Owl Jewelry - the Perfect Owl Accessories and Gifts

by Digby_Adams

Owls are the symbol of knowledge and wisdom. This makes owl rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces the perfect graduation gift.

Owl jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. They can be big and bold or small and dainty and can represent any mood that you choose them to. Often women who choose to wear animal jewelry love animals and the outdoors. They might be backyard birders or nature lovers. They might also have a spiritual side that loves the symbolism of knowledge and wisdom that is brought by animals. These make wonderful Christmas or birthday gifts in addition to graduation gifts. They are unusual, but not so unusual that a woman won't wear it. You can Click Here to see all of the owl jewlery available on Amazon. It's easy to find something for any woman in this extensive and reasonably priced collection.

The Greek gods used owls to send wisdom between their world and the human world. That's where the phase Wise Old Owl comes from. So if you're looking for a unique and funky graduation gift or a gift to acknowledge someone's talent or intellectual achievement, then a piece of owl jewelry is perfect. Many kinds of animal jewelry - snake rings, elephant necklaces - are classic fashion statements and owl jewelry is no different. But that doesn't mean that they can't be funky and modern as well.

I love finding jewelry that's fun and affordable. The owl rings shown above are certainly that. In addition to great designs, they are adjustable. This doesn't mean that they look like the came out of a box of Cracker Jacks either. It means that they are designed to be easy to wear. Regardless of your weight or bloating you can make a ring comfortable. I think that's important!

As you can see from the examples above owl rings come in a variety of styles to compliment all jewelry tastes and hand sizes.

You can pick one animal and make it your signature jewelry style. This is particularly effective if you consider that animal to be your spirit guide. If you love the owl because of it's connection to wisdom and insight, that would be a perfect signature jewelery element. One day you could wear an owl ring, the next day perhaps a pair of owl earrings. There are so many different styles of owl jewelry, that you'll always find the perfect piece - no matter what's on your agenda. The owl earrings shown to the right show you the diversity of jewelry styles available in the owl jewelry niche. You can choose either the sultry topaz drop owl earring or the bright colored crystal stud owl earring.

Owl Earring

Antique Gold Tone Citrine Crystal Owl Drop Earrings

Grow your menagerie of critter jewellery. Featuring a pair of cute owls, crafted in antique gold plated metal and pave set with citrine crystals. The eyes made of two black ...

Only $21.9
Black Deco Owl Unisex Mens Womens Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

One pair of stylish stainless steel stud earrings. Butterfly earrings backs. 9.5mm Diameter.

Only $3.99

If you're every vacationing on Cape Cod in the Autumn, be sure to contact the National Seashore Museum and see if they're hosting their Screeching Owl tour. You go out into the forest after dark and try to find the screeching owls. It's a great deal of fun and just a little spooky. My husband and I try to do it every fall. Visiting the Cape in the off season is wonderful. Anyways, I digress. But with a purpose. The top owl pendant to the right on top with a rainbow gemstone to represent the moon reminds me so much of that fun expedition. The oval pendant with branches to support the stylized owl is beautiful.

I also love the detail of the owl sitting perched on the circle in the second owl pendant. Animal inspired jewelry reminds me of the connection that we have with different species and I love wearing it. Sometimes my husband jokes that my jewelry box is a miniature zoo. And yes I do wear a pair of owl earrings or an owl ring when we go on the Screeching Owl Tour!

Owl Always Love You Necklace

Pink Owl Pendant Necklace

Very sweet pink owl pendant. The background is a deep and rich pin color. The owl is a needlepoint inspired design. The owl's body is light pink with small white dots. His eyes and pink are defined in deep pink. His chest feathers are light green and brown while his wings are outlined in red. Colorful and optimistic, he arrives with the romantic message "Owl always love you."

A woman who collects owls or who loves birding will love receiving this  as a gift. It will be a conversation piece that will let her explain her owl interests. It's also just a cute I Love You gift. 

Take a simple bangle bracelet and embellish it with owl details. You'll find that people after thinking that you were just wearing another bangle, won't be able to take their eyes off of your jewelry until they figure out just what the design is. I do love to add an element of surprise to my fashion. Owl jewelry will certainly keep people guessing.

I love the copper owl necklace shown to the right. It's a little Art Deco, a little retro, but very modern. The stylized owl has huge black eyes. Then its body is a series of feather layers held together by hinges - giving the owl pendant a graceful sense of movement. The copper is worked in a variety of patterns to give this owl jewelry an interesting texture. If you love Boho chic tops and clothing, this necklace is perfect for your style. The necklace measures 28 inches and the owl pendant 2.5 inches.

You can see the large choice of owl jewelry. I can't recommend it enough as a graduation gift. These pieces aren't that expensive. It's perfect if you want to give a neighbor or co-worker a gift to recognize their accomplishments but don't want to spend a fortune. At work, it's also a great remembrance to give someone to congratulate them on a promotion or to recognize their work on a very important project.

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lou16 on 04/27/2012

What a lovely selection of owl jewelry, I especially like the silver moonstone owl pendant.

Jimmie on 01/29/2012

Pretty jewelry. Athena is often portrayed with an owl nearby since she is the goddess of wisdom. The coins of Athens also have an owl on them. (Can you tell we just finished Ancient Greece in our history studies?) They are gorgeous birds, for sure. Not sure how wise they are in fact. But the symbolism remains.

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