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by VioletteRose

Tropical home decor gift ideas include tropical themed bedroom, living room decor ideas etc with green palm tree themed gifts which also make great housewarming gifts for couples.

Palm trees are beautiful looking tropical trees. Palm trees and palm leaves look spectacular with the single trunk and the beautiful patterns in the green leaves.

Palm trees and green palm leaves themed accessories are popular tropical home decorations. If you love tropical themed home decorations, palm trees themed accessories and palm leaves patterned gifts for home decor are great choices. They look beautiful and unique, and they add great beauty where they are used.

If you know someone who loves the beauty of palm trees, then buying palm themed gifts for home decor will be a great idea. Or you can buy them and use them to decorate your own home, to add a tropical touch to your home.

You will find here beautiful and decorative palm trees themed gifts and also palm leaf patterned gifts. Buy them for your own use or gift them as you wish!

Hand painted Metal Wall Art Of Colorful Palm Trees - Makes a very unique and great tropical home decor gift - You may click on the image to buy this awesome palm tree gift from Amazon

More Tropical Themed Metallic Palm Tree Wall Arts - Make Great Tropical Palm Tree Themed Home Decor Gifts

Decorative Palm Leaf Serving Trays - Tropical Serving Trays For Kitchen

Palm leaves are so beautiful, and serving trays made based on palm leaf designs are popular. Green, leafy patterned trays can be great addition to the kitchens as they bring the special tropical look, and palm leaf designs are especially suitable for this. They can be used just for occasions and celebrations, or when there is any event featuring the tropical theme. Or just use them casually whenever you wish.

A dozen of these serving trays come as a package, and they are perfect for tropical themed parties and celebrations like Hawaiian Luau parties and even tropical themed weddings. Made of plastic, these serving trays are 12 inches long and 7.5 inches wide and they come with in an affordable price range.

Lighted Palm Tree For Indoor And Outdoor Use - Buy From Amazon

Decorate your home with a 5 feet long artificial lighted palm tree. You can use this beautiful lamp for both indoor and outdoor use. It also makes a perfect gift for those who love tropical trees and gifts. The lamp comes with 150 bright lights and this can be even used for your Christmas decorations or other holidays and celebrations. It is definitely a great choice to be used as a perfect home décor gift for someone who bought a new home, or even as a beautiful tropical gift for Christmas and other occasions.

The beautiful tree shaped lamp with 150 lights is sure to add beauty to the outdoor gardens or the indoor living rooms. The best thing is that even with a single piece of this lamp, you can turn an ordinary living room to have an amazingly decorative look.

Tropical Palm Trees Decorative Candle Holders

The tropical candle holders can be great gifts for anyone who is looking to decorate their new home. The palm tree shaped candle holders look beautiful on tabletops and they help you make your dinner tables look romantic and special. You can buy them for regular use if you wish to decorate your table with the topical tree decors, or you can give these to your friends or family as special gifts.

The set comes with two candle holders made of poly resin material. The product does not include candles in it, so you will have to buy the candles separately.

Simple And Beautiful Palm Tree Clock

When you think about tropical palm tree themed gifts, wall clocks are great choices which will also make simple and beautiful gifts for even special occasions like housewarming. Decorative wall clocks add great charm to any room, and you can easily decorate the walls of your home with this necessary and decorative item. The palm tree design is printed on the background, and the brown frames are made of plastic. The dials are metallic black, and you have Arabic numbers at all the hours so time can be easily read.

The palm tree wall clock has a vintage look and it will easily add the tropical flair to your walls that you want.

Palm Trees Shaped Metallic Wall Hooks

Wall hooks help you manage and organize things at home. The metallic wall hooks with palm tree designs have four hooks and it comes with screws to help you mount them in to the walls. They can be used to hang things like keys or hats and will be helpful to organize things in less space. The tropical palm tree designs in green colour help you make the walls look beautiful and decorative too!

More Palm Trees Themed Home Gifts

Here you can see more palm trees themed gifts for home, like prints and posters, decorative throw pillows and more.

Decorative Beach Palm Trees Prints For Home

Below you can see a set of two tropical palm trees prints which measures 8 by 10 inches each. Put them on your tropical themed rooms, be it a bedroom, living room or even bathroom. They look amazing on your home with the vintage beach look.

Here again you can see two art prints that come as a set which are sold together. They measure 8 by 10 inches each and fit in the standard sized frames that you can buy separately. The prints feature vintage palm trees in East Indies.

Palm Trees Themed Decorative Tropical Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a must for any home, be it for sleeping or decorative purposes. These are comfortable, soft plush pillows designed with vintage looking palm trees printed on the top.

Decorative Artificial Palm Tree For Tropical Home Decor

Growing real palm trees or plants can bring great beauty to your outdoors and indoors. But if it is not possible to grow and care for a real plant, you can still bring the beauty of these unique plants by decorating your rooms using naturally looking artificial palm trees.

Palm trees and palm tree inspired home decors can bring unique, natural beauty to indoors and outdoors alike. Real palm trees are always the best, but we can always bring the nearly natural tropical look to our homes using the innovative home decors.

Do you like to decorate your home using palm trees inspired tropical home decors?

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VioletteRose on 06/23/2015

Hi candy47, thank you so much for reading! Palm trees and palm trees based home decors are my favourites too :)

candy47 on 06/23/2015

I love to decorate with palm trees! Inside and outside, real or artificial.

VioletteRose on 06/21/2015

Thank you so much sheilamarie and blackspanielgallery for stopping by! I love the beauty of palm trees, so these are some of my favourites.

blackspanielgallery on 06/21/2015

So of these were surprises. These must have taken a long time to find.

sheilamarie on 06/20/2015

Cute ideas, VioletteRose.

VioletteRose on 06/19/2015

Thank you Digby Adams! I too think greenery goes nice with home décor. Thanks for reading.

Digby_Adams on 06/19/2015

These are very pretty. I think greenery is very soothing, when it's used in home decor.

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