply it a little darker in the outer corner blending it in inward and along the crease. 

Eyeliner for Older Women

Women in the 40's, 50's, 60's and older have different eyeliner needs.

Using L’Oreal Infallible Stylo Eyeliner – Grey Obsession or Other

Caution - Go Slow and Steady Applying Eyeliner

Upper Lash Liner - Apply liner as close to the lash line as possible making short strokes along the upper lid blending it in well adding a bit of a smudge using a c Qtip to finish. 

Take your time using gentle short strokes until carefully filling in the desired line along upper lash line. 

Avoid moving close to the corner of your eye, start applying the eyeliner at middle of eye, or highest point of arc work toward the nose stopping near and around where the highest part of eye begins to slope inward.

Avoid getting close to corner of eye near bridge of nose or eyes will look small, this is an area older women must leave light even adding a smudge of light concealer after eye makeup is complete but before applying mascara blending it in with a clean brush and moving away from nose. 

Again, be careful to use a gentle touch when applying eye makeup, do not go over board on the eye liner, add small thin portions, stand back take a look and add more only where needed and if needed. 

Eye liner is the one thing that can wreck your makeup application so go slow and steady, less is more. 

Note: while some people pull their eye lid taunt when applying liner to get a good straight line, this is a bad idea for two reasons; it causes droopy eye lids and wrinkles around eye area, plus once eye lid returns to normal position the line can appear chunky and not smooth as older women have fine lines along eye lid thus taking it slow, feathery and careful is best.

To finish, go back to middle area of eye, complete by extending the line of eyeliner outward to the edge of outer eye sweeping slightly upward near the end to avoid a droopy eye.  This is called the winged look, use it sparingly, never to dramatic, just enough to open the eye modestly. 

Lower Lash Liner - On the underneath lashes add about three dots at the corner of the otter corner smudging as well. Define the look finishing it off with the Sigma Small Eye Liner – E10

Eye Lash Curler for Older Women

Curling eyelashes defines eyes adding the appearance of fuller more obvious eyelashes.

Curl eyelashes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler - Gently lift the upper eyelid to raise the lashes enough to position eyelash curler so the lashes can be gently pressed by curler. Remember a little pressure goes a long way to making a big difference in your lashes appearing fuller and lush.

Mascara for Older Women

Older women should wear mascara anytime and all the time as it adds such an amazing improvement in overall appearance.

Organic Glam Mascara - Jet Black - add to the top lashes nearest to the roots as possible lightly allowing it to dry before doing the lower lashes.

Once dried properly this mascara really stays on.

Lets move on to the next step, we'll come back to mascara touch ups and application to lower lashes later.

This organic mascara was hard to find but finally I did and it is perfect, won't irritate your eyes @ $20.00 it's worth it.

Eyebrow Makeup for Older Women

As we age our eyebrows thin and fade in color this takes away from features yet once enhanced with a good brow pen the look is amazing.

Next do the brows, with L'Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Custom Brow Shaping Pencil lightly apply very subtle just to fill in and define the shape adding a nice arch to lift the face. This dry’s well and will not smudge.

New product updates to your right, I keep up with the changing market, review new products and share them once I find any worthy.

Up Date 2018 offers new brow liner and brush combos a BETTER product!

Mascara Touch Up

Adding mascara to the lower lashes

Now apply mascara to the lower lashes just touching the roots lightly. Use a small brush to avoid getting it everywhere. You may also want to flutter over the top lashes again.

Lip Color for Older Women

Lips are important for a all together look.

Kevyn Aucoin The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil -

Lightly apply color in small circular motions in a bit of a dabbing fashion to enhance the shape of the lips with a natural tone preparing it for the finished lip sheer tint blending gently to eliminate a harsh line add.

Adding Tinted Lip Color to Older Mature Lips

As we age our lips become thinner and more fragile it is for this reason you need to have a good moisturizing lip balm on hand at all time to maintain healthy moist lips.

The Burt's Bees line is perfect for this use as it is all natural and very kind to aging lips plus it looks amazing.

Plus the flavor and aroma is wonderful and pleasing to everyone.

Lip Finish

Once a good coverage is achieved add  a sheer tinted lip balm such Burt's Bees honeysuckle.

Finishing Mature Makeup

Adding the final touches to any makeup is important.

Back to eyes now that the eye makeup is settling down and dry add a tad bit more eye liner to enhance the eyes. Always stop stand back and look at the effects to avoid adding to much.

Add a bit of bronzer using a Suqqu cheek brush – Bourjois Bronzing Powder – 51 add just a touch to warm things up around the blushing area. 

