Palm Leaf Themed Tropical Home Decor

by VioletteRose

Palm trees and leaves look so beautiful that the palm leaves themed home décor and party accessories always stand out with a unique charm.

Palms are tropical trees with single trunk and they have unique shaped leaves that look so distinct and beautiful. In fact, there are many types of palm trees, each with a unique structure of their own and they all have distinct leafy patterns which make look different yet similar. Whichever the type of palm tree, they are all amazingly beautiful making them perfect to be planted as ornamental plants and trees. They grow strong and live for so many years and they are commonly found in many Southeast Asian countries.

The palm leaf themed home décor and even party accessories look so attractive and unique and they are loved and used by many of us who love the tropical themes for their homes.

Palm Leaves Have Unique Beautiful Leafy Patterns

There are different kinds of palm leaves, yet they all look similar and distinct at the same time. For example, coconut trees and date palms are two different kinds of palm trees. They look similar in a way, but different in many ways. Other notable plam trees in Asian countries are palmyra palms, talipot palms, fan palms and areca palms.

Let us see some of the most beautiful home décor items available to buy online, that are designed based on palm trees and their beautiful leafy patterns. It will be ideal to start decorating your home with a real living palm tree, if you love the unique beauty of palms and if you love to decorate your home in the tropical way.

Decorate Your Home With Real Growing Palms

Small palms planted in pots add great decoration to any home. They add beauty to your home, along with adding to the freshness of air.

If you don't want to plant a real palm that grows, you can decorate your home using an artificial palm silk tree that looks just like the actual one.

Decorate Your Walls With Palm Leaves Peel And Stick Wall Decals

These are available in different sizes and you can easily stick them to your walls and peel them as you wish. Made of quality fabrics, these artificial palm leaves decals add beauty to homes and offices with very little effort. These are manufactured by the company named Wallmonkey wall decals and the decals are made in the USA. As you order the wall decals, they are custom printed and delivered to you. So according to the manufacturer, you always get new wall decals made just for you!

Here is another beautiful palm wall decal from another manufacturer and this too is easy to stick and peel. The designs come in large size, so you just need one of this to decorate the entire wall.

More Palm Leaf Themed Wall Decals

The below shown huge wall decals have a three dimensional look, that makes them look more real and appealing.

Now that you have decorated your living room with a real or artificial palm tree in a pot, and also your walls with easy to stick and peel palm leaf themed stickers, we can see how to decorate the bedroom with tropical palm leaf themed home decors.

Zaazle has a great collection of customizable, print on demand pillows that come in different sizes and shapes. You can even customize them as you wish, by adding your own texts or names to the products. They will make beautiful gifts too since they can be personalized.

The first pillow shown here is made of cotton, but you can get pillows printed with same design and size in polyester too. You can also get the same designs in other sizes too. Just click on the pillow below to go to the product page, and then select the size and type of pillow you need from the different options shown on the right side of the page.

The size of the pillow shown here is 20" by 20" but you can also select the same pillow for sizes in 16" by 16" and 13" by 21".

The second one is another beautiful pillow designed with vintage palm tree design, which will be perfect if you are looking for vintage themed tropical pillows. This throw pillow is also available in different sizes and prices.

Round Palm Leaf Tropical Throw Pillows For Home Decor

Round shaped pillows from Zazzle looks great and you can use them for you living room or bedroom as you wish. They are soft and comfortable, plus they are decorative. Round pillows with palm leaf patterns will fit nicely into the tropical themed decorations.

The first pillow that you see below is printed with light green palm leaves patterns and it has a nice green background. The second pillow is printed with palm tree leaves against the beautiful blue sky.

You can even get a matching set of bed sheets, pillows and comforters, all with same printed palm leaves patterns. These are available in amazon to buy as a set. You can also get palm leaf printed shower curtains, and also canvas prints, posters etc. online.

Do you like the beautiful palm trees and leaves?

Updated: 12/12/2016, VioletteRose
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