Online Deals for Father's Day

by sandyspider

Gift ideas for dad, fun neckties, t-shirts, keychains, hats and other great ideas to give your dad for Father's Day or any day. After all, shouldn't everyday be Fahter's Day?

Shopping online for gifts has become more popular over the years. Majority of department stores have online stores. It is not hard to find great online deals too. The best thing I love about the internet is the one of a kind custom gift product that you can buy for your dad. This is a gift that not everyone sees everywhere from one person to the next.

Finding a Gift for Father

Saving is just around the corner

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Though shopping the old fashion way is good for our bodies to walk around and get some exercise (do you remember that word…exercise?), many of us have exercised our fingers over the keyboard. It is still good to go outside once in a way and shop the old way. I love looking through the store advertisements and specials. It is also good to compare what is available and for how much at the department stores versus the online department stores.

Besides the department stores, there are the print on demand personalization shops like Zazzle, the auction type-sites like eBay and places where you can buy new and used items like Amazon and Overstock.

These sites will also give ideas for gift giving for Father's Day and other special occasions.

Since I am a shopkeeper on Zazzle, these gifts shown here are from there.

With the exception of a few gifts below that are on Amazon. Many gifts can be found there from Sandy Mertens on Amazon.

If you do not see what you are looking for here, then you can search my shops and where you find me on Amazon. Your dad will love the one of a kind look.

Fun Neckties for Dad

For the man comfortable to be himself

As an online Zazzle shopkeeper, I find that the funnier or stranger the necktie, the more someone will buy it. I remember when watching TV years ago and in the sitcom, the child would give his day a funny and maybe a little ugly tie for Father's Day. He would smile and thank his son for such a nice gift. Although the smile on his face said, "Oh, I hope I don't have to wear this out in public!" Of course, that was the older sitcoms, where men wore conservative suits and no style outside of the plain one color look, or the black suit with black tie.

You may also be familiar with the commercials where dad had been given a necktie that he did not like. Then the announcer's voice comes in, "Give dad something that he really likes…"

Times have changed and neckties can be fun with bright designs, funny and strange designs. I have seen local newscasters wear funky looking ties. It takes the stiffness of the news away and brings a little fun to TV.

What I have observed is that people like to give funky and funny neckties your dad will love to receive for Father's Day.

These neckties are from my Funnyjokes shop on Zazzle. I have ten unique shops there. If you don't see the necktie that you are looking for, then check out the other shops.


Some Notes about These Neckties

Having some fun on my drawing tablet, I decided that it would be fun to make a childlike drawing of a guy walking his dog. This is drawing colored in slightly outside of some of the lines is just like a drawing that your young child would make for you. It also started with gifts pertaining to the replacement refs that the NFL had while the referees where waiting for their contracts. There were many mistakes made with these replacement refs. I thought it would be fun to continue this on with other replacement ideas.

Dad Will Love These Fun Gifts

Cards, T-shirts, Hats, Neckties and More

Father's Day Cards and Gifts

Dad will love that perfect Father's Day card. Create your own with the Big 36" x 48" Greeting Card . Get some gift ideas with neckties and shirts. Maybe a watch would be a nice gift for dad. See these pages on and search for dad gifts.


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sandyspider on 03/04/2017

DerdriuMarriner, Happy that you like those designs.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/03/2017

sandyspider, The "Best Dad" apron and the "replacement artist" tie are my favorites!

CherylsArt on 05/30/2013

Some cute humor for dad, I got a chuckle. : )

sandyspider on 06/08/2012

sheilamarie, same here. Both of our dads are no longer with us. But my hubby is a dad.

sheilamarie on 06/04/2012

Sad to say, my Dad is no longer with us, but my hubby will be the focus for Father's Day as he is a great Dad.
Shopping online has become so convenient.

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