Lastly look up and gently brush the bronzer brush underneath the eyes without adding more bronzer yet simply allow the slightly amount left to ensure the lower eye area is not to white or light.

Enjoy looking beautiful and confident once more. Today is the first day of the rest of your beautiful years. Enjoy!

Mature Makeup by Lisa Eldridge

Learn how to wear makeup for your age and look amazing with a how to guide and makeup list from makeup artist Lisa Eldridge view the trending viral makeup tutorial video women are thrilled with.

Watch the guided video tutorial by Lisa Eldridge with step by step instructions as to how to apply all the makeup shown here today.

Lisa Eldridge Makeup List for Older Women

This is a list of makeup Lisa Eldridge advises older women to use making skin look even and fresh without emphasizing lines plus get eye definition without a harsh end results.
  1. Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Balm Light to Medium
  2. Mac No7 Makeup Brush (apply makeup balm with this brush)
  3. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - Ivory 010
  4. Mac 217 Makeup Brush (apply concealer with this brush)
  5. Max Factor Miracle Touch - Soft Cardinal 18 Blusher (apply with finger tips)
  6. Vichy Derma Blend - Fluid Corrective Foundation – Nude 25
  7. Screenface Domed Eyeliner Sable Makeup Brush (apply Vichy Derma Blend with this)
  8. Clinique Lid Smoothie - Currant Affair 11 (apply with fingers)
  9. Trio of eye color No 7 Stay Perfect Eye shadow Palette Cappuccino 30
  10. L’Oreal Infallible Stylo Eyeliner – Grey Obsession
  11. Sigma Small Eye Liner – E10
  12. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
  13. Organic Glam Mascare - Jet Black
  14. L'Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Custom Brow Shaping Pencil
  15. No 7 Precision Lips Pencil – Nude 20
  16. Une Sheer Lips Balm - S03
  17. Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush – M (use this brush to touch apply and touch up eyeshadow)
  18. Bourjois Bronzing Powder – 51
  19. Suqqu Cheek Brush


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DerdriuMarriner on 03/18/2017

katiem2, Very nice explanations and product lines! In particular, I like the thoughtful case and all the information and products for dark-eyed, light- but thick-lashed, pale-skinned, thin-eyebrowed people like me.

katiem2 on 08/24/2016

Sandra, Thanks for adding your very helpful prospective on the importance of older women applying makeup to enhance a youthful out come and not cause them to look older.

Sandra on 01/14/2016

I have viewed this video many times and I believe Lisa does a super job. I am sixty-five years young and am very interested in her videos for mature women. No matter how old we get, we always need to "cheat" a bit. I find the biggest problem I have is finding the correct foundation for myself. My skin is very good for a woman of my age. I need a very light application, only in some specific areas.. I find the slight bags under my eyes and the small "spider veins" on my cheeks are my biggest problem areas. I haven't found a concealer I am totally happy with although I have tried quite a few. I would prefer a lighter, more creamy concealer. Does any one have a suggestion on brands. Thank you..

WriterArtist on 07/05/2013

This explains you need to look good no matter how old you grow. Women who pass 40's need a different setup as the requirements are different from young women. Ageing skin can glow longer if appropriate care is taken. Makeup looks great on all whether in 40's, 50's, 60's or beyond.

katiem2 on 03/25/2013

That didn't take long I found my favorite makeup organizer with my first search at Amazon. It's just below the makeup list. Thanks Again

katiem2 on 03/25/2013

Kellie, You are so right. Keeping all your makeup and tools in the same place is a must for looking great. hmmmm I'll add and appropriate collection of bags.I'll leave a message here later to let you now I've done just that. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Kellie on 03/25/2013

We need a good makeup bag to put all this makeup in, what do you advise?

katiem2 on 03/24/2013

Great idea Tina and I agree it has helped me with my makeup and I don't fall into the age bracket.

Tina on 03/24/2013

This is amazing, love the video it's so detailed and yet easy to follow. I learned a lot about applying makeup that will work for me in my 30's. Now maybe i can get my Mom to wear makeup again, she looks so sloppy, tired and straight out slouchy without makeup as if she doesn't care how she looks but I know better. Wearing makeup makes you look your best and feel your best IMHO

katiem2 on 03/23/2013

Pam, I've been hearing so much about Lisa Eldridge and her makeup for aging women. The video tutorial she's created on youtube has gone viral. I saw her again on The Today Show and was intrigued even more. I checked it out and realized this is perfect for fair skinned women as well. I enjoy wearing makeup but redheaded fair skinned women can't wear similar makeup common to most women. I gave it a go and found it was perfect for me. The colors and moisturizing Bobbi Brown Balm is perfect. I'm thrilled to have found this and just had to create a page to share with everyone.

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