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Online Shopping News is published daily. It was designed to be your one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. Not only do you receive the headlines, also on-line shopping...

Online Shopping News is designed to be your one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. You receive on-line shopping news headlines, and leisure, health, business, technology, art & entertainment, and education supplements.The newspaper is produced by Humagaia (aka Chaz Fox) using You can even follow @Humagaia on Twitter by clicking the link towards the top left of the headlines section. You can have your articles considered for inclusion by adding #shoponline, #shoppingonline, #onlineshop or #onlineshopping when you tweet a link to your shopping related articles.

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Online Shopping News First Edition

Online Shopping News First Edition
Online Shopping News First Edition

Online Shopping News Publication

Introductory Overview

By subscribing to Online Shopping News you get the up-to-the-minute goss' from Twitter and other social media, all in one place. No need to go crawling for the information yourself. Just wait for it to drop into your in-box, once you have subscribed.

You can access the paper on-line, by clicking on this link. Don't forget to save it to your favorites. You can do this by clicking the '*' (star), at the right-hand side of the newspaper. You can subscribe to Online Shopping News for free, and it can be embedded into any blog or website using the available '</>' embed code.


You have a number of options when you receive your free copy of Online Shopping News. You can stay on the Headlines page to see descriptions from free articles in all categories about on-line shopping. You can click through to any of these, in order to read the full article.

Alternatively, you can click through to pages for each major category from the index bar.

Macy's Front Page
Macy's Front Page


One of the main categories available to you is 'Leisure'

Here you will find articles on online shopping website, online shopping store and products that are available at online shopping stores.

This includes such online shopping sites as: 

If you write articles for this category, you can have them considered for inclusion, by adding #shoponline to any tweet you produce with a link to your article.

Sephora Front Page
Sephora Front Page


Another main category is 'Health'. This includes both health product and beauty product articles. Anything that can be classified as 'health and beauty' will be available to you under this category heading. Doing your online shopping for vitamins, supplements, health products, perfume, cosmetics and personal grooming products can be enhanced by reading articles from this category.

You will be able to find health and beauty products from online shopping sites such as: 

If you tweet links to articles within this category, and you wish them to be considered for inclusion in OSN, then just add #shoppingonline to each tweet.

OfficeMax Front Page
OfficeMax Front Page


For the business reader, looking to find information and articles about office supplies, equipment, and promotional products, Online Shopping News is the ideal first place to look.

OSN will have articles about new products in all these categories. There will be opportunities to read reviews and recommendations about products from online shopping merchants such as: 

Alternatively, if you wish your online business to be promoted, free of charge on Online Shopping News, then all you need do is point to an article about your business or product in a tweet on Twitter with a #tag attached, such as #onlineshop or #shoponline.

Dell Front Page
Dell Front Page


This category is ideal for business or personal information. Articles about technology will range from the newest mobile technology through to auto audio and the latest computers.

The articles linked to though Online Shopping News will cover products that can be obtained from Computer and Electronics companies such as:

If you write articles for this category just add the #shoppingonline to your tweet for it to be considered for inclusion in OSN.

Disney Store
Disney Store Front Page
Disney Store Front Page

Art & Entertainment

This category is very broad, covering music, television, theatre, art, DVD's & videos. Keeping up-to-date with the availability of products in these genre can be made easier by subscribing to Online Shopping News.

The products written about in this category will be available at online shopping websites such as:

Again, if you write articles for this category, add #shoponline to your tweets.

Scholastic Front Page
Scholastic Front Page


Education covers online shopping and products that fall within the sub-categories of Books, educational toys and the like. Online Shopping News can be used to find out about new offerings in these categories. They will be available from online shopping sites such as:

Add #shoponline to your tweets if you have links to information about this category, about which you tweet.


Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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business envelopes on 01/21/2016

It was definitely informative. Thanks For Sharing....

humagaia on 03/05/2012

@Mike hehehehehehe

teddletonmr on 03/04/2012

Thanks for the Idea Chaz. I'll start working on putting something together soon.
I'll work on my spelling...;)

humagaia on 03/04/2012

@Mike - you like it then. Why not tell us the full low-down on your paper and what it will do for us, and how we can get featured. It's a quick and easy way to get another Wizer under the bonnet.

teddletonmr on 03/03/2012

Outstanding use of the ipaper format.

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