Nonverbal Expressions: The Art of Candy Waters

by melanie_a917

Candy Waters is a nonverbal autistic teen. Her parents discovered she has a passion for painting, and have encouraged her to use her art as an outlet for her emotions.

I've recently come into some new information regarding the paintings and products being sold. I'll leave this page up, but buyer beware, there may be something fishy going on, especially since the parents won't provide proof, just remove any evidence and make threats to anyone who asks for more information.
When the Executive Director of The Soaring Eagle Academy School for Autism approached her parents about Candy Waters doing an art piece for a fundraiser, they weren't sure if it would work out. After some thought, they decided to give it a shot. Little did they know then how much it would affect lives all over the world.

Candy was diagnosed with severe autism at three after her speech and motor skills showed regression. While she is now nonverbal, she uses a DynaVox to communicate and knows a little sign language. Thanks to the educator approaching them about the idea of painting for the fundraiser, she now can also express herself through art. 

Candy's first painting was a sun, likely because of her love for being outside and the song "Mr Sun" that was sung to her since infancy. "Mr Sun" sold for $100 in the fundraiser, and was displayed on the cover The University of California, Irvine (UIC) Magazine's Summer 2013 Issue. Another painting "Ray of Hope", is displayed at The Marino Campus, while "Pure Consciousness" is hanging at The David Lynch Foundation's Main Office in New York. She has some celebrity fans, and has been featured on Fox 32 News.

While this attention is great, even better are the lives that have been touched by the joy in Candy's paintings. On Facebook she has over 43,000 followers from around the world. Her pictures bring joy to people and add some brightness to a sometimes dreary Facebook landscape. 

When followers expressed interest in buying Candy's artwork her parents set her up a store on Zazzle to provide access to her art. She has many products available that display her different art pieces. Her sun paintings are some personal favorites, but they aren't her only ones. 

Autism is such a spectrum that it's often hard to guess what all capabilities a child will have as they grow and develop. While some children are nonverbal, not all are. All children; no matter what challenges they face, are special, and deserve to have advocates by their side to help them grow and develop their potential. 

Candy's mother, Sandy had this advice to give to parents of other children with autism, "Never give up faith, love, and hope. Try everything with your child. Children who have autism are able to achieve great things, no matter where they are on the Autism Spectrum. Our job as parents is to help them find their gift. I always say, 'Where words fail Music & Art speak. Music and Art are a must for Autism'."



Updated: 03/05/2016, melanie_a917
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melanie_a917 on 07/01/2017

FeatherLight I have an edit on that topic at the top of the article, with a link to one of the blogs on the topic. :)

FeatherLight on 07/01/2017

I suggest you Google this out. This appears to be a scam. There are MANY blogs, Facebook pages, internet pages, personal pages devoted to this topic. Evidence is plenty with screenshot to support the stance. Any questions asked are deleted by parents and those people are harassed and called bullies or stalkers.

melanie_a917 on 03/05/2016

Alina, Thanks for providing that link. I wasn't aware of it. I have edited the post to reflect the new information.

Alina on 02/28/2016

In your research of this, did you see proof that she made the artwork?

I ask because it appears that this is part of a scam

CruiseReady on 08/31/2015

It feels so good to know that Candy's work has received recognition and to know that some of it is showcased on Zazzle, too.

melanie_a917 on 07/12/2015

I'm not sure what the IC page is, but thank you for sharing! :)

Wanda Knight on 07/12/2015

I saw your post on the IC page. I shared in Thibodaux, Louisiana. She is very talented!

WriterArtist on 07/10/2015

There is no language better than a pictorial art, this is a beautiful medium for Candy to express her views and talent.

VioletteRose on 07/10/2015

Very beautiful paintings. I checked her Zazzle store and all of her works are so lovely.

Mira on 07/07/2015

I really like her paintings. But I don't understand the beginning of your article. The Executive Director approached her parents? Oh, Candy's parents. Silly me :)
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