Best of Hyperbole and a Half

by melanie_a917

Hyperbole and a half is a strange mixture between a blog and a web comic. I thought I would share some of my favorite posts.

I first ran into Hyperbole and a Half several years ago from a post on Facebook, and was instantly hooked. I went back to the absolute oldest post and read all the way through all the posts in a matter of days. I spent hours reading and laughing, and even though I slacked in some areas of life, I don't consider this time wasted at all.

The Alot

The first post I read from Hyperbole and a Half was about people mistakenly writing alot instead of a lot. Thanks to my tenth grade English teacher, this has also become a pet peeve of mine, so the post was extra amusing. I was sad when it ended and decided I must go back to the very beginning and catch myself up on all the posts.  

Spaghatta Nadle

The Spaghatta Nadle posts are actually a series, with six posts total. The pictures are what really make these posts hysterical, and reading it out loud is always fun. Following the noodle with a speech impediment while he meets various other characters is always good for a laugh. 




A Better Pain Chart

Have you ever noticed how terribly not descriptive or accurate most pain charts in hospitals and doctors' offices are? Allie Brosh, the writer and illustrator of Hyperbole and a half, decided that we needed a new and improved pain chart, with amusing descriptions that can accurately describe how you feel when your in intense pain. She was right. Now we just need these to replace all the boring ones. 



Adventures in Depression

While most of Hyperbole and a Half is funny and upbeat, she does discuss the more difficult parts of life. After going through a horrible depression, she posted Adventures in Depression and later followed up with Depression Part Two. I've read many articles on depression, but none of them came as close to expressing exactly how it feels as Allie's posts. I may have cried reading them, and forced my husband to read them. She worded it perfectly, and they're also still accompanied by her awesome drawings, which help take away some of the pain of the content. Depression is a serious illness, and can be really hard to deal with. To be able to be honest about it, and completely open that blackness up to other people is a strength not many have. I think these posts can go a long way toward raising awareness and helping people cope, if only by knowing they aren't alone. 

Hyperbole and a Half has now been turned into a book, with new exclusive content added. It was not a disappointment. It's a book I've returned to a few times now when I needed a good laugh.

Updated: 07/11/2015, melanie_a917
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