New Silver Bullion Coins from the UK

by blackspanielgallery

The Royal Mint has stunning new silver bullion coins for 2019.

For several years the Royal Mint has produced new silver bullion coins, often heralding in a new series with the first release.

The oldest series is the Britannia, which now has two distinct versions. The coin with the oriental border design that previewed in 2018 celebrates early trade with the orient, but it was not a one-year coin. Once again there are two Britannia coins, one traditional design coin and one oriental border coin.

In addition, the lunar series continues with the Year of the Pig silver coin.

The Queen’s Beasts coin series that started in 2016 continues with the sixth and seventh two-ounce silver coins, the Yale of Beaufort and the Falcon of the Plantagenets, with the White Lion being next. Two ten-ounce coins also have been released for the series, the Black Bull of Clarence and the Unicorn of Scotland. The ten-ounce releases trail the two-ounce releases.

The Landmarks of Britain series that began in 2017 continues with the fourth coin in the series, Buckingham Palace. It is likely a fifth coin for this series will be released later this year.

One coin, the Two Dragons one-ounce silver coin of 2018 may have been the first of yet another series, or it may be a one-year design. No indication of a 2019 Two Dragon coin have been forthcoming.

The Valiant Silver Coin

In 2018, a ten-ounce silver bullion coin, the Valiant, was released featuring Saint George slaying the dragon.  The image resembles the image on the gold Sovereign, but it is not quite the same.  The two designs show Saint George on a horse facing the right.  The dragon looks different on the two coins.  On close examination Saint George wears a helmet on the Sovereign, but has no head covering on the Valiant.  Also, Saint George uses a sword on the Sovereign, and a spear on the Valiant.


This is a series, since the 2019 issue is also available.  The design has been updated to include a ring on the obverse of the coin for 2019.


While the series could be said to be in its second year, the coin currently has two sizes.  New for 2019 is the one-ounce silver Valiant coin. 


Perhaps the Royal Mint has found the ten-ounce silver bullion coins to be desired by the public. 

The Royal Arms Silver Coin

The 2019 Royal Arms silver bullion coin features the Lion of England and the Unicorn of Scotland supporting the shield bearing the Royal Arms.  Over the shield is a crown.  Beneath the shield are other symbols, the Tudor rose on the left, and the thistle and shamrock on the right.


Whether this is the beginning of yet another series, or a stand-alone coin, is not clear at this time.

The Variety

The variety of Royal Mint silver bullion, nice but often affordable coins, is great, and apparently growing.  Silver bullion coins make an excellent way to own bullion, and one can hope the value of a bullion coin will appreciate with its numismatic desirability. 


The Royal Mint has images of its bullion coins at

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Updated: 06/13/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 06/29/2019

The Valiant, the one with Saint George in silver, comes in a one-ounce size this year, but not last. Now it is affordable.

Mira on 06/29/2019

I had no idea about the unicorn of Scotland! Apparently it's Scotland's national animal!

I also like the coins you're showing here, especially as I'm particularly fond of the legend of St. George slaying the dragon.

blackspanielgallery on 06/13/2019

No, the Perth Mint has even more than two sizes for some bullion coins. Also, some are minted in multiple metals. The Queen's Beasts series has two- and ten- ounce bullion coins, and one-ounce proof coins. what is unusual is not to have had both sizes the first year. Adding a size is a bit unusual.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/13/2019

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practical information and the product lines. In regard to the valiant silver coin, is it unusual in any coin to have two sizes already available in the second year?

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