Organic Homemade Sunless Self Tanner that Never Smells Bad

by katiem2

Get sun kissed glow with homemade sunless tanner that does not stink. DIY organic self-tanner works instantly is good for skin and smells good enough to eat.

Sunless tanners smell good at first but after an hour or so a very noticeable stench wafts around making you sniff your pits thinking, “Is that me?” The key ingredient making commercial products work also cause us to smell horrible. You think manufacturers would work this out and yet the only thing they have done is included an added scent hoping to mask the odor. This makes the product smell good when first opened or applied but later the same embarrassing smell returns causing you to wreak. Well, no more, I have the solution using ingredients from your own kitchen. This homemade self-tanner is organic, good for skin, saves money, works instantly and smells good from start to finish. In fact, you will smell good enough to eat and that is never a bad thing.

Why Self Tanners Stink

The Tell-Tale Smell of Sunless Tanners

The active ingredient in sunless tanners cause a chemical reaction when coming in contact with the amino acids in our skin ultimately creating that gorgeous glow.   This is what takes a bit of time and also the cause of that terrible odor.  Dihydroxyacetone or DHA is the substance both responsible for the effortless glow and the unwanted smell.  This awful stink will not go away until you shower to scrub away the clingy odor.  This is not good for the brand new layer of colored skin.  Showering to get rid of the bad smell also gets rid of the layer of skin holding onto the tan.  It is a lose/lose situation.

Cosmetic companies make big bank selling the pricey self-tanners. These companies have been hard at work to convince us they have solved the problem of the stink.  This is not true the added scents geared to cover up the odor only mask it for a short time.  There is no way around it, the key components in convenient self-tanner sprays, jells and lotions are the reason it works and the reason it stinks.  

You Have Two Options

  1. Risk the trademark stink using the new and improved odorless tanners.
  2. Make your own homemade tanner that moisturizes, improves health and longevity of tan, smells and taste amazing.  Hey you never know when that special someone will take a little nibble. 

Never Avoid Close Encounters With Intimacy Again

The Solution to Stinky Self-Tanner Sprays, Jells and Lotions

The Real Odorless Self-Tanner

If we are going to stain our skin for an optimal glowing color it may as well be good for us and it can be.  As a fair skinned redhead I was determined to come up with a solution and something that works better.  I did not want to settle for a lack luster option just for the sake of being odorless and healthy, no I wanted something that was amazing. 

I discovered a way to make a sunless tanner that both smells really good, all the time, and is good for the skin with a luxurious tan occurring on contact.  

Homemade Self Tanner and Sunless Tanner

The Recipe for Homemade Self Tanner that Smells Good and Works Great!

This tanner is something you can whip up in mere minutes.  It is safe, organic, moisturizes skin and adds a gorgeous glow instantly.  In fact, this homemade tanner can reduce the appearance of cellulite.  This sunless tanner includes caffeine a known ingredient that reduces the appearance of cellulite.  This amazing concoction also includes a well-known moisturizer that has many healthful benefits.

before after sunless tanner

Look and Smell Irresistible

Katie’s Pleasant Smelling Sunless Self-Tanner

The Two Simple Ingredients Sunless Tanner Recipe

Blend Organic Cacao and Organic Coconut Oil to desired color.  Yes, it is that simple. 

What You Need

1.  1 nice glass jar with lid      

(you can use plastic but glass is optimal for the purpose of microwaving later for warm hot oil hair tint treatment included below)

2. Organic Cacao Powder   

 3. Organic Coconut oil

  1. Add 1 cup (amount flexible) organic coconut oil into mixing bowl
  2. Add Cacao powder blending into coconut oil until you reach desired color tone. It should be thick, pasty and dark.

Once blended to the perfect customized color, place in jar for on the go tanning needs.

Once blended well apply to skin rubbing in for the desired depth of sun kissed glow.


Homemade Sunless Self Tanner

Self-Tanner the Smells Good

Sunless Self-Tanner Warning

Caution Sunless Tanners Do Cause Unpleasant Odor

What is that terrible smell?

I am a fair skinned red head who loves a sun kissed glow, honestly it makes any of us look better. Laying out in the sun is out of the question for my light skin, I would burn not tan.  Exposure to the sun is not the answer for anyone seeking the perfect glowing tan, we all know it is a health hazard, time consuming and speeds up the aging process.  Sunless tanners are expensive transforming into a horrible odor that is so bad we just can’t explain it.  One thing for certain, anyone and everyone who comes into contact with the self-tanner after effects notice it.  It is very offensive, a huge turn off and sends people running from your stinky self anytime you wear a sunless tanner.


How to Make Self Tanner Stick

Convenient Sunless Self-Tanner Stick

To make a convenient tanning stick great for travel or add to makeup bag in purse for quick touch ups follow these simple instructions. 

Add equal parts of homemade self-tanner to Bees Wax.

First melt the bees wax in a double boiler or in the microwave.  

Once the beeswax is melted blend with homemade self-tanner.  After the mixture cools it will form a solid. This can be used to skin for touch ups or tanning in general. 

Updated: 04/11/2016, katiem2
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Is The Stinky Smell of Self Tanners Worth it?

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katiem2 on 03/20/2017

Trinity, Thank you for the helpful and honest review of my homemade organic sunless tanning lotion. Glad you are now free of the terrible odor of store bought brands.

TRINITY on 03/20/2017

What a find I have tried every self tanner known to human kind and each and every brand stinks like a nasty arm pits after a few hours pass. Unfortunately I worried I may have something wrong with me. I would be out on a date or with friends and the embarrassing odor would creep up on me. I was going crazy trying to figure it out. I finally suspected sunless tanners and was right. I found your blog while looking for answers and you confirmed the source of my problem. I have been using your natural organic self tanner and love ito, your tan recipe is everything you promised and more
Thank you katiem2 you saved my life, my social life and mental well being...

katiem2 on 03/01/2017

DerdriuMarriner, I like the way you think and agree when it comes to achieving glowing skin

DerdriuMarriner on 05/05/2016

katiem2, Thank you! As far back as I can remember I've loved the scents of cacao and coconuts. This blend, with the cooled-down beeswax melt, is a completely fragrant, non-scary, pleasant alternative to the burned, freckled looks that being outdoors can give a fair-skinned lass ;-D!

katiem2 on 04/12/2016

lindylou2 and dustytoes, Thanks for commenting on the odorless homemade tanner

dustytoes on 04/12/2016

Very clever idea Katie!

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