Papas Hotdogeria Game Guide

by Morganna

Here's my complete guide to mastering Poppa's Hotdogeria, and unlocking all of the characters and tasty ingredients.

Welcome to my strategy guide for Papa's Hotdogeria. I've dominated this little flash game to give you all of the info you'll need to unlock all of the tasty hot dog toppings and zany customers.

Just in case you've never heard of it, Papa's hot dogs is a fun and addictive time management game where you're in charge of your hot dog restaurant. Your job is to take the orders, grill and top the hot dogs and then serve them up right. If you do your job well you get a nice fat tip.

The game does feature a very good tutorial right of the bat, so I won't go into how to play, but this guide is more to completely master the game.

Intro photo featured above and below was painted by me, while all other images on this page are copyrighted to the creator at, and finally my goofy piled up hot dog screen shots that are from the game are owned by flipline studios.

Where to Play

Two great places to play for free

Here's two great places to play Pappa's hotdogs. The first is the official site where all the Papparia games live, and the second and my all time favorite is Kongregate games, which is where I played to bring you this groovy guide. Both places are great, but the reason I love kongregate the most is that I enjoy all of the silly little trophies and achievements.

Note: You can't carry your saved games over to another site, so it will be best to pick a site to play and stick to it.



Flipline Stuidos - Pappas Hotdogs

Pappy's Hotdogs on Kongregate

The Game in Action

See all of the ingredients unlocked

When you first start a new game your toppings bar and hot dog selection is pretty sparse. So, I thought I'd find a video with all of them unlocked. Not only that, but you get to see the game well played and in action!

Taking the orders

Speeding Up the Order Taking and Delivery Process

There's not much that you can do while taking an order, except stand there and wait for your tickets to fill up, but in the long-term you can make your customers order faster. You do this by playing the game well, and not making any catastrophic errors.

As you see repeat customers throughout the game you will gain customer loyalty stars. Get five stars and you'll receive a bronze medal, five more a silver and finally a gold medal.

For each new customer medal you receive your customers will order faster as well as inspect the food faster when you deliver the order.

Bronze level, you'll only see a small, barely noticeable speed increase, but with silver and gold the customers are more confident and practically spit out a ticket. They are real life savers when craps burning on the grill.

All of this takes time because in this version of papa games you won't see repeat customers as frequently as in previous games, and this makes screwing up even more gutting.

If you totally mess up across waiting, cooking, topping or worse by giving them the wrong order, you'll lose all five stars. Thankfully you won't lose the medal but you'll have to see the customer five more times to get to the next. The best of the worst by messing up is that you won't lose or gain any stars by doing something else well, or perhaps they didn't find mustard on the counter that offensive.

See my walk through for my strategy guide on how many tickets I have open at any given time.

The Grilling Station

Cooking the Dogs

I have two methods of grilling that on average gives me a customer cooking score of one hundred percent. One method is with the meat timer, the other is without it. That being said, you're still going to eventually want to buy the meat timers as soon as possible.

Grilling Without A Timer

Here's how to get by without a timer and yes, there's a lot of going back to check the grill involved.
It's really a pain, but I had to figure it out because there will be times when you're without it early in the game, and later since it doesn't show future meat timers until you've unlocked a new hot dog type.

Put your hot dog on the grill and let it cook half way. The half way point will be part way before the green.

This is where you flip the meat over and let it cook on the other side.

Now when your meter reaches the green area it's sort of done, but wait, don't stuff your wiener in a bun just yet. Roll your mouse over the dog to check the doneness percentage. You're going to want it exactly at 50/50, then quickly pull it off the grill. If you overcook the meat, don't worry, just flip it again and wait until its at 50/50 again. This has also helped me when I could have sworn I overcooked it. This is probably the most forgiving of all the papa games so far.

Grilling With the Timer

This is where it gets easy. Just throw the meat on the grill and move on to the next task until the bell rings. Then, quickly slide into your grilling area to flip it, after that run along to your next task.

But the second time it rings doesn't mean that it's really done. Same as without a timer, roll your mouse pointer over the meat to check for the 50/50 doneness before yanking it off the grill.

