Origami Sword Paper Folding Projects

by Marie

Projects on folding fantasy and more traditional style swords and weaponry from paper and foil using origami techniques. With links to great tutorials and included videos too.

I love sword weaponry and particularly those from the movies and, as a result, I tend to do a fair bit of crafting based on this theme. So here I have put together a fun resource page for creating your very own origami version with paper or foil.

Now you can make up a halfling Hobbit sword for Bilbo or his younger cousin Frodo Baggins. Or you can just satisfy your desire to make bigger play items to act out favorite knight and castle games. There are a limited number of diagrams, project instructions and how to videos online but I have picked out the best that I've found and used myself.

You'll discover paper folding links for creating brilliant daggers, knives and more. Also included are some video tutorials which are great to follow along, especially if you are able to do your paper crafting near your computer or even your tablet device. And, of course, these make great projects for themed parties too.

My Fantasy Foil Paper Swords

The Hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins would Love these!
Origami Sword Paper Folding Projects
Origami Sword Paper Folding Projects
Image belongs to the author of this article: Marie Williams Johnstone

These are my favorite origami swords that I like to fold because they're quick and also easy so long as you understand or practice the squash fold technique first. It is best to make these from quite thin papers rather than thick pieces. I prefer using the metallic foil papers which look great and have the added bonus that you can 'engrave' detail on to your finished foil project with an rounded embossing tool or an ordinary writing pen which no longer works.

Click on the image of the paper swords, and you'll visit the exact folding instructions I used to make these so you can start making your own fabulous fantasy paper weaponry!

 Scroll Down to Find Lots More Sword Folding Projects

Foil Papers are Perfect for Blades

Or to use for the Metallic Hilts on Swords
Aitoh Assorted Foil Origami Paper, 5.875 by 5.875-Inch, 36-Pack
$6.42  $4.23

Foil papers are a good item to keep when crafting weaponry from paper because the high shine is ideal for giving the look of metal. I used blue foil paper to make my Hobbit version 'Sting' appear to have a magical blue glow.

Links for Origami Sword Diagrams & Instructions

  • Easy to Intermediate Dagger
    Make a fairly easy origami dagger from foil or thin origami paper. The only tricky fold you need to know is the squash fold in order to make these quickly.
  • Easy to Intermediate Sword
    A longer version of the dagger above, this is a great paper folding project outlined with step-by-step photos for you to follow.
  • Origami Flip Knife
    The photos are not great but you'll find instructions to make a paper flip knife which is an interesting project.You'll find more including videos below.

Bilbo Baggin's Sword

This Is the Version I Made with 'Glowing' Blade
Bilbo Baggin's Sword Folded from Paper and Shiny Foil
Bilbo Baggin's Sword Folded from Paper and Shiny Foil
Image belongs to the author of this article: Marie Williams Johnstone

For this design, you need to use your favorite project instructions to make up 2 swords from paper. I made one in a brown color paper (gold would also be a good choice) and one in a blue color. You then need to cut out the blade from the blue version and glue it to the top of your other folded piece. This then makes a sword that resembles 'Sting' which is the sword that belonged to the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins and which he passed on to Frodo. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. The sword 'Sting' has a magical blade that glows blue when Orcs are nearby.

Updated: 10/06/2017, Marie
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