Needs to Conserve Amazon River Wild Life

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The Amazon River wild life consists of many endangered species that can only thrive in conditions that are suitable only in the river. There are threats to this mighty river.

We don’t see the urgency of protecting wild life which comprises of flora and fauna. Same might not be the case when it comes to our belongings and loved ones. But Amazon River and rainforest belongs to us all and if we want to save our lonely planet there is an urgent need to conserve Amazon River wild life.

When you think about Amazon, you have to think about the other dimensions, think about the undiscovered and visualize only in superlatives. Serendipity, chance and the nature has made the Amazon as it is, in its vastness the biggest of the rainforests that is there due to the life giving Amazon River.

The rainforest animals and plants such as giant anacondas, deadly piranhas, the mammoth catfish and unique tree-top frog and the jaguars, many species of flora and fauna are living unaware and undisturbed by the chaotic modern technologies and urbanization in this giant canopy of Amazon rainforest. You might want to travel Amazon River to unplug the mystic rainforest in amazing and adventurous Amazon cruises.

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The Amazon River View


The Amazon River and the Rainforest Canopy


If you happen to see the Amazon from the top, you see the Amazon River serpentine towards the Atlantic from its origin of Peru in a haze of amassed greenery. The rainforest that are an inseparable part of this huge river form a canopy, an umbrella to distinct rare species. Underneath the canopy is called the understory, it is very hot and humid, creatures that can survive in the darkness and humidity are found a plenty. On the top at the crown of the tree canopy are creatures which love plenty of sunlight, it’s a world of living animals that love the vines and the sky full of light and air.


Nothing can be more mesmerizing than sleeping blissfully in a silent tent at a terrain of the safe rainforest where you can hear occasional sounds of the jungle. Slipping, falling, climbing walking and more walking with the alertness of a jungle cat and sharpness of an eagle, one has to be very cautious while treading and camping along the dense trees and the mighty river.

Amazon River from Amazon

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More About the Wild Amazon Rainforest River and the Rainforest

More than anything else, we need to preserve the remaining stretches of the rainforests, the rainforest animals plants and theself sustained eco-systems to be handed over to the future generations  without destroying and without cutting down the glorious trees and the lungs of the earth continuously recycling and regenerating oxygen. Amazonia is, without any doubt, the greatest rainforest on earth that shelters thousands of species not yet known to the man. Covering two and three quarter million square miles, it crosses the borders of nine countries, so huge is its span.


An unrivalled sight into the Amazon shows some 50 percent of the world's terrestrial species, including uncommon and often exceptional - animals and plants, not forgetting the wildlife and indigenous tribes. During the rainy season, a staggering one fifth of all fresh water on the planes flow along the mighty river Amazon.


There is no better way to enjoy the diverse Amazon wildlife rainforest and the river than on a luxury cruise on the Amazon River. You need to travel silently by water into the remote areas of the Amazon jungle, many of which have been seldom visited by visitors. They allow a unique experience of the Amazon’s rainforest animals, plants in a more intimate manner. Experience the wildlife from the Amazon’s dolphins to its piranha fish, monkeys, insects, predators and birdlife.


Mighty Amazon River wildlife

You can cruise along the ship route in Amazon River to Pacaya Samiria Reserve where the encounter with the Amazon jungle will leave you flabbergasted with a world filled with birds adorned in rainbow bright colors, mischievous Amazon monkeys, sharp hawks, graceful herons and millions of butterflies. Aboard on short excursions, you will have the opportunity to see hundreds of species of Amazon wildlife in the river including the endangered pink Amazon dolphin, the deadly piranhas, the three toed sloth, the gigantic catfish, and perhaps;  if you are fortunate—the predator, black jaguar.

In this bountiful and crowded Amazon rainforest environment, the animals are free to roam unhindered in their natural habitat.  Brilliant colored parrots and macaws perch in trees feel like a dream coming true, fuzzy orange and chattering dark howler monkeys munch on the treetop leaves. The list is endless, iguanas resembling ancient historic mini dinosaurs, bask in the glorious sun.  No Dinosaurs though ………………


This is not all. You will have the rare opportunity to witness long-legged cormorants feeding on fish. You can also view the monstrous alligators resting themselves in the river lying still, and the frightening boa constrictor more or less from a safe distance.

The Tambopata Research Center

The unique tambopata research center was founded in 1991, the only eco lodge that was the most established part of eco-tourism destination imparting knowledge with travel experience. The Tambopata research center is situated on the banks of serene Tambopata River. With the growing interest in Amazon rainforest animals, plants now there are a total of 9 rainforest lodges in the area of Puerto Maldonado.


This is a small lodge with the capacity of 18 bedrooms, one of the smallest lodges in the rainforest eco-tourism destinations and it is intended to be kept that way. The lodge can be located on the uninhabited frontier of the Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park.


It is one of its kinds, a rainforest expedition’s research center that is meant to conserve the rare species of birds and rainforest animals, plants as a long term study of the surviving populations of some rare exotic denizens in the Amazonian rainforests


The lodge houses traditional staff with native architecture to provide the worldly comforts necessary to the visitors without compromising the authentic serenity of the wilderness. This miraculous lodge enables visitors to look out at the undisturbed forest just 10 meters away from their location and watch the endangered species of some of the unique birds. The chefs at Tambopata Research Center offer buffet style meals that combine vegetarian, international, Peruvian and local cuisine. 

Have you undertaken Amazon river cruise?

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paperfacets on 04/25/2014

Maybe some day I will go and see a part of the Amazon.

ologsinquito on 03/26/2014

Yes, the Amazon is a very special place. The closest I've been to it is Panama.

Sheri_Oz on 03/26/2014

About 40 years ago I took a trip on the Amazon. We stayed overnight at the home of the game warden (who also took us on his boat for the "cruise"). His home was a wooden shack on stilts like the one in the photo. Everyone slept in hammocks and we ate whatever he managed to catch that day. I wonder how much that area has changed after 40 years.

Thanks for this article that brought back great memories.

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