All of the above works for every kind of meat except the evil veggie dog! I'll splain, the veggie dog cooks so fast that you may as well stay at your grill, or at least just fill drinks and come right back.

Cooking the Evil Veggie Dog

If you have the veg dog cooking timer and turbo booster, all the better! Turbo boost until flip time and then roll your mouse over the meat to check for doneness immediately after flipping. When you see 50/50 get it off the grill as quickly as you can. It's easy to miss with this meat. If you do happen to miss, flip it over, but you may as well let it go over and flip it again because it cooks so fast I'm not fast enough to catch it again. This causes a vicious cycle of flipping and waiting over and over again until you scream. Letting it cook a wee bit more than repeating the process just gives me a little breathing room.

Topping Your Hot Dogs

This is the hardest area of the game to get a perfect score, only second to the waiting.

Not only do you have the pickiest customers on the planet, but you're kind of in a hurry too.

My score in this area has never been consistent, I normally average in the upper 90's , but I do occasionally enjoy a perfect score.

your toppings need to be placed evenly in the order they appear on the ticket.

I hold my topping scoop, or bottle midway, not too high or low above the sausage and use a back and forth, side to side motion from one end of the hot dog to the other.

For the pickles and bacon, you place these guys in the center of the bun.

For maters and peppers, just place them evenly and in the order that they appear on the customers ticket.

Popcorn and Soda Pop

This is the easiest of all the work stations. All you have to do is fill the cups and serve the correct drinks and you should get 100 percent without fail.

As to the drink booster upgrades, they're unnecessary for me to use because of my style of play that I'll explain later in my mini walk-through. But in a nutshell I only take three orders at a time, and always have three drinks and corns already made  before the hot dog is even cooked.

By following the walk-though you'll never get a single popcorn order wrong.

The Waiting Score

Speed is not the only way to get a better waiting percentage. You can help your bottom waiting line with furniture and posters.

Also, you can boost your topping and grilling scores with these items too. Just in case, I always like to put a bookshelf in the row where people wait for me to take their order, and a radio in the third row because they are interactive items. Now, I really don't know if this helps beyond the objects base waiting score, but I like to see the little guys busy while I'm serving the food.

Decorating Your Shop

First I would like to say that I'm not a fan of the whole restaurant freshness score, or matching decor junk. Hopefully in future games they get rid of it. It's just annoying to me to have to change a well-thought out furniture set up.

To explain all the variable ins and outs of the freshness score would take over an entire page and would make my head explode since it's my least favorite part of the game next to the mini games.

What happens when your fresh score goes down.

A low fresh score will hurt your waiting bonus with the furniture. I'm not sure if it hurts your wait score even if you were the fastest rabbit in the west, but at least I know the bonus will certainly be hurt.

There's Good News About the Annoying Freshness Score

If you hate it as I do, at least you won't have to swap out furniture all the time because it actually takes the room score a good long while to degrade too badly. It will a little, but I can still kick the waiting scores butt, despite this fact.

Also, if you're really fond of your current set up you'll only have to take it out of the shop for one game day to make all of your stuff brand new again.

Here's What I Do From Start to Finish.

In the beginning of the game I concentrated only on the upgrades that were most needed, such as the doorbell and the cook timers. These upgrades always come first.

While I'm saving money for these items I rely on the mini games to give me free furniture to populate my shop. At this early stage in the game I don't pay too much attention to matching objects. As far as I know this hasn't hurt my waiting score much, but from my experiments of having no furniture at all it certainly does hurt the waiting score. On my testing I get between 98, 99 or 100 percent on waiting no matter the items, but with an empty shop this puts my score around 90 to 95, or worse, an 85.

Farther in the game as I've accumulated free stuff from the mini games and bought the most important upgrades, I then begin adding to my furniture collection by choosing from my favorite theme that goes with my mini game winnings. I usually start with some interactive objects like the bookshelf and the radio, finally, I work on buying some posters that specifically boost my topping score.

I don't like to leave any space on the walls or the floor empty. So if I run out of stuff from one theme I like to place other objects that match to try and maximize the room score. Sometimes from two other themes, either way I just fill up the room even if nothing else  matches.

Walkthrough of My Ticket Taking Method

Here's How I Work the Dogs

Picture this, the day starts and your first goofy customer saunters into the door. You take her order, which is painfully slow since she's new to your shop. Without delay you quickly head to the cooking station and toss their sausage on the grill. Next, without looking back you head on over to the drink and snack area.

As you're filling the drink you hear the 2nd customer walk through the door. You head over and take the 2nd customers ticket and head on back to the grill to put the new meat on the fire. By this time the hot dog from the first order usually needs flipping, go on and do that before heading to the drink area again to fill the 2nd dudes cup.

Since this is the start of the day, sometimes customer number three stalls to come in right away. Normally this is the only lag of time you're ever going to get. If at this point you don't see number three go ahead and slip back to the grill and speed boost that first hot dog to fifty fifty and stuff it into a bun. At any time go ahead and flip your 2nd dog any time that it needs it.

If you're still waiting for the third customer go ahead and start topping the first guy's food. But, let's pretend for a moment that you've just barley topped it with sauerkraut and your third customer dude has entered the building, also that damn grill alarm is barking at you.

Don't panic! Stop what you're doing and go tend to the grill to flip, or finish or whatever comes first, then go ahead and grab your third customers order. Throw number three's meat on the grill and take care of their drink order.

Now you can go finish topping the first hot dog, wipe it, and send it on its way with any drinks that might go with it.

I always do three tickets at a time. At any time that the fourth customer walks in I will ignore them as long as I still have three tickets on my top bar. If I delivered that first hot dog and only have two tickets remaining, I will head over and take the fourth ticket following the same pattern I had followed before until the game is over.

Unless of course the shop is closed. Then, I may as well take the fourth ticket on to get that customers hot dog cooking while I'm working on taking care of the 3 customers already on board.

Just so that I'm clear, I don't serve all 3 before I take the fourth, That would hurt my wait score on the back end of the day even if I'm doing well with the first gaggle of customers. I want to simply get rid of one ticket before taking another. This keeps things moving without a bunch of confusion by maintaining 3 tickets on my ticket holder.

Why not have four orders taken at a time, or even two?

I do this because you can only have up to 3 sodas and only 3 popcorn varieties ready at any given time. This makes sure there's no confusion and you never have to wait for a container to fill, ever. This renders the boosters useless and you can spend it on better things. You'll never ever get a customers drink or snack wrong.

A Small Word About Mini Games

To cover each and every mini game I would have to create a page dedicated to them. However, I'm not really fond of them and creating this page would be like ripping my fingernails out. lol

But it is a good strategy to play them anyway! Through the prizes you could fill out your entire dinning room. Even if none of your decorations match you will still get a nice cushion on wait times, or other scores. Although it is too bad you can't sell them for extra money.

To play the mini games you're going to need tickets. You get these from serving your customers and under normal average game play you always have enough to bang out a couple or three little games when the day is over. You could even save up your tickets and wait for your favorite mini game.

At the very top of the screen while playing there will be a row of stars. This is your prize level and each time you win a mini game you'll get one. But the higher you go in level with that mini game, the harder the game becomes. 

I'm not very fond of them.  But all that aside the prizes you get from the mini games will shore up your dinning room while you save up for more important things, such as cooking timers and door buzzer.

My Own Pappa Louie Tradition

Every time I play a Papparia game I always like to make a mess of things just for fun. It's become a little tradition of mine even though no one was watching. Here's a couple of screen shots of the messy dogs. My customer Sarge sure wasn't happy about this. I thought I was doing him a favor, I mean come on, how often do you get extra goodies piled on at a fast food joint!



Pappa's Hot Dog Shop


Hotdogeria Flash Game

Would you Eat at Pappa's Hot Dog Joint?

It's a magical land where you as the customer get to be as picky as hell, and agonize over the last misplaced shred of cheese. Also, you're somehow psychic and sense if that lazy worker got mustard all over the fixin's bar.
  Display results
The downside of eating at Pappy's, you have me behind the counter! If you give me any lip about a misplaced tomato I'll burn your sausage and skimp on the chili.

Need Help in the Game?

If you have a question, need game help or just want to say hello please leave a comment below.

I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my little, er not so little walk through, it took quite a bit of time to put it together and you guys make it all worth it. :)

Updated: 07/22/2014, Morganna